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We Are Starfleet Part 2/3

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 5:11pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: "Taking Out The Gar'bage" Continuation


After Cronin tapped his combadge, =/\= Acknowledged, Engineering, great work, Keys out, =/\= he made his way to his chair so he could sit. Cronin shared Corus’ irritation and if they kept dumping in their path they'd never be able to rescue their Talaxian allies.

"Captain the other freighter's engines just exploded! =/\=Brace for incoming shockwave!" Corus called, having managed to open a shipwide channel which didn't close.

When the Betazoid was about to call out for a report, the shockwave made contact and shook the Pioneer hard. Lights flickered many times, sparks erupted from a few consoles and everyone unceremoniously thrown to the floor. The wave pushed the ship off course though the Freighter had managed to get ahead of the wave, still tractoring the Baxial towards their auxiliary craft bay.

Nova got back up and took the Ops console. "Main power offline. Life support on emergency power. Shields are down and weapons offline."

“Engines?” Cronin asked of Devon as he got back to his feet, though he could feel a few bruises and pain seemingly from all over. He didn't know that the shipwide channel was still open as secondary and emergency power generators kicked on, though it would take time for them to bring primary systems back to full. In that time, main systems like Shields and Weapons were still unavailable, maybe parts of those systems were damaged.

=/\=“Warning Theta radiation poisoning imminent, restore shields immediately!”=/\= A very urgent sounding computer voice announced across the whole ship, though that could be how those who heard it could interpreted it.

It seemed like the computer was still receiving power, Cronin thought, perhaps when Nova triggered emergency power to reinforce the shields other connections were passively made to other key systems.

"Trying to reestablish power to the shields." Nova typed quickly

"Radiation?" a young woman said, looking around with large, fearful eyes. "We're going to get poisoned with radiation?"

"No," Malinda said, her hair pulled into a hasty ponytail that swished along her back as she shook her head. "We're going to be okay. They'll get the shields back up and if necessary, we'll all get innoculated soon. No one is going to die."

"I didn't want to come out here, why are we even here?" the girl asked again.

"We'll be fine," Malinda said, placing her hands on the girl's shoulders. "See, right over there, the nursery workers brought the children here because this is a designated shelter place. We're reinforced here and have our own power and life support backups. Even if there is a lot of radiation, we'll just get minimal exposure and afterward, they'll give us a quick hypospray and we'll all be good."

The girl gripped Malinda's arms tight enough that she'll leave red marks afterward. "I don't want to die!"

"No one is going to die, my baby is right over there, with the nursery workers. Do you think I'd let my child come here if it weren't safe?"

The girl just stared. Malinda pulled her into a hug. "We're going to be fine. Everything will be fine."

Malinda's eyes flicked as the doors to the lounge opened and two security officers came in. Malinda let out a sigh of relief when she realized she knew one of them as one of Baldwin's MACO teammates. She disentangled from the girl, not sure the girl would be able to maintain her composure but she had duties to perform as a lounge worker in an emergency. Also, she wanted to talk with the security officers and see if she could get an update on Terry. She hadn't seen or heard from him since the alert started. She couldn't believe that he'd go this long without contacting her.


The floor seemed to drop away from her as the ship was rocked violently, sending the engineer bodily into the main console. With a cry, Riss grasped at the panels, but fingers found no purchase on the smooth surface and she fell, vision flashing white for a moment as her head made rough contact with the edge of the panel.

With a groan, she rolled, propping herself on elbows as she tried to determine if the sparks she saw were from her bumping her head or of they were, in fact, coming from the various control panels. The faint but distinct smell of melting components and smoke were enough to confirm the latter, and using the console to pull herself to her feet, the Caitian pulled up a system report on on the screen before her.

The inquiry from the bridge came through at that moment, and she let out a low growl as the reports, each looking more and more grim, flooded in.

=/\= “Engines offline, captain.” =/\= Elsewhere on the panel a light blinked insistently, an alarm bleeping in sync as it tried to catch the chief’s attention. =/\=“Shields are almost completely drained, too. We’ve got limited auxiliary power, I might be able to reroute energy from the conversion chambers, though..” =/\= As she tapped furiously at the console, another shower of sparks erupted in protest, and she hissed, pulling her hand back as though scorched.

Upon closer inspection, the alert was for the imminent radiation poisoning. The shockwave had done considerable damage, leaving them with unpleasant choices to be had. =/\= “I can either get engines up, or shields, but not both, not yet. Unless ordered otherwise, sir, I’m going to get shields up first. We can’t chase if we’re sick with radiation.” =/\=

=/\="Yes shields, we're no use to anyone dead."=/\= Cronin said immediately then his idea prior to all this hit him again. =/\="Use the shuttles and runabouts power generators if you have to..."=/\= He turned to Nova. "Ops, see if you can get the shuttles and runabouts shield generators to link into ours, they could help. You may have to go to the shuttlebay to do so."

=/\= "Aye, captain. We're on it." =/\= The Caitian said, voice clear over the comm as she gestured to one of the nearby crew.

Nova nodded and stood up and ran to the turbolift. "Shuttlebay."

Cronin couldn't help but smile as he senior officers got to it, he knew they will succeed at their tasks. Even without the looming strong possibility that Death was probably already onboard. The feeling of burning began to touch his hands and face as they were exposed skin but it soon spread to the rest of his skin. It was the radiation and he wanted to scream but all his command training had prepared him for many situations.

Though he began to hear grunts and other pained sounds from those around him, his own forced him to one knee. It looks like the radiation was now reaching the maximum that the life support systems could filter out. The front of the ship and the crew members there must be in great pain even near death unless they managed to make their way towards the rear of the ship.

He began to pray though he knew it was futile.



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