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Securing A Security/Tactical Chief

Posted on Fri Oct 9th, 2020 @ 3:16pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: Izar
Timeline: 1 Week Prior To Launch


Although Cronin could have simply contacted this Tamsin Wyrick by subspace from the Pioneer, he thought it important to make it a show of seriousness by going himself, of course his husband had to tag along. They both had to make sure whoever was their Chief Security/Tactical Officer was someone they could leave their safety to. Not to mention get along with.

So after a 92.2 light year shuttle ride from Sol, the couple arrived at Izar and landed in the Capital. Cronin approached the Starfleet liaison office and requested the location of a former Starfleet officer by the name of Tamsin Wyrick. The office staff informed them that she was an instructor at the tactical school at Kharicson base. The couple used the Starfleet transporter room in the office to get there.

Since they only had a week left, Cronin decided to simply hit the chime to the classroom they found that was Wyrick's.

"No, Kli-cka'tick," The blonde woman at the head of the room was saying, addressing what appeared to be a Xindi insectoid wearing an approximation of a Starfleet uniform with a one gold and one black pip on their collar, "At the time Archer did not know that -" her words were cut off as the door chimed, and the woman frowned, straightening her back and turning to glare at the door for a moment. She checked the clock on the wall, drummed her fingers on her hip and then addressed the class, "One moment. Please discuss among yourselves the merits of the battle of Charon when compared to modern tactics. I'll make this quick"

And then, summoning up her best 'This-had-better-be-good' face (she had plenty of practice lately, the native Izarian instructor hauled herself over to the door before it could chime again and unlocked it. "If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times, Ketwolski, if you're la--oh." she stopped. She'd assumed it was one of her brighter, but never on time, students, who had a habit of missing half their lectures. Instead, it was a pair of men in red uniforms that she did not recognize. "Well. This is awkward."

"Greetings Miss Wyrick, I'm Captain Cronin Keys and this is Lieutenant Ailig Keys, of the USS Pioneer. As time is of the essence I must request some of your time in private?" Cronin said, he had a brief glance over the classroom and saw all the students looking at them. He smiled and winked at them before focusing on Wyrick again.

Ailig smiled at the instructor, "Hello," the helmsman greeted.

The Pioneer was a ship name that rang a bell, but at the moment Tamsin couldn't quite put it together. Taking a slow breath to steady herself, she glanced back over her shoulder at her class. "Remember you're all officers. Behave," and then, to the two men who shared a last name, she gestured to them to follow. "My office is this way, Captain, Lieutenant," and then she was out the door and walking down the hall, curiosity edging out frustration.

Cronin and Ailig followed the instructor to her office, Cronin didn't miss his academy days at all. Though Ailig had more fun then he did, probably because of the Dominion War. The Betazoid Captain glanced at Ailig who was looking all over the place, into rooms as they passed and had smiled at Cronin every time they made eye contact.

Soon enough, Tamsin was keying in her access code and then strode into a small, well appointed office with a view of the storms outside. Izar was home to a legendary Meteorology institute for a reason: of all the original Earth colonies, Izar had some of the strongest weather. A vicious thunderstorm had just started up, and it provided a pleasing view to the native. She turned, planted her bum on the edge of a clearly old, wooden desk, crossed her arms and looked at the others. "I'd offer you a drink or some other form of pleasantry but as you noted this was somewhat urgent?" If my damned ex has dragged Starfleet internal Affairs into the divorce I'll murder him. She didn't say it aloud, but she thought it pretty hard, not realizing that the Captain across from her was a Betazoid.

Oh if he did, Cronin would have him arrested for abuse of Starfleet resources, he smiled. ~Should I tell her I'm Betazoid Imzadi?~

~Why what happened?~ Ailig replied since he was human, he wouldn't have heard Tamsin's thought.

~She thinks we are here because of her ex.~

~Poor girl, it would be rude not to, so she will be aware to keep her thoughts soft.~ Ailig replied, both keeping their eyes on Tamsin, there conversation taking seconds.

"Yes, and no we are not here because of your ex-husband. If he does attempt to use Starfleet resources against you, however, I will arrest him in seconds Miss Wyrick." Cronin said with a wink. "So you know I am Betazoid but my partner is human."

