And With That...A New World Mission Officially Ends

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Mission: M1: A New World
Location: New Talax space, Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "Planning, Trainings and A Little Issue, Oh My Parts 1 & 2"


Pioneer's Captain’s Ready Room

The meeting with Commander Danil went to plan and ended well, Cronin was pleased that the Benthans would see to their scheme as the Guard wanted to bring the bombing ring down for what they had done.

Interestingly enough the Benthan Guard were excited to hear that Starfleet would be assisting them for Danil told him that he had contacted his superiors between meetings.

It was good that they were on board with the Operation Clean Sweep idea but Cronin still had to do the same, though he’d instructed Ops to hail Delta base with a secure channel and he was waiting for Admiral Leon Ryan’s response.

"Captain, I have the base for you." Nova reported.

“Thank you Commander, patch it through,” Cronin requested and watched as the project delta logo appeared on the desktop screen. It disappeared a moment later and the Admiral’s face greeted the Betazoid Captain.

Communications Ryan nodded. “Captain, what can I do for you?” Communications

Communications“Admiral,” Cronin greeted and then went into his report. He watched as the project leader’s facial expressions changed in a range of emotions.Communications

Communications “I see, well Captain it seems you have quite the story and a daring plot. I can’t say that we shouldn’t do something as the Malon bombers are a threat and this is directly down the Strategic Information Service’s alley so I’m inclined to agree a small team be assembled for this Operation Clean Sweep as you have named it,” a small chuckle from the Admiral made Cronin smile. “I’m glad the Talaxians are well and settling their new homeworld with the Eureka’s help, please invite Ambassador Neelix to return with you and once you are here we will discuss the operation’s details. Inform Commodore Ford of all this when you return, she may have input.” Communications

Communications Cronin nodded, “yes sir and I will.” Communications

Communications “Very well, continue as planned and then return to base. Pass on my thanks to Commander Cain for his crew and his efforts with the Talaxians. Though I will tell him in person again,” Ryan chuckled then smiled for the first time since the start of this call. Communications

combadge15x15 Cronin nodded again. “Gladly, perhaps the merchants should return to begin trading.” Communications

combadge15x15 Ryan nodded, “what a great idea, I will tend to that after. Good work to your crew and you Captain, see you soon.” Communications

Communications “Yes sir,” Cronin replied and Ryan vanished as the call ended with the Project Delta insignia slowly rotating. combadge15x15 He thought that went well and was happy that his call to put together the Clean Sweep operation was blessed by the Admiral. He stood and exited the room.


Once he stood in the center, Cronin called out. "Okay, Nova, shipwide comm channel please, except for where we are holding the Malon crew."

"Channel open, sir."

Cronin nodded his appreciation to Nova before he spoke. Communications "Everyone this is Captain Keys, great job with what we have accomplished thus far. We will visit the Talaxian colony for another day or so then return to Delta base, if you wish to be on the away teams please speak with your department heads and they will arrange your duty rosters accordingly. The Eureka will stay another week before returning to base. Further orders to come, Keys out." Communications

Malon Freighter

Kawolski turned to Baldwin. "Just what we need, another reason for Rogers to punish us and keep us from getting the good chow. Man, I'm close to actually breaking out a ration!"

"Nah, you heard the Captain, away teams are voluntary," Baldwin answered as he ran the scanner over the connection. The screen lit green indicating it was connected properly. Now he'd just needed to calibrate it and make sure it was transmitting properly.

"You think Rogers is going to care about the difference between voluntary and voluntold?" Kawolski griped.

Baldwin's answer was just to shrug but then he looked up as he heard movement. Kawolski already had a grip on his rifle and was prepared to raise it and fire.

Hannah had his hands already raised, fingers spread, to show he wasn't a threat as he entered the area. "For me," he said, "I'd volunteer to go if it meant getting away from him for a while."

"Why you here?" Kawolski said, relaxing his grip on the rifle.

"Radiation level check," Hannah answered, pulling his tricorder from the holder at his waist.

"Sure, yeah, that'd be good," Kawolski answered. "Baldwin may not care, he's already got a kid, but Weaver would kill me if I got infertile."

"Though, that'd save the universe from a little version of you running around," Baldwin replied with a grin.

"Yeah, not sure galaxy could be handle all this awesome!"

Pioneer's Nebula Coffee Co Lounge (NCC Lounge) AKA Ten Forward

"Terry isn't here," Malinda said as she looked up and saw the Marine lieutenant enter. "But I'm pretty sure you already knew that since you've been rushing them out as soon as I serve them lunch." She gave a smile as the lieutenant turned toward her, his dark eyes hard.

