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Planning, Trainings and A Little Issue, Oh My Part 2/2

Posted on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 @ 2:20pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers
Edited on on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 @ 3:57pm

Mission: M1: A New World
Location: New Talax space, Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "Planning, Trainings and A Little Issue, Oh My Part 1/2"


He gave a nod to Rogers. "I understand, if you feel that any of your team members can do infiltration then they can work with the Starfleet Strategic Information Service personnel that I intend to assign to this Operation that are aboard. The SIS can handle the espionage side of things while the MACOs can take care of the rest. The only problem I see is operational command, unfortunately I see Commander Nova wanting to actually go undercover. So all combat decisions would fall to you while all espionage efforts stay under the SIS handler's direction. Is all of that agreeable with you?" Cronin asked, he stood but stayed behind his desk. He picked up a few of the padds and arranged them, a few had personnel files on them. He finished and looked up as he wanted to give some moments to Rogers.

"Commander Nova is a commander, I'm sure he understands how operational command works," Rogers said flatly, as if that should answer everything. Except, it didn't and he knew it. "As Security, however, at least one will have to go undercover if that happens. I'm sure Commander Nova understands that as well."

Cronin nodded. "I shall make it all clear at the operation's briefing, in the meantime and for as much time as possible please see to your team's preparations for the mission. Though when may not be up to me," he trailed off as he thought about all that was discussed in the senior staff briefing.

"Oh speaking of, I have had several requests relayed through Ensign Jaesan that Security personnel wish to undergo MACO training. It's merely a procedural thing as he is responsible for handling cross departmental training for Security personnel. I'd like to think that this would be a great opportunity for helping Starfleet's Security personnel prepare for anything the Delta quadrant could throw at us. What do you think, Lieutenant?" Cronin asked with a half smile.

Rogers took several long, silent breaths. "How much trouble am I going to be in when they start complaining of maltreatment?"

"That could be preemptively addressed by offering a list of what they could expect to be doing for the course, if they complain then all that has to be said is: 'you knew what you were signing up for - get on with it or quit'." Cronin said and gestured a palm up in front of him. "How long would a course be to have you satisfied with their progress to have them on your team as backup?" He asked.

Rogers sighed. "Captain, it's been apparent since our first meeting that you don't understand who we are. We're not MACOs because we had some different training. Our training is what makes us MACOs. That training is neither pretty nor pleasant and it starts on day one and continues. While I hope I have the actual trust and loyalty of my men, I know I have their obedience. That is hammered into us from day one. We have traditions, values and proper ways to achieving goals."

Rogers took the ball from his pocket and began tossing it from hand to hand. "For instance, not a single one of my men would ever dream of skipping our chain of command to go and get something we thought we wanted. We follow proper procedures. What Jaesan," here he spit the name out like it tasted vile on his tongue, "has done is repugnant in every way. How many steps in his chain did he jump to bring this to you? And you think that there won't be complaints with how that training will have to go when he doesn't have the martial fortitude to bring this up directly?"

Cronin thought for a few moments. "Perhaps he felt you would disregard his suggestion because of the divide between Fleet and Military." He said, "even though both branches belong to Starfleet." He gestured at Rogers. "Well it has happened and I see the idea as a pretty good one and you just endorsed it as you said its the Training that makes you MACOs, if you train Fleet security officers as you were trained both your team and those you train would experience more camaraderie." He smiled. "While I do agree that he should have come to you because of your role as Assistant Chief of Security with this idea and I will see to disciplinary action."

"And that, Captain," Rogers said, the ball smacking from one palm to the other as he continued to toss it back and forth, "would be inappropriate as well. Considering Jaesan's breaches of regs and protocol it should be handed back down to his immediate superiors to deal with and only brought to you should there need to be a NJP or article hearing." Rogers smiled. "If he really wants MACO training, and you are saying you will not interfere with how it's conducted, providing it remains in time honored and tested Marine traditions and guidelines, then Jaeson may wish to beg for an article hearing instead."

Cronin raised an eyebrow. "If Jaesan is one of the Security officers to put their names down for the training that is, he was only reporting that there have been many requests from Security personnel as to possible MACO training." He said, "first things first, very well how will you punish someone for not following the chain of command with a simple relaying of crew training requests? It is his job to see to departmental training and in the special cases cross departmental training while working with the other departmental 'trainers'."

"I do have a suggestion, that is for the punishment of skipping the chain of command," Cronin said, "it is merely a suggestion." He smirked. "Though before we get to that. Will you conduct a MACO training program? How long will it take and what will it entail? I would like to make sure our ship is able to facilitate it."

Rogers scowled as he took in a deep breath. "You realize, Captain, that you're just throwing this at me right now? Which means I don't have a plan in place to answer most of those questions. I can say, however, that it will have to work within bounds of the ship environs. As for how long?" Rogers gave a lopsided shrug. "I'll have to come up with that as well. Several weeks for the 'boot' portion, then move out from there if anyone is left, to working with armaments and trainings. Keep in mind, to begin it'll be focused on ship board insertations. Anything more advanced than that will depend on the performance of the individual trainee."

He tossed the ball a few more times. "The length of training will also depend on the number of trainees. If we have too many, it'll have to work around the duty roster. A few," he shrugged again, "we can cover for them for the weeks it'll take."

"Then I look forward to reading a proposal on the training course when you have it completed," Cronin said and stood. "That suggestion as to Jaesan's punishment was that he do the course, I will endorse an order from you that he attend should he resist but I believe he won't." The Captain smiled. "If there is nothing else then we better get working as there is much to do and not that much time to do it in, the exceptions of the MACO training course and operation clean sweep preparations which are ongoing projects."

"Aye, Cap-" Rogers started then stopped. It took him those few moments to realize he'd just been 'voluntold' to do a project that wasn't even his idea in the first place. Not that he objected to it, it was fair and would prove to be beneficial but...still...

"Captain," he said, pocketing the ball and heading for the door. "You might make a better Marine than you give yourself credit for."

Cronin raised an eyebrow as he watched Rogers leave, a slight grin formed as it seemed that they may have taken a step forward to getting the MACOs and Fleet somewhat closer. Though he remained skeptical as things could go backwards at any moment. "Thank you," he called out with a chuckle.



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