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The First Chase

Posted on Fri Jun 10th, 2022 @ 7:07pm by 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: USS Darling
Timeline: During "Taking Out the Gar'bage"&"We Are Starfleet"&"Seek, Secure and Salvage" Parts 1/2/3

GM: This post is happening at the same time as "Taking Out the Gar'bage" & "We Are Starfleet" & "Seek, Secure and Salvage" Parts 1/2/3 posts so whatever happens in both affects both, just so you are aware.

The USS Darling sat on the docking pad where it was assigned when Rogers and Hannah arrived. Corporal Kawolski and Corporal Baldwin arrived just moments later, both armored and carrying their assigned weaponry. "I want you on the kinetic rifle," Rogers said to Hannah. He had two primary reasons for giving the less than lethal weaponry to the medic which included respecting the medic's desire to save lives rather than take them when possible. The kinetic rifle would allow him to incapacitate enemy combatants without the effects of even stun settings on typical phaser rifles.

"Load up," he told his team of four as he indicated the Darling. He wasn't sure if the commander was already aboard the shuttle waiting for them but he would find out quickly as he made his way to the front while the three Marines settled in the passenger compartment, waiting to get the word to form up for insertion to the Malon vessel.

Commander Peel looked up when the the Marines entered the shuttle. "Pre-flight has been completed, and as soon as your people strap in, I'll get the launch authorization, Lieutenant."

"Roger that, Commander," Rogers said taking the co-pilot seat. He glanced back at his team. They were already seated and strapping themselves in as well. "Good to go." He said as he raised his arm and started initiating systems through the wristPaDD built into the armor. Unlike the enlisted Marines, he kept his helmet off for the moment. Though muffled, he heard the single "check, check" from each member of the team indicating they were secured and ready for take off.

"What's your plan for insertion?" Rogers asked, still looking at the panel on his wrist.

"My job, lieutenant, is to get you to the target. If their shields are down, I will move into position above their bridge, then transport you and your team down." Peel responded.

"I don't know your piloting capabilities, Commander, so I'm going to ask. You capable of flying through their shields?" Rogers asked. "If you are, once inside their shields we can transport onto their Bridge and begin containment from there."

"Once the ship brings the Malon's shields down, then I'll pilot the runabout near their ship, and you can beam onto their bridge, lieutenant."

"Aye, Commander," Rogers said perfunctorily. He filed the exchange away for future reference and to temper expectations about Fleeters. The small ship rocked as they were hit by weapons fire so he first assumed the alert sounding on the console was a result of being fired upon.

"Pioneer is requesting a status update," he said, also perfunctorily, as he read the alert. "Taking some fire but still proceeding to target," Rogers answered over the comms channel. "Sprint, concentrate your fire on the lead Malon's forward shields, we'll be doing the same. We need to bring those down for insertion." He closed the channel and then targeted the Malon ship, concentrating fire on the forward shields as he'd ordered the Pioneer's tactical officer. He expected it would take far too long for the runabout's weapons alone to be effective, but combined with the greater power of the starship it shouldn't take long to be effective.

Rogers kept an eye on the sensor readings while he continued to fire. When the Malon ship's shields fell to ten percent he grabbed his helmet. "Form up," he said, half turning to issue the order to the MACO team. He then created a floating lock for the transporter to place them in the aft section of the Malon bridge. Peripherally he was aware of the sound of restraints releasing and the unmistakable sounds of Marines moving quickly in combat armor.

Just as the shields were set to collapse, Rogers burst out of the chair and took his place with the team. He secured his helmet and opened a communication line. "Computer," he said, watching as the Malon ship's shields flashed once then collapsed. "Initiate transport."

Peel checked the coordinates for the transport.

From the briefings and information his team was given regarding the Delta Quadrant factions, Rogers recalled that transporter technology was not common at the time of Voyager's excursion through the quadrant. He hoped that was still the case. Their sudden appearance would give them the surprise and confusion that would, hopefully, allow them to neutralize the Malon crew before a shot was fired at him or his team.

As soon as the transport finished, he brought up his rifle and acquired a target. He fired just slightly before the remainder of the team - two other phaser rifles set to maximum stun and the 'pop pop' of less lethal weapons fire. One Malon screamed as Hannah's round initiated a debilitating electric shock.