Tamsin's eyes nearly popped out of her skull as they went wide as saucers and her head snapped over to focus on the Captain. "Oh, hell," she swore, after a moment, shaking her head. She blew out a short breath, deflating slightly and looking sheepish. "Yes well. That is good to know in all honesty. I wouldn't put it past him." The divorce had been a nasty one. Humanity it seemed was only so enlightened. "Well, since you're not here on his behalf, how may I help you gentlemen?"

"Your record speaks highly of you for your Security and Tactical service to Starfleet Miss Wyrick, may I ask why you left?" Cronin asked, he put his elbow on Ailig's shoulder and the human was by his side. Ailig leant towards Cronin so the Betazoid's arm wasn't strained.

The couples obvious comfort with small displays of affection somewhat threw Tamsin, and she needed a moment to push past it. It was...cute. That was the word she was looking for, and these last few months there had been little enough of that. Glancing past them at the door, she let out a little sigh. "Family, Captain, and compromise. Teaching at the school allowed me to be with family, and attempt to shape some of the next generation of tacticians for Starfleet. Keep my toes in the waters, but with more stability for family."

Cronin nodded. "Is family still holding you here? I know that sounds rude and forgive me for having heard your earlier thought as to our visit here, was your Ex the 'family' part of staying here?"

Ailig chimed in. "Thank you for teaching our next generation of tacticians, we will always need to be ready for conflict."

"Indeed." Cronin nodded again. "Oh and if you wish to continue teaching, you can work on some of Starfleet Academy new interactive programs that they are preparing for any Delta quadrant species that may decide to join us. We know some Talaxians might and there's always cultural exchanges that could trigger interest in joining our task force." He said as he didn't want Starfleet or any civilian institution to miss out on her teaching style. "The task force can transmit them back to the Federation for grading since we will be there a long time."

The rapid fire back and forth from the pair of partners took Tamsin a moment to work through, and she was answering one part while still struggling to process the next. Idly, she wondered if they did that on purpose to keep her off balance, or if it was just second nature for the two of them. All the same, she worked through it in the end.

"Yes, Captain, my ex-husband was the 'family' I referring to, though my parents and brother are also a part of that mess," her tone was as cold as the northern poles now. "He was why I came back here. And the divorce process has kept me here since things ended. Its been a heated contest, unfortunately." It did not help that, for reasons beyond her comprehension, her mother blamed her for the failed marriage with Darwin.

"You're welcome, for what it's worth," Tamsin's tone warmed slightly as she spoke with Ailig, about her job. "I was assigned a rotation here as a student early in my career and it was enlightening to say the least. Getting a chance to give back was rewarding." Until Darwin fucked things up. It was about at that point, that Captain Key's words sunk in, and shot the older of the Keys' a confused look.

"I beg your pardon?" Her head cocked to one side as her frown deepened. "The Academy is teaching Talaxians remotely?" She hadn't heard about that. Was it common knowledge that she'd just missed since leaving active duty service? And then...slowly she asked, "What do you mean, transmit back. We'll be staying where a long time, exactly?"

"No, the Academy is preparing a training course for those who we form friendships with may want to join us. So they can take those courses when they agree to a few things first." Cronin explained with a smile. He ignored the Darwin thought from Wyrick but completely understood and decided once they were back on the Pioneer to ask her what kind of action Project Delta can do to put her mind at ease.

Ailig decided to answer the next question. "We are in the Delta for at least 7 years. We have a ton of exploration and star charting to do, several species we must establish diplomacy and commerce with, and the Federation Council has ordered several colonial affairs to us to set up. It seems we will have a presence in that quadrant for the foreseeable future."

Cronin nodded.

Tamsin did a double take. 7 years in the Delta Quadrant was a heck of a long time. A colony effort as well. That sounded like..."Making a beachhead," she muttered, using the old militaristic phrasing. "And what, you want me to help write lessons for Talaxians, and other possible new prospects? I'd be happy to help if that is what you're after but, with all due respect, that doesn't sound terribly urgent. Nothing that couldn't have been handled with a comm's call." Unless, she supposed, the effort was so heavily classified that they couldn't even send open a channel to chat about it.

"That's not all...I'd like to recruit you to be my Chief Security/Tactical Officer for my ship, the USS Pioneer. The Pioneer along with 9 other starships will be returning to the Delta quadrant in a week, would you be interested?" Cronin asked with a hopeful smile.

