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Private Broadcast Part 2/2

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2022 @ 4:33pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Malinda Baldwin [Rogers]
Edited on on Fri Jul 1st, 2022 @ 3:11pm

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: New Talax space, Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "Seek, Secure and Salvage"

And Now The Continuation...


The feeling of disgust from Rogers didn't escape Cronin as he received thoughtspeech from the Assistant Chief of Security and Marine Lieutenant. As many thoughts came by like why the disgust? Is it directed at me? Or at himself? Cronin believed Rogers was human, and his personnel file had listed him as such. He wondered if he should follow this development up later, though there was the Malon terrorist issue first. He continued to watch Rogers as he replied with thoughtspeech. ~The Benthan brought it up, is there a problem?~

Rogers wasn't sure if he managed to keep his appearance neutral or if the slight scowl showed up on his face. He hadn't expected that to be Keys' response. ~They are currently in our custody for crimes committed against our allies. The Benthan should make a formal request for extradition from the Talaxians at the conclusion of the Talaxian charges against them.~ Though, Rogers admitted, they could offer to assist the Benthans in their investigation as well.

Cronin gave the slightest of a nod before he turned back to focus on the Benthan Guard Captain. =/\= "Unfortunately we are holding the crew and the freighter for crimes against the Talaxians. We will contact their leader and discuss with them what happens next, after which you can contact them and do the same." =/\= He tapped his combadge twice and that paused the audio.

"Helm move us to be in front of the freighter now please, than plot a course back to rendezvous with the Eureka. Ops put a tractor beam on the freighter once we are in position. Upon the freighter being secured, take us back." Cronin ordered before he tapped his combadge again. =/\= "Captain you are welcome to accompany us back to the Talaxian colony if you wish, we are heading back now." =/\=

Clearly Danil was disappointed at being made to wait, but he nodded. =/\= Very well Captain, lead on. =/\= The Benthan vanished from the viewer and Cronin sighed pleased with the situation. "Well done Lieutenant Rogers, you have until we get back to the colony to investigate the freighter and learn as much as we can about the Malon and enlist whoever you need. I would have ordered you and your team to have some off time but as you can see we won't have much time, contact me before you interrogate the Malon. I want to be there."

"Aye, Captain," Rogers said, only slightly disappointed. He wanted to take a few moments to shower and change to a fresher uniform after wearing the armor for the time he did. But, with the time limitations that was going to have to wait. He began tapping on his PaDD, issuing orders to several in the Security department to be prepared for immediate duty on the Malon freighter. They had to get over there and secure whatever evidence and contraband they could. He stopped just before the turbolift doors as he considered whether to take some computer specialist squints.


"You got them?" Baldwin asked the ranking brig officer.

"Yep, just what we need, six prisoners with radiation poisoning and what appears to be other health problems. I'm sure Medical is going to love us."

"Just make sure they're fully processed. Lieutenant Rogers wants them thoroughly searched as well, to make sure they don't have any surprises."

"Roger that," the brig officer said with the same wry grin that the MACO team used when they said that phrase. It worked so well considering their CO's last name.

Baldwin gave a playful salute as he turned to Kalwoski and indicated they could leave. Maybe stop by their quarters and get a proper uniform as they were currently wearing the baselayer to their uniform/armor - their techie Warren having called for their armor to look at the reported problems.

"Then chow?" Kalwoski asked with a hopeful lilt to his voice. "I hear the Mess is doing cheeseburger macaroni today. Man, I love that stuff."

"Well, if they don't, I'm sure I can convince the lounge worker to replicate up a couple bowls of it."

Kalwoski was about to respond when he received a beep on his PaDD, hearing the nearly simultaneous sound from Baldwin's. "Aw man!" Kalwoski said as he read the orders from Rogers that they'd be returning to find and secure evidence on the Malon ship. Not only did that mean getting back into the armor, without even being able to change out of the still damp from sweat baselayer, for who knew how long, but they were ordered back immediately. "No chow," he said, his thick, muscular shoulders slumping as he shook his head. "I'm going to starve away to nothing."

"You and me both buddy," Baldwin said, slapping Kalwoski on the back, then attempting to wipe his now damp hand on his own thigh. Which proved useless. "Sonic shower is going to have to work overtime when we're finally off duty."

However both men stopped as they heard the all ship comms come alive. Then their own voices.

Security Armory

Corporal Sean Warren frowned as he looked over the three sets of armor sitting on the diagnostic bench in front of him. Though he didn't have it, he was sure Lieutenant Roger's armor would be giving the same readings.

"Not good," he sighed as he spoke to himself, reading the diagnostic report again even though he was sure it hadn't changed from the first five readings. The armor from the team that captured the Malon freighters and prisoners showed definite signs of degradation of operational systems.

"What happened?" he wondered as he connected Baldwin's armor set for a deeper diagnostic scan. His PaDD beeped and Warren, sure that it was just the diagnostic program start prompt hit the control without really looking at it. The first indication that something was amiss is when he heard the all ship's comm open. Then:

"It's just if she wants something more to do," Baldwin said.
"I don't know, she hasn't mentioned being unhappy. She does like weaving things. I mean, it's literally her name." Kawolski responded.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," Warren said, listening to his Marine teammate's recorded conversation coming out of the armor and broadcast to the entire ship.

"Yeah, but if she wants more to do. The Nursery could use some part time help. Malinda thinks Weaver would be good there, I mean, it's almost as if Jeremy likes being with her more than us sometimes."

"She is an awesome woman," Kawolski said. "I'll tell her about it, but the choice has to be hers."

"I thought your colony had the husband as the authority in the household?" Baldwin asked.

"Yeah, I could put it that way, but she leaves bruises when she gets angry. Oh, sure, she calls it 'sparring' but I'm no dummy." Kawolski said.

"You two are aware this is an open comms channel to the ship, right?" It was the voice of Rogers.

"Uhm..." Kawolski said. "Yes, sir?"

"Extra PT?" Baldwin said.

"If we're lucky. If Keys was listening in, we're probably going to get dishonorably dismissed and then jettisoned out of the nearest airlock."

Warren slumped onto the stool, having managed to finally shut down the connection replaying the comms between the team. "I'm a dead man."


Malinda looked slightly upward as the all ship's comm sounded. Then the unmistakable voice of her husband came across. Followed by his teammate and best friend Kawolski. Then, as she listened, her lips pursed. As the comms went dead and she looked around at those still in the lounge waiting for an all clear. "I'm going to kill them," she muttered to herself.



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