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Posted on Fri Aug 26th, 2022 @ 9:53am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM]

Mission: M1: A New World
Location: Main Hall, Talaxian Colony, Kotaba system, 2 days from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "Hard Decisions Part 2/2"


"We are grateful for dealing with both the Radiation and the Malon freighters, Captain," Regent Oxilon said with a smile.

Ambassador Neelix grinned. "That's Starfleet for you, they rise to any challenge that faces them." Though he frowned a moment later, "however, the facts that the Benthan Guard gave to you, Captain, is troubling to say the least. Malon bombing Benthan colonies, that is both too much effort and a clear risk to their precious profit mindset."

"Unless someone paid them or offered a bounty to attack those colonies?" Oxilon inquired with a glance at Cronin.

"I'm afraid we won't know an answer to that question unless…" Cronin began by inverting a hand gesture palm upwards.

Oxilon gestured at Cronin. "Unless what?" The Regent had an expression of concern.

"I have reason to believe that if we release Controller Vrelk, his crew and his export vessel in order to track them back to where we may learn more about the situation. As we took the Malon crew and vessel into custody while in Talaxian space, I request your permission to implement this plan, I will share all we uncover with you," Cronin sighed. "And the Benthans of course as I'm sure they will be unhappy with this plan, though perhaps they may want to find out more as well."

"At least no one was killed by the radiation when we arrived." Neelix said, "and after planetfall." He turned to Cronin and smiled. "Thank you for defending our new homeworld Captain."

Cronin smiled. "You are welcome Ambassador," he turned back to the Regent. "I understand that the Malon have to pay for their actions and I will seek to apprehend Vrelk again, perhaps with the Benthan Guard's assistance, and present him to you for judgment Regent however it is possible that there are more Controllers out there that will bomb others as well as your people again."

"Yes it is a likely possibility if my journey with Captain Janeway has taught me anything is that one should expect the unexpected." Neelix added, "what is the plan Captain?"

"With your permission Regent I will have a tracking device or a few placed on the Malon Export Vessel and we will see where he goes. A strong possibility is that he might gather reinforcements and return or inform whoever is behind all this new behaviour to seek guidance. I hope the latter as it would give us the intel we need to put an end to the bombing. I doubt the former as I suspect that he knows I'd informed my superiors of the situation and we'd assisted you with defenses for the system as well as perhaps left garrison ships to help with defense." Cronin explained with a few different hand gestures.

Oxilon sighed. "Well we are in no position to defend ourselves should they attack us again so I formally request Starfleet assistance with the defense of this system and our new homeworld." He tugged at his facial hair. "You have my permission for your plan Captain, we unfortunately do not have any formal relations with the Benthan Guard. Though considering what Neelix told me about them when they had interacted with Voyager, they seemed to have shouldered the responsibility of being law enforcement for all sentient species in this quadrant or at least near their space. Strange that they would do such a thing, I leave dealing with them on our behalf to you Captain."

"I understand Regent and thank you, I will assist you if you wish to set up a diplomatic meeting with them. I have to meet with them anyway, perhaps you'd like to be present Regent?" Cronin asked with a smile.

"I'll send Ambassador Neelix with you, he has had far more experience in diplomacy than I and knows how we feel on matters." Oxilon said and turned to Neelix. "That's okay with you?"

"It would be my honor, Regent," Neelix said.

"Excellent, well I must get back to our colony construction and organization. I thank you, your crew and your counterpart Commander Cain for all his and his crew's assistance, my people have learned so much." Oxilon said with a smile.

Cronin smiled again as he stood, the two Talaxians stood as well, "you and your people are our allies Regent, it is our pleasure to help get your people back on track." He offered his hand to Oxilon. "We will deploy defense satellites similar to yours back at your former colony and once we have established our own there, move yours to here, I will ask Commander Cain to remain while I report back to base.

Oxilon nodded. "That would be wonderful," he said as he accepted Cronin's hand and the two shook for a few moments, clearly the Regent was unsure of the cultural practice even after so many meetings back at Delta Base.

"Don't hesitate to contact us or the Eureka for anything in the meantime, I'll leave you to your work." Cronin turned to Neelix. "Ambassador, if you are ready we can return to the Pioneer?"

Neelix nodded. "I look forward to it." He said before he turned to Oxilon. "I'll be back soon, Regent," the Ambassador said and the two shared a farewell before Neelix and Cronin left the Hall.

Colony Central Square

Cronin and Neelix arrived at the beam-in site as pattern disruptors had been set up around the colony to help prevent transporter related attacks. The central square was the only open location that the disruption field didn't cover. The Talaxians now knew not to hang around there too long. Commander Cain did supply an additional disruptor should they wish to hold events there, Cronin wasn't sure that the extra precaution was valid but the Hierarchy were transporter capable and they were the closest political entity to New Talax.

"Yes I too wish they returned with us Ambassador," Cronin said, having picked up on Neelix's surface thoughts about Janeway and her former crew. "Apologies, I am a Betazoid and I couldn't help but hear your thoughts. I hope one day they will, at least some of them." He tapped his combadge. =/\= "Keys to Pioneer two to beam up." =/\=

Neelix eyed Cronin but smiled as their vision blurred in the transporter effect replacing the Square with the transporter room of the Pioneer.


Luckily Cronin and Neelix found no welcoming party which is how the Captain liked it, "do you want any time to prepare before we meet with the Benthan Guard Commander?" Cronin asked as he gestured to the exit for Neelix to follow him after nodding to the transporter operator.

"I'm ready when you are," the Talaxian replied.

"Excellent, I'll show you to the conference lounge and contact them from there." Cronin smiled as he began walking out the doors.

Conference Lounge, Deck 1

"Oh I almost forgot, excuse me. Would you sit down and get comfortable? Could you rate how our conference chairs compare to Voyager's while I am away?" Cronin asked as he gestured for Neelix to be seated.

Neelix smirked. "I'll be happy to."

Cronin smiled and entered the bridge.



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