Ailig rolled his eyes at both his Captain and partner. "He is so excitable, yes, we are returning to the Delta quadrant. In a week indeed, the Pioneer is at Utopia Planitia awaiting a few more personnel and supplies. We came in a shuttle so we can bring you back with us." He said like she had already agreed, he smiled at her hopeful as well.

It was mildly unnerving, though if she remembered correctly, Ailig was not the telepath, yet he'd read her like an open book. "Join you in the Delta Quadrant? Fu--ahem." She caught herself, covering the language with a sharp cough. "I'd need to find someone to cover my classes, but that shouldn't be hard to do. Lots of people want to work here." She'd known for years something was afoot. She'd been assigned to the Ganymede back when they'd provided escort and support duties for some early slipstream testing. Come to think of it, hadn't Captain h'Idran said something about looking forward to an assignment when he'd called to check in on her after he'd found about about Darwin. But she hadn't expected to be a part of it.

"You said we have a week before shipping out? I'd need a couple of hours to collect a few things from home and then I can leave right away."

The two men chuckled at Wyrick's near cursing and wouldn't have minded it though the fact that she had just said she'd join them today had taken about a minute to sink in. Cronin and Ailig exchanged a surprised look before turning to Wyrick again.

There was a bit of surprise in the other men's faces and she laughed a bit. "What? I am one hundred percent ready to put the rest of the galaxy between me and my ex. If you can push past all the paperwork, I'm yours."

"That was way too easy," Ailig said narrowing his eyes at their new Chief Security/Tactical Officer suspiciously.

"Yes," Cronin said slowly. "Alright," he agreed anyway. "What paperwork?" He asked as if an afterthought and smiled.

"Lieutenant, perhaps once we're underway, at some point I'll explain all the reasons that I want to be as far away from my ex-husband as I can manage. For now, suffice to say the only reason I'm still on Izar is because I didn't have any better options, and it's certainly not the Tactical School's fault that I'm not longer comfortable on my own world." Turning to Cronin, Tamsin swept her hand down over her figure, currently decked out in comfortable, if professional looking civilian clothes.

"Transfer and reinstatement orders, I would assume. I'm not actually on active duty any more as you yourself pointed out. Reserve officer, dethatched to the Tactical School, blah blah blah." She laughed a bit, then added in a more somber tone. "Plus the local magistrate has been dragging his feet on the last of the divorce papers. I keep trying to sign the last bit, and he keeps finding reasons not to, keeping me tethered to my ex."

Cronin scowled. "Very well, shall we go and deal with the divorce papers now? Then I will escort you to the Starfleet liaison office to sort out your reinstatement. We shall meet you at the Magistrate's office so you can finish your class and Ailig can assist you with whatever you need him for?"

The Lieutenant smiled and nodded. "Can I sit in on your class in the meantime?"

His enthusiasm was endearing, and Tamsin smiled brightly at the offer. "I'd be delighted to have you sit in, Lieutenant. We're going over tactics of the Romulan War and how they might be applied to more modern conflicts. Its a rather interesting subject, given the telepresence high-jacking prevalent during the war." Oops, her teacher face was showing. Turning back to the Captain she added, "And yes sir, the magistrate in the town about 3 Klicks down the road from the base. Provincial capital on this part of the continent. Pangea is a big, big land mass and the colonists split it up into provinces to provide a more on hands local form of governing between the early settlements, with the planetary capital in New Seattle. Ah sorry, slipped into lecture mode again." A hazard of her job.

"Not to worry, I'll find my way." Cronin said and turned Ailig to face him and the two shared a kiss before Cronin smiled. "I'll meet you, and Miss Wyrick, in town when you two are done." He left them to go sort out this divorce debacle.

Ailig nodded a little heated and then walked over to Wyrick, he gestured at the classroom door. "After you Instructor."

Tamsin felt a little gobsmacked by it all, and that was slowly bleeding into out right giddiness. She bobbed up and down on her toes, looked about the room and shoved her hands back into her pockets. "Right. Yes. Class. Right this way Lieutenant," she said, sounding quite cheerful really, striding right back out the door and moving fast enough that she almost broke out into a trot. A chance to leave all of the mess of the last three years behind was almost too good to be true.


Captain Cronin Keys
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Ailig Keys
Nightshift Helmsman, USS Pioneer

TO BE Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick
TO BE Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer


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