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Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2023 @ 3:25pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant JG R'naya Riss

Mission: M1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "Private Broadcast"


With limited exposure, radiation wouldn’t do more than short-circuit some lesser systems. With how concentrated it is due to packing/transport by the Malons, those shorts might be larger or affect some larger systems. The ship won’t have been in contact long enough yet for any kind of cumulative effects, (as that’s usually over the course of days/weeks/longer to see any kind of issues), but depending on how long the whole thing takes, that’s very possible in the long run.

The power grid closest to it/in the area to first come in contact would be the most affected, along with any systems that aren’t necessarily deemed ‘important’ enough to have surge protection against the highly energetic particles. So things like particularly specialized exploratory-geared/long range sensors, holodecks, extra/secondary replicators, and other similarly non-critical systems would likely be damaged. Main/critical systems would have some sort of surge protection/security to deal with energy spikes that would come from things like sudden and/or intense radiation exposure.

No real affect other than it being mildly inconvenient, but nothing too bad. It would just be a matter of replacing the shorted components which, while not difficult, would be tedious and time consuming.


Cronin walked into Engineering from the turbolift, he didn't have much time, he looked around for Riss. It was a hive of activity in the engine room as he dodged engineers jogging about, of course each one quickly apologised as they rushed off.

He waved them off each time. He found Riss and approached her, "how goes repairs Chief?"

The sound of the captain’s voice, in person and directly behind her, was enough to cause the Caitian’s ears to twitch at the mildly unexpected interruption. While she’d expect him to be on the bridge, she appreciated a captain who wasn’t afraid to oversee details of his ship personally. She sighed, though the sound came more as a growl. “It goes. I wish I could say it goes well, but the radiation is far too unpredictable to rightly say that.”

Crossing quickly to another console, stopping only to point and redirect another officer to another system that needed attention, Riss waved for the captain to follow. “I don’t know what they did to it, but the radiation seems…concentrated, somehow. Packed. Compressed? It seems like it was stabilized for transport, but now, that stability is rapidly beginning to degrade.” With a few pokes at the screen in front of her, a diagram of various affected systems was pulled up, and one elegant claw pointed out the most significant ones. “Long range sensors are on the fritz, as well as pieces of the auxiliary power grid that received the most exposure. A few other minor systems got a bit of a zap as well.”

Obediently, the mentioned systems were highlighted along with current reports on their status. “But here’s the thing sir, I don’t know if that’s the end of it. Every time we think we’ve got things back up, something else goes down. It’s like the radiation suddenly loses any remaining stability, seemingly at random, and then reacts with our systems. Thankfully, we’ve not had anything major go down. Not yet, at least. Life support, shields, propulsion…those’ve got enough redundant protection to keep some mild to moderate energy surges from doing too much damage. I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to predict which systems might trigger or hasten reactions, but so far I’ve got nothing.”

With a shrug and a shake of her head, Riss pulled up the latest affected systems and energy outputs, with possible correlations listed to one side. “I can keep shields up and keep us moving for now, but we’re flying blind, -well, nearsighted- until I get long range sensors back up.”

"Stablised Theta radiation," Cronin said, he glanced slightly away as he thought on this development, it seemed that the Malon had managed to do something scientifically advanced. Aside from the obvious threats that this posed anyone who opposed the Malon Cooperative but may have untold affects on space as well as reducing habitable planets and regular trade routes.

He nodded. "What are your recommendations?" Cronin inquired, "the Eureka's crew can help once we meet back up with them, so you will have some help."

Riss sighed, giving a hard look at the display. “I recommend that we partition the main power grid. Isolate the ship’s main systems through it. That way if something major does get triggered, our whole system doesn’t go down.” Mind already jumping through the various steps that would be needed, she tapped on the console, doing the math in her head as the appropriate calculations flashed across the screen.

Nodding as things added up, she turned, satisfied. “Captain, if we can take some of the superfluous systems offline completely, holodecks, replicators, brig forcefields, anything we’re not actively using, we can have power ready in case something bigger goes offline. I’d feel much safer having the reserves. Gives us some breathing room. Then if we partition the power grid we should be able to more easily work at the other systems, with minimal risk of causing more damage, and with minimal risk of being affected adversely should something major go offline. I’d rather lose a piece of the power grid than the whole thing.”

Proposal made, she pulled up another screen and punched in a set of commands, outlining her suggested course of action. “We can get power isolated for engines and life support first, then I’ll start work on sensors. Might take us a little extra time to do things this way, but it’ll last us longer and keep us going without having to stop for extended repairs.”

Finally satisfied with where things were headed, she offered a toothy grin. “And I’ll take all the help I can get. We’ll probably have to set up the grid partitions manually.”

Cronin nodded. “I’ll request the Eureka’s Captain for their engineers assistance once they arrive, they are Corps of Engineers personnel after all. Forcefields huh, well no matter, I have a backup plan. Tell me before you take Forcefields offline please? Give me about 2 hours notice please.” He said and frowned. “Replicators, could you keep the mess halls and lounges ones online for set times preferably at shift change for 2 hours? Though this could be a good test of our supplies department’s agricultural facilities and emergency protocols when supplies are limited.” He added and smiled. “Don’t forget about the portable power generators that we just created thanks to the Malon waste. We can use those if and when issues arise.” Cronin gestured around them.

“How about your engineers, are they doing ok?” He asked as the engineering department is often the most worked as they keep the ship functioning and the crew alive. It is vital that they are well cared for in Cronin’s opinion.

The conversation carried on for at least an hour and then Cronin excused himself as there was much to check on and so headed out of Main Engineering.



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