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Finally, We Have Arrived

Posted on Sat Feb 6th, 2021 @ 4:18am by Rear Admiral Leon Ryan & Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer
Edited on on Sat Feb 6th, 2021 @ 6:45pm

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: 50 KM From Asteroid Field, Talaxian Asteroid Colony, Entaba system, Delta Quadrant.
Timeline: After 6-8 to 12 Months of Travel, Mission Day 01


USS Pioneer - Bridge

It had been a long flight in that damned white-blue swirling corridor, there were a few times where the phase variances were close to triggering the failsafe and would collapse the Slipstream corridor. The fleet would be safe and back in normal space but thankfully the specialists managed to keep that from happening. Several announcements had been given to the fleet to brace only to be cancelled minutes later, transporter activity had suffered suspensions at those times but resumed once the all clear was declared.

Their journey was soon to end in the next hour as the fleet was approaching the Talaxian colony Voyager had encountered, in the Entaba system, and Neelix had rejoined his people. Captain Cronin Keys was excited to meet Neelix after reading all the logs and reports from Voyager's crew about their 7 years in the Delta quadrant. He hoped that Neelix may even join them in their mission of exploration and diplomacy, but it was a long shot.

The rest of Alpha shift were on the bridge at this point, plus Lieutenant Ailig Keys because he wanted to witness the end of the swirling white-blue corridor and to see stars again, and at their stations waiting. The computer began a countdown as each ship in the fleet was linked to both the computers of the USS Aurora and USS Wenjia, the only two starships in the fleet to have been equipped with Quantum Slipstream drives. The drive wasn't quite ready for mass production but it was very close. The Aurora's computer, as the Vesta-class science cruiser was positioned at the front of the fleet, calculated the corridor's phases and on a live open but secure data feed to the Wenjia, which the Insignia-class support cruiser was positioned in the center of the fleet, and implemented the corrections that stabilised the corridor in real time. It was a very delicate process and time consuming though with the most advanced computer systems dedicated to it, it had become easier.

Cronin, being a Betazoid, could 'hear' relieved and excited surface thoughts from the crew, some being like 'finally', 'can't wait to get there' and so on. He was only in a psionic sponge, absorbing the shouted thoughts but he could turn down their volume. Cronin shared his crew's eagerness to get to work and he knew most wanted to meet the famous Neelix and the Talaxians.

He stopped watching the damned swirls, it had caused many a headache over their flight, and glanced at the flagship of the fleet, USS Voyager which was behind Aurora but ahead of Pioneer, and he suddenly noticed that Aurora was no longer leading them but Voyager began simply glowing brighter white-blue as it passed through a barrier. It seemed that they had reached their destination as Voyager fully disappeared and now it was the Pioneer's turn.

Next thing he saw were distant stars and the system sun that the Talaxian colony was located at as well as many asteroids. The largest of them was in the distance, Cronin saw that Aurora and Voyager were as they had been in front of them. "Well done everyone, we have finally arrived." Cronin announced.

Relieved though she was to finally be back in 'realspace' and not the neverending swirling corridors of slipstream, Tamsin Wyrick nevertheless reigned in her joy for the moment. She flashed a sharp grin toward the Captain, but otherwise stood hunched over the tactical station, running her hands along the polished wooden surface and pulling up various sensor readings onto her display. Target identification, friend and foe signals, all sorts of data about the local space flooded in.

"The fleet is exiting per plan, Captain," she noted as more signatures appeared on her rapidly defined holo map of the Entaba system.

Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova was seated at the Operations console. His fingers moved from button to button, reallocating power to different systems throughout the ship.
Once the ship was back in normal space, he announced, "We have returned to normal space. Commencing standard sensor sweeps."

"Excellent," Cronin said as he stood from the center chair and stared out at the stars with a smile. Sensors pinged for Ops with information about the fleet of 10 transports as they were starting to engaging their sublight engines away from the colony. They were Talaxian, and sensors had recorded only a few lifesigns were still the colony.

With the sensor sweeps completed, and just the rest of the fleet being detected, Nova started a series of diagnostics on his console, checking if any of the ship's systems may have been damaged by the voyage here.

"Mister Nova, what do the sensor sweeps show?" Cronin asked as he had waited for Nova to speak up again but didn't.

When the captain called his name, Nova turned to the captain. "Sensors are clear, not counting the fleet, sir. No other ships or anomalies detected."

Cronin smiled again, at least there weren't any surprises or hostiles around. "Please scan the Talaxian colony and what is their status Mister Nova?"

"Scanning, sir." Nova brought up an image of the Talaxian colony. It showed a circular structure embedded in an asteroid. There were some smaller structures on the asteroid as well. "Scans of the colony indicate that they are structurally sound, captain. I would have spread out the colony myself, but this seems to serve it's purpose. Readings of the asteroid show it is rich in minerals. Life support appears operational. Reading 10 transports in the area. Some of them seem to be operating at a lower power level then the others." He paused. "Reading what appears to be 3 satellites orbiting the colony. These could be for defense, possibly containing weapons. Scans show that they are in desperate need of upgrades. Scanning colony seems to be at the same power levels as was recorded in Admiral Janeway's logs, sir."

That's good, at least their defense never failed them. Cronin thought. "Thank you Mister Nova, I'm sure we will be soon going to be learning more."

