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Seek, Secure and Salvage Part 3/3

Posted on Fri Jun 10th, 2022 @ 3:44pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova] & Malinda Baldwin [Rogers]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: "Taking Out The Gar'bage"/"We Are Starfleet" Continuation



A console sputtered a handful of sparks, filling the immediate area with a faint scent of singed fur as Riss flinched against them, brushing them absently as she knelt before the access panel. Lights flickered across the screens, the irritatingly insistent alerts demanding to be seen, and she dismissed them, already knowing that there was far too much that needed to be done in order to get the ship up and functional again. The captain’s words were certainly sound, and until she could unwind the tangle of rerouted power circuits to allow for the earlier energy conversion, power from shuttles would be their best bet.

Straightening, she popped her head up to see above the console, green-gold eyes scanning the immediate vicinity for another set of hands. Alighting on a nearby ensign, she waved the officer over. “Ensign Cammilar, correct? I need you to route power from the shuttle bays directly through to the main grid. Tap directly into the runabouts if you have to. Think you can handle that? Should be able to do so from the secondary console, over there.” In an effort to keep her tone encouraging for the other officer, she clenched her jaw, trying to stifle the growing growl at the irritation.

Ordinarily, such a hit wouldn’t have caused such damage, but with things rigged as they’d been for the radiation conversion, the systems were already precariously balanced as it was. The shockwave was the stiff breeze that blew over the house of cards she’d so painstakingly built.

No use whining over it, though. Nodded curtly, passing off the duty and pointing him toward the appropriate station. Set on dealing with reconfiguring the primary power coupling and rerouting auxiliary power, her mind was already working through the balance required to get shields and engines up and running as quickly as possible. Every passing second was one too many for her tastes. Diving behind yet another console, she yanked the access panel loose and shifted the chips within, routing and rerouting in order to balance power once more.

Ensign Cammilar, like his superior had Caitian heritage but only half. His father is Human, he smiled. "Yez ma'am," he replied and quickly went for the station Riss indicated, though his fur was getting kind of itchy. Though he was able to ignore it as he worked on accessing the landing areas connections for all the shuttles and runabouts they had.

He had to trigger power up sequences on all the auxiliary crafts, though he already found a couple in the process of the sequence. Someone must be physically activating the shuttles and runabouts. Cam hoped they didn't plan on leaving the ship as they needed all of them.

It seemed that shuttles are faster at getting to 'ready' status than runabouts, Cam quickly programmed the landing areas to attach and draw both power as well as make a physical data stream connection. One by one they all registered as fully integrated into Pioneer's systems.

She wasn’t sure how long it took, (everything seemed too slow in such situations), but with a satisfying electronic cough, the ship finally shuddered and whirred. With a satisfied bark of a laugh, Riss watched the panel above light up, tapping her comm badge with gusto. =/\= “engineering to bridge, we have shields back up to seventy-seven percent! Working on engines now!” =/\= It wouldn’t take long, but it was certainly an irritation. A mess, indeed…


"Steinman," Malinda said as she weaved through the crowd of civilians gathered at the tables, the counter and packed in groups along the floors. "Where's Terry?" Malinda asked, the words a rush out of her mouth before she could stop herself. She knew Jeremy was here, with her and was as safe as he could be on the starship. What she didn't know was where here husband was and what his condition was. If the radiation were flowing through the ship, then he was out there, in the midst of it. As a security officer he had to keep moving through the ship, through the clouds of radiation.

"He's on assignment," Steinman said, glancing around the room. "Safe as the rest of us, don't worry." He shifted his gear, a movement Malinda knew too well from her time with Terry. It seemed to be an unconscious gesture that they were all doing now when geared up. "How are things here?"

"Tense," Malinda said, "lots of scared people here. Are we really in danger?"

Steinman let out a breath. "It'll be fine. Medics will be available once we're done with alert. Keep everyone here until they're released. Call if anything changes or things get out of hand."

Malinda nodded, her eyes shifting to find Jeremy automatically. If anyone got out of hand and threatened the safety of her child, they would definitely need the protection of security officers.

Steinman listened to something then gave her a smile. "We've just got word, corpsman are being sent out to evacuation areas. We're recalled to Medical to begin escorting them out. I'll make sure we get one or two here double quick."

"Thank you," Malinda said, wanting to give him a hug but...he was a big, bad Marine and they didn't do hugs. Not on duty anyway. Steinman gave her a smile, motioned to his security counterpart and they left the lounge. Malinda, for her part, began relaying word that medical personnel would be arriving soon and, well, she gave a very edited version of what Steinman told her in order to help those in the lounge feel a sense of calm and reassurance. She, on the other hand, kept looking out the windows of the lounge, thinking about what Steinman hadn't told her about her husband.


Nova ran out of the turbolift and headed towards the runabouts and shuttles that were parked there. When he reached the first shuttle, he opened the hatch, entered and sat at the console. He inputted his password and brought the shield generator online. He linked the shuttles generator with the ship's shields.

He knew that just one shuttle would be enough, so he popped out of the shuttle and ran to the next one parked, and started the process again.

It took him 3 minutes to link all 7 shuttles and 3 runabouts were linked to the ship's shield generators; even the Captain's Yacht's shield generators had been powered up and merged into this new grid.

