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Afteraction Reports Part 1/2

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2022 @ 4:29pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]
Edited on on Wed Jun 29th, 2022 @ 4:30pm

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: New Talax space, Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "Seek, Secure and Salvage"


Bridge, Pioneer

The freighter suddenly appeared in the cloud and Cronin called out, "evasive!!" Though it didn't need to be yelled as the helm officer was already on top of performing a hard turn sequence attempting to shift the large Galaxy class with all engines firing out of the cloud.

It was just in time, though the shields of both grazed each other. Proximity sensor warning had gone off followed by the Red Alert klaxons, the lighting shifted to a red hue and Cronin could 'feel' everyone tension along with his own as he was positive everyone braced for impact.

Once out of the cloud, thankfully, the radiation warnings reduced in frequency and all communications got restored. Cronin hoped Medical and Security had been keeping the crew safe while inside the cloud. It seemed the M.A.C.Os were successful in stopping the last freighter and he was thankful for his skilled Operations and Engineering personnel.

They all earned shoreleave upon their return to Delta Base, though it could be good to have it on New Talax if the Talaxians allowed it. They'd still be sorting out their colony with the Eureka crew.

=/\= Come in Pioneer! =/\= Commander Cain's voice came over the speakers.

Cronin nodded to Security to open a channel. =/\= "Pioneer here Eureka, apologies for not responding the Theta radiation interfered with our communications array, we have the situation under control now thanks to our M.A.C.O team." =/\=

=/\= That is great to hear Captain, =/\= Macklin said with relief, =/\= we are still above the colony, my crew are planetside assisting the Talaxians. I had sent word back to Delta Base when we lost contact with you, Command said that the Vigilant was attacked by a Kazon squad, signatures matched Nistrim, Mostral, and Pommar. Two were not identified before their destruction and the rest retreated, Vigilant is in pursuit to learn more. =/\=

The Kazon? Cronin thought with concern, sects working together... That wasn't a good thing. Considering all of Voyager's logs the sects don't like each other at all. =/\= "Reeder better not push his luck. Okay understood, did Command order us back?" =/\= Cronin asked.

=/\= Let's hope and no, we are to finish helping the Talaxians. =/\=

=/\= "Considering they just had Malon dumpers here, I agree. We'll clean up the radiation and join you once we deal with the last freighter." =/\= Cronin replied with a smile though it was purely audio conversation.

Macklin chuckled. =/\= See you soon. =/\= The channel closed.

Transporter Room

Rogers stepped off the platform and nodded to the transporter officer. He still had his rifle in his grip and held at low ready. Hannah, his combat medic stood next to him, his services as a medic not necessary at the moment but his skills as a member of the MACO/Security team come forth. Along with Sergeant Brownell and three other security officers standing by. Rogers recognized two of them as assigned brig officers. He knew them well enough by face but not by name - a problem he still needed to resolve as the assistant security chief.

But that would have to wait until later.

"Beaming first to the brig," the transporter chief stated as he worked the controls of the panel. "Scanning for weaponry and contraband...finished." He looked up and received just a nod from Rogers. Almost immediately four figures beamed aboard the Pioneer. Two were surly in attitude but also restrained and the other two were exasperated and heavily armored, their expressions hidden.

He wanted the majority of their prisoners to be transported immediately into the brig and into custody, but these two he identified as the captain and first mate of the Malon freighter they captured. It irked him that they only got the one. The other freighter destroyed by the overzealous Talaxians aboard the ambassadorial vessel. Still, their prisoners should provide some valuable information.

"Take these two straight to interrogation, but process them first," he said, turning mainly to the brig officers. This was their duty, after all, and should know best how to handle this. After they nodded and escorted the prisoners out of the room, Rogers turned to Brownie. "Commander Peel should be returning on the shuttle, with three more prisoners. Show them the hospitality they deserve. Also, let the tech weenie Warren know I want a briefing on the armor systems in - " he checked his chrono, wondering a realistic time frame. He knew he'd have to brief the command staff on their actions. He held his sigh. He really just wanted a shower and some chow but that would have to wait. "Two hours. He can collect Kawolski and Baldwin's armor, and Hannah's as well."

"Roger that," Brownie said with the slight smile that always came with the joke. "Last I heard Wyrick was still out of commission, Lieutenant," he said as flat and neutral as he could. It was as if he sensed Roger's impatience.

Rogers stopped just inside the door frame for a moment as he heard the news. "Hopefully Medical will do their normal excellent job and remedy that situation. In the meantime, make sure these prisoners are fully processed. I'd hate for our first successful mission to be marred by a lack of thoroughness."

Brownie nodded, "I'll relay to Baldwin forthwith and get a team to the shuttle bay to take custody of the others. Hannah, make sure to get innoculations for the returning team and as thorough as scan as you can as soon as possible. Everyone must comply with medical procedures," Brownie said, giving a significant glance to Rogers's retreating back.

"Oh, moreso the joy for me," Hannah said with a smirk, then added a more formal "Aye, Sergeant." He never quite got the hang of calling the unit sergeant 'Top' as was the custom.


Rogers entered onto the bridge and - in deference to their relaxing from alert conditions, passed his rifle to a back up security officer to be placed into a standby locker. "Captain," Rogers said, "MACO team returning reporting eight prisoners and one Malon freighter in custody."

Cronin turned to face the Marine leader and smiled. "Excellent work Lieutenant and to that of your team,-"

Before he could continue a sensor contact alert sounded, Devon had yet to return to the bridge so his relief Ops officer reported. "A vessel matching a Benthan Guard cruiser has arrived and are hailing Captain."

"What now?" Cronin muttered and returned to stand between Ops and Helm. "Open a channel."

The Benthan Guard Captain appeared on the viewer. =/\= Greetings Federation vessel, I am Captain Danil of the Cruiser Ngaio, I heard much about one of your ships journey while I was at the Academy, Voyager I believe its name is. The crew helped the Guard a few times. =/\=

=/\= "Greetings to you as well Captain Danil, I am Captain Cronin Keys of the Federation starship Pioneer. Yes Voyager and her crew have become famous in the Federation upon their return. Enough so that our leaders decided to send us back to explore after much time debriefing the crew. We are currently assisting the Talaxians with their new world, unfortunately the Malon were here dumping Theta radiation upon our arrival and so we had to subdue them." =/\= Cronin explained.

Danil's face screwed up in disgust. =/\= I thank you greatly for dealing with this particular Malon freighter as it is personally responsible for attacking one of our colonies with radiation bombs. =/\=

Cronin glanced over at Rogers to see if the Marines had seen any aboard.

Rogers glanced at the ship's captain, keeping his expression neutral and blank. Finally, he gave a slight shake of his head and did something he abhorred. ~Do you wish to discuss this openly and now?~ he asked the other Betazoid. He knew that Baldwin and Kawolski had - when not discussing their personal issues over open comm lines - made notification of what appeared to be a terrorist workspace on the second freighter. They weren't on the first long enough to note anything. But, because they took the prisoners and ship into custody, they hadn't investigated it too closely at the time. They thought they'd have more time after they returned to the ship Plus the ability to get more necessary equipment.



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