"Yes, I've heard," Rogers answered the implied rebuke. "Entirely unintentional, which you might believe. Baldwin and Kawolski-"

"Terry and Hunter," Malinda interrupted.

"Baldwin. And. Kawolski," Rogers answered. Malinda's smile widened as she nodded. "You happen to have any left?" Rogers asked.

"You hungry?" Malinda placed her hands on the counter. "Don't you think-"

"For them," Rogers said, not in the mood for banter. Not after the staff meeting. "I want to take some over to them before it's too congealed or cold or...otherwise not healthy for eating. Well, less healthy to eat."

"I just happen to have-" she stopped as an announcement came across. Keys's voice spoke briefly then ended. "Yes, I just happen to have some left over. Three heaping servings, in fact."

"I only need two," Rogers answered.

"I've got three ready to go," Malinda held firm. "I understand Corvus is over there as well."

Rogers sighed. Hannah. The kids been avoiding him for several days now and it was about time that stopped.

"Three it is, then," Rogers said.

Malinda nodded before turning to the warmer where she kept the food for the three Marines to return.

Bridge, Next Morning

Well it was time. Cronin stood from the center chair and tapped his combadge. Communications"Keys to Rogers, I'm about to contact the Benthans to hand over the Malon and their Freighter, is all in order over there? Once you are ready could you send a security team to meet Commander Peel at the Malon crew's quarters?"Communications

"Aye, Captain, Freighter is as discussed and a team is on its way," Rogers said as he sent out a previously tapped message on his PaDD.

"Thank you Lieutenant," Cronin said and turned to his First Officer, "if you could see to their transfer back to their freighter Commander? Do not tell them anything," he said. "Oh and after that Commander, could you check with the department heads as to those who wish to go down to the planet and join the Eureka's engineering teams with any tasks they would like help with? You yourself, if you wish to go down, are able to put your name on that list, just let me know and I'll have Nova fill in for you."

"Aye sir, I'll have them transferred immediately." Peel responded. "And I would like to go down, sir. It would be a good change of pace." Peel responded to the captain. Peel stood up, walked over to the security console and had the computer initiate the transfer. Then she headed to the turbolift and entered.

Devon watched as Peel left the bridge. So as the ships second officer, he stood up, handed his console over to a replacement, then took he First Officer's chair.

“Thank you and very well,” Cronin said and watched Commander Nova take the first officer seat while Commander Peel headed off to conduct the prisoners transfer back to their freighter, check in with the department heads with who want to go planetside to help the Talaxians with their colony construction and also contact the Eureka's engineering coordinator on New Talax about what assignments the Pioneer crew can join in while the Galaxy class Venture refit was still in orbit for the next couple of days.

He did think it would have been fun to do the Prisoner transfer himself but not showing too much attention to them was part of the plan, giving them a sense of being slightly ignored to further encourage them to attempt escape once back on their ship. Of course the Malon have no idea what hell Starfleet and the Benthans will be bringing down on them once more of their operations they unknowingly expose.

Cronin was looking forward to seeing Vrelk's face when they capture him and his fellow Controllers for the bombings. Soon there were multiple transports to the colony as assignments were handed out and the Benthans signaled they had the freighter in a soft tractor before jumping to warp out of the system.

Hours later, on route to Benthan space

A few of his brave officers and grunts were holding the Malon freighter's bridge and guarding the Malon crew deck, during the first few hours they patrolled the freighter interior and then Danil recalled them all back to their cruiser. It became apparent that Vrelk realised that he and his crew were alone when the sensors indicated the tractor beam was being disrupted by the freighter's shielding and they rapidly altered course.

Commander Danil ordered pursuit, and had his weapons officer fire shots though it seemed their speed went straight to max for they got out of range fast. The Benthans that were onboard the freighter thought that they were being relieved and others being sent over but when they heard their quarry got away, there had been some attempts at groveling for they believed it was their fault for the Malons escaping but Danil sorted it all out.

He sent a message back to Captain Keys and the Pioneer about what just happened and that the tracking device's signal was coming in clear. There was a game of cat and mouse at an asteroid belt as well as inside a nebula before Danil decided to give the order to look like they gave up. He ordered that they head to their nearest outpost.

Mission Officially Ends

Players, I encourage you to post about going to the Talaxian colony and doing whatever. As GM I am happy to help with any of that.
In two days, Pioneer heads back to Delta Base.
Players, I encourage you to post about whatever in the 2 days travel back. As GM I am happy to help with that as well.