=/\= "Nova to bridge....try the shields now!" =/\=


The pain seemed to lessen though didn't go away immediately as he heard Chief Engineer Riss' voice announce that shields were back online, soon followed by Nova's voice instructing to activate the shielding. Cronin was looking around and saw that the relief operations officer was already on to it as the computer's voice announced several moments later.

The feminine voice of the Computer began an announcement before Cronin could acknowledge Nova and Riss. =/\="Shields restored to ninety-eight percent and rising, Theta radiation levels dropping, forward sections still contaminated at dangerous quantities. All personnel seek inoculations immediately regardless of location or exposure."=/\=

He wondered about engines as now they were out of danger, well from radiation at the moment. Cronin suddenly recalled the away team. "Is external communications online?" He asked to no know in particular.

Corus who had returned to tactical after dealing with the radiation pain tapped at his console. "It seems there is an internal open channel Captain."

Cronin glanced over at tactical with a raised eyebrow. How odd. He mused then nodded. "Can you switch it to external?"

Just like a stupid creature that is known for freezing when bright light is directed directly into their eyes, Corus simply stared at the Captain dumbfounded. A blink later he quickly got to work on doing just as the Captain said and clearly, mentally chiding himself loudly for not thinking about that earlier.

Later Cronin will have consider what to do about that but for now they had to get moving or at least be able to communicate outside the ship.

Corus called out with an excited cheer. "You have ship-to-ship sir. However, it seems that the radiation is causing irregular disruptions."

"Understood," Cronin said, his mind racing with the different things he should do. =/\="Pioneer to Runabout Darling, do you read? Pioneer to Eureka, please respond."=/\= Cronin called after tapping his combadge so it was tied into the open channels, he wondered which would answer since one was close and one was further away.

=/\= Darling-Pioneer. This is Commander Peel reporting in."

=/\="Good to hear you Commander, what is your current status? And the MACOs?"=/\= Cronin asked with relief in his voice.

=/\= Darling-Pioneer. Sorry captain, my comms went down. Can you repeat, sir?."

=/\= "What's your status Commander and of the MACOs?" =/\= Captain Keys asked again a little more concern in his voice.

While waiting for Commander Peel's response, Cronin quickly changed the channel, he'd still hear his First Officer's reply. =/\= "Keys to Nova and Riss, great work both of you." =/\= He tapped his badge to switch back to the external channel just in time. =/\= "A we're a little shake up over here, sir, but ready for duty but ship status is nominal. MACO's are on site, captain." Peel reported. =/\= "We do have some prisoners, captain. What shall we do with them?" She said it loud enough for the prisoners to hear to get them a little concerned what may be in store for them.

=/\= "Understood Darling, we are unfortunately in the wake of the remaining freighter's dumped radiation and unable to receive you at the moment. Could you pursue the freighter and send the MACOs to rescue Ambassador Neelix and his crew, his ship as well time allowing?" =/\= Cronin inquired though it sounded like an order, he'd make different orders if the Darling crew weren't able or the runabout had hidden damage they'd yet to discover.

=/\= "Orders received, captain." Peel looked at Rogers. "We're going after the ambassador. Ready your men, and make sure the prisoners are secured." =/\= "Anything further sir?"

=/\= "We can deal with the prisoners after the MACOs shut down the freighter. Good luck." =/\= Cronin said and could hear in the background Rogers reply: 'Roger that, sir.' They are marines afterall and ready for anything.


Ericksen stopped as he entered through the lounge doors. Making a quick calculation he took a deep breath. The numbers they projected for lounge occupancy were off and he didn't have enough radiation innoculations for everyone. He also saw that there were numerous children, to include infants, who were not recommended this particular innoculation. Yet they were much more vulnerable to radiation poisoning due to their young, immature and untested immune systems.

He tapped his medkit against his thigh and pushed through. Radiation was screwing with systems across the ship, to include the replicators. But he had to give it a try. He headed directly to the industrial powered replicators behind the bar, aware of the number of eyes following his progress.

He saw one of the lounge workers, a young woman with long dark red hair, pale skin and dark eyes headed toward him. She carried an infant crooked in her arms and glanced at it several times as she approached.

"Everything okay?" she asked, keeping her voice low. He didn't recognize the woman. Not that he should but with a small child he was sure they had to go through medical once they came aboard - to make sure both the civilian mother and the infant had the proper immunizations and to set a transporter quantum baseline. But she may have come in while he was busy with numerous other patients during the embarkation processing. Or someone else helped them.

"I just need to get a bit more medication," he said, tapping in the command using the console rather than voice commands. The room seemed tense and he wasn't sure what would set people over the edge. He kept tapping the medkit, a sign of his anxiety over whether or not his access codes would work on this replicator, whether it would allow him to replicate more of the medication and if the replicator would work correctly.

It was only a few seconds of wait time but it seemed to take days before several vials of hypospray medication appeared. A quick scan with his tricorder showed the medication was safe and viable. He let out a sigh of relief before turning and placing the vials with the medkit on the counter. Then, speaking loudly, and with what he hoped was a voice of calm authority, he announced he would begin treatment in an orderly fashion by having those taking shelter in the lounge to line up and come up to him.

He hoped he didn't need to call security back, he was sure they would be needed elsewhere.



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