A moment later a hail came at the Federation fleet, Cronin didn't speak as he knew Voyager, which as the flagship, would respond and did but it was on an open channel and broadcast to the whole fleet. A Talaxian male appeared on one side, he was older then the logs showed him to be. On the other side of main viewer display Rear Admiral Leon Ryan appeared, on the Voyager bridge and behind him was Captain Ada Hawk, Voyager's commanding officer and the fleet's second officer. =/\= "This is Regent Oxilon, I see you have returned to the Delta quadrant, Voyager." Oxilon paused as he realised none of the original crew were present. "Where are Captain Janeway and the others?" =/\=

Leon frowned sadly, shook his head before he smiled. =/\= "Greetings Regent, I am Rear Admiral Leon Ryan of the Starfleet Expeditionary Task Force Project Delta. Admiral Janeway and her former crew are enjoying their lives back home. She did ask me to give you, Neelix and your people her love and best wishes. She did have some desire to join us but alas stayed." He paused as he would have liked her counsel on all they were going to encounter but thankfully Voyager's logs were detailed to go on for now. "Who knows they all may visit us in the future," Leon said and smiled. "I see you are going somewhere?" =/\=

The gathering of ships had worried Tamsin about as much as the general lack of original Voyager crew among the exploration group. She couldn't blame them for not wanting to venture back to a place they thought they might be stranded but all the same, she thought she saw disappointment in Oxilon's expression. Then again, she'd never really met a Talaxian before, so she might have been reading into things.

Cronin wanted to know as well, he did meet Admiral Janeway once and some of her former crew at a gathering that was the anniversary of their return. He'd and Ailig had enjoyed meeting all of them, though they had to bring down their worship of the crew as the event went on. They were however happy to talk about all the exciting things that happened to them. Cronin recalled the hours of Ailig and he debriefed about the event afterwards, though soon their own careers had prevented them from connecting with that crew any further.

Though once Project Delta was created and pieced together, that crew were asked to give their reports and advice about the project's goals, planning and execution. None had accepted the offer to join but some did want to. Cronin continued to watch the exchange, he wondered how, when Project Delta was revealed to the rest of the Federation, would they be viewed as upon their eventual return.

Nova watched the viewscreen, as the interaction between Admiral and the Talaxian Regent continued. But he constantly kept an eye on his scanners and readouts.

Oxilon smiled at that. =/\= "My people and I would love to see them again one day, they brought us Neelix. Neelix misses them far more, though I know he sends messages thanks to your long range communications technology your Pathfinder Project gave us before Voyager departed." He turned to someone off screen and nodded. It seemed there was chatter on their side that wasn't quite clear. "I do apologise, my people and I are actually on our way to colonise a new world." =/\=

The Security Chief spared a small glance around the bridge, seeing that she was hardly the only one surprised by this revelation.

And there it was. Why they had transports. Cronin couldn't blame them after his surprise wore off. He wouldn't want to live in an asteroid forever, he knew exactly the next words to come out of Admiral Ryan's mouth would be at that.

Leon's expression brightened. =/\= "That is wonderful news, may we assist you Regent?" =/\=

That seemed to be unexpected but Oxilon laughed as he realised he was speaking to people that were from the same Federation Captain Janeway . =/\= "Isn't it against your Prime Directive, Captain Janeway was not willing to directly help us as Neelix explained to us that your rules sometimes forbid you to even help others in some cases. It took Neelix helping us on his own to get any kind of assistance from Voyager. Though it wasn't much and even by then we didn't need their help anymore." =/\=

=/\= "That is true, however Nocona or anyone else owns this asteroid field. You do actually," =/\= he paused as he came to that conclusion. =/\= "So no it isn't against the Prime Directive any longer as no one has asked us to leave. We are officially asking permission to enter the field, meet with you Regent and offer any assistance?" =/\= Leon asked, he had his hands behind his back, though his stance and posture was hopeful.

Oxilon smiled. He seemed pleased to be asked, well that's what Cronin got. =/\= "I see, very well, permission granted, I will meet you on the colony. Welcome back to the Delta quadrant." =/\=

=/\= "Thank you Regent, see you soon. "=/\= Leon smiled back and both disappeared from the viewer. Cronin watched the stars and the asteroid field a little longer before he spoke up.

"Well that went well, I think." Cronin said to his senior officers.

The Lt. Commander Security Chief stood with her arms crossed over her chest, staring at the empty screen. "Could have gone far worse." She eased the sting of her words with a small smile. "Awfully convenient that we arrive with a full colony fleet right when our closest ally in the quadrant is pulling up stakes. I'd love to know more about why they're leaving."

Cronin turned to face Tamsin, "We can ask them," he said. "Though twenty years on that asteroid maybe they need more room as their population grew." He suggested as it seemed a logical conclusion.

Letting out a bit of a chuckle at that, Tamsin nodded. "I suppose wanting some space to stretch your legs makes a lot of sense. Twenty years...yeah. Fair point."

"Or they just wanted a world, no substitute for the fresh air or the soil." Ailig said from where he sat at one of the bridge's side stations.

"I know I would." Keer nodded, agreeing with Ailig on that matter. After twenty years, there was no substitute for fresh air and sunshine. She glanced at the viewscreen for a long while, contemplative.

Cronin had to agree and couldn't really have said it any better. Well if he thought about it he could rephrase it but moved on. "Speaking of, we should be getting orders soon." He wondered who would get what out of the 10 commanding officers in the Starfleet Task Force.

Nova sat at his console and kept running scans of the colony, looking for possible faults in the asteroid, or leaks coming from the colony. "It would be interesting to see the interior construction of the colony. I wonder what their using to replenish the oxygen levels."

Tacking onto that - thought it was far from her area of expertise, Tamsin noted, "If they managed to carve out enough space, they could have some sort of hydroponics system for food and oxygen replenishment. A park even. They explored some options like that in very secluded cave structures back on Izar."

It all seems to be void, to Cronin, as there was a fleet of transports and the news that they were off to colonise a new world. Are they abandoning the colony? He thought and waited for the orders to come.



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