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Number One and First Officer

Posted on Sat Aug 27th, 2022 @ 2:11pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: Guest Office, A Starbase Near Earth
Timeline: After "Keeping Operations Running"


Emma headed for the captain's office for her interview for the first officer's position.
She checked her uniform, then activated the door chime.

After his meeting with Commander Nova, Cronin was wondering about the officer he suggested for the Executive Officer position, which had only recently become available. Of course, Starfleet Command had already sent a list of candidates, though if he didn't pick one himself within a certain time limit, they'd do the picking.

He hated that about Command, but he understood as Project Delta was almost ready to launch and time was not on his side. His thoughts were interrupted by the door chime, and he could sense that this was the officer Devon spoke of. "Come." Cronin stated and stood, he pulled on his uniform jacket as it had ridden up.

An attractive woman walked in, maybe in her mid 30's. Her collar showed commander pips. She approached the desk. "Commander Emma Peel, captain."

"Greetings Commander, please have a seat?" Cronin offered with a hand gesture to the chair opposite him.

Peel sat in the chair. "I understand that you offered the first officer's position to Commander Nova, sir."

Cronin shook his head. "No I am interviewing you for the position Commander." He said then smiled. "Have you been an Executive Officer before?"

"I was the acting first officer, on the USS Portland. The First Officer was injured in a landing party. I had been the Second Officer." She looked at him. "His injuries required that he be sent back to Earth for rehab. The captain then made me the permanent XO."

"How come you aren't on the Portland now?" Cronin asked.

"I still am, sir. But I wanted to look for some new opportunities. The captain of the Portland is okay with me looking to advance myself."

Cronin nodded. "Are you looking to become a Captain? Are you prepared for such responsibility?" He asked leaning on the desk with his elbows and interlacing his fingers as he watched the Commander.

Looking at the captain, "Every cadet who has graduated from the Academy wants to be a captain...I am no different. I've wanted the captain pips on my collar since I became a lieutenant commander, sir. And I think I have gained enough experience that so I can say that I do have the responsibility for the job, sir."

"Can you tell me what your duties will be on a Galaxy-class starship as an Executive officer?" Cronin asked with a half smile as he too was one of 'those' cadets. "The more detail you are the better." He added a moment later.

"First, be prepared to assume command if anything happens to the captain. Second, be his voice to the crew. If anyone has a complaint, they should bring it to the First Officer, who then decides if it's important enough for the captain. Third, be a sounding board for the captain. Listen to his reasons for doing something. Be ready to give the captain their options...either to agree or disagree. Lastly, relay the captain's orders to the bridge crew."

Cronin nodded a few times. "I do enjoy getting involved, I do apologise in advanced if I do so without considering you. It can be rather boring being Captain at times." He chuckled, "it is something we don't usually speak about." Cronin glanced around the table for the reassignment padd. He picked it up and read it for a few moments. "How do you feel about the Captain leading away teams?"

"All depends on the situation, sir." Peel looked at him. "If security has scouted the area and reported that it's safe for you to transport, then I am fine with it. If it's a situation where there is no immediate intel involved, then I'm not fine with it and will strongly suggest allowing the first officer to transport." She continued to look at him. "Above all else, the captain must, must be kept safe."

He grinned. "It may not be possible to gather intel or scout as time is of the essence, how would you deal with time sensitive situations? And trust me you will feel the pressure of command when time is against you." Cronin replied, he placed the padd down with the XO assignment orders on it flat on the desk then clasped his hands together on top of it.

"I would make sure that security has protocols in place for any situation that may arise." She continued to look at him. "If you wish to beam down to a planet, a security team would beam down first, and using tricorders and their senses, they would collect as much relevant intel as they can. If it's a covert mission, I would lead a team of specialist down and collect as much data without being detected...and we would keep any...'injuries' to a minimum."

"I admit I'd like to know those exact procedures but I shall leave that to you." He smiled and slid the padd to her. "Well consider yourself officially offered the position of Executive Officer..."

"And I officially accept, captain." She smiled at him.

"Excellent, so you have a day or so to get yourself sorted then over to McKinley station or you can join me on my way back? We are due to leave dock very soon." Cronin said with a smile and stood, offered his hand to Emma.

Peel shook the offered hand. "My things are ready to be transported, sir, so, with your permission, I will join you."

"Permission granted, let's go then." Cronin said and they made their way to his shuttle.



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