Within seconds the Bridge appeared clear of combatants. "Baldwin, Kawolski start pacifying the rest of the ship. Keep the theta radiation in mind."

The two moved toward the corridor, their weapons up and ready. "BELAY THAT!" Rogers said as he heard the traffic from Pioneer. "Brace for impact, Hannah tag suspects," he said, moving toward the helm. He wanted to take control of the ship but the controls were too complicated for him to be confident he could take viable control of the ship in the few seconds before the Talaxian torpedoes arrived and killed them all.

"Pioneer," Rogers said glancing at his team. "Seven to beam out, now!"

Unfortunately the call went unanswered, they'd soon learn why.

Peel waited for the transporters to grab them and return them to the Pioneer.

The transporter brought the MACOs and some prisoners from the Malon ship.

"Secure the prisoners," Rogers said as he made the short trip back to the cockpit. With the three prisoners they managed to grab, the runabout was starting to get crowded. He dropped into the copilot seat and stared out the plasteel window before him. "Are they seriously trying to hijack the Talaxian ship?"

Peel piloted the runabout away from the Malon ship, just mere seconds before the Talaxian torpedoes struck the Malon ship. The shock wave of the torpedoes struck the runabout, causing minor damage.
She looked at Rogers. "Who knows what the Malon are thinking." She checked the scanners. "ETA to Pioneer 1 minute."
"Belay that!" Rogers said. It took about half a second for him to realize who the pilot was. He winced then, placing his hands on the control panel, let out a sigh. "If it pleases you, Commander."

In his defense he was used to be being the one in charge of a mission. "But we need to get to that second ship, to rescue the Baxial and arrest the Malon."

Peel looked at him. "It's 'belay that, sir!' " Peel touched the console. "Altering course."

"Aye, Commander," Rogers said frowning over the use of "sir". He watched as the view changed and the second Malon ship came into view. "Once within range, we'll transport over and pacify the Malon ship. Hopefully this time the Talaxians will try not to blow us up."

Peel concentrated on piloting the runabout towards the Baxial ship.

Runabout Darling Crew Area

Rogers went to the back, seeing that the three Malon were restrained by physical restraints as well as shielding, creating small 'cells' for each one.

"You have not right to kidnap us!" one of the Malon snarled. Rogers wasn't sure how they denoted rank and position aboard their ships, but the petulance and defiance in the words led him to believe this was one of the command crew, if not the captain himself.

"You attacked a Federation ambassador, that gives us the right." Rogers answered. "You don't like it, you can file a formal complaint with the Judge Advocate. In the mean time shut it." Rogers turned away from the Malon, ignoring his indignant sputtering. "Get ready for round two," he told his team. "Once we get aboard the Malon vessel, I want it under our control as soon as we can. Remember, Keys' orders are to take them alive as much as possible."

"Yes, Lieutenant," Baldwin said, acting as the team lead.

"Sync up suit sensors and feed with the Pioneer," Rogers said, using the wrist mounted controls to do so for his suit since he had his helmet off.

"Aye," Baldwin said, then turned to the other two. "Guess what, guys? Jeremy is turning over by himself now! It was Weaver that first saw it while she was watching him the other day, but he's been rolling all over the place anymore. Drives Malinda crazy, she's worried he's going to fall and hurt himself."

"He's a boy," Hunter said, "boys do stupid stuff all the time and get small bruises and cuts."

"I know, right?" Baldwin answered. "I bet he's going to be the little devil dog, just like his dad!"

"Guess I'd better put it on my schedule to start regular checkins then," Hannah said, "take care of those cuts and bruises then. And make sure his crayon diet is still giving him proper nutrition."

"Crayon diet? This coming from a Fleeter wannabe?" Baldwin said, chuckling. "You just be glad you're good at patching up our stupidity otherwise I'd be tossing you out of the airlock for calling my son a crayon eater!"

Hannah laughed.

"Lock it up, get ready to head out," Rogers said turning back to his team. "Teams remain the same, Baldwin with Kawolski, Hannah on me."

Runabout USS Darling Bridge

=/\= Darling Pioneer. Sorry captain, my comms went down. Can you repeat, sir?."

=/\= "What's your status Commander and of the MACOs?" =/\= Captain Keys asked again a little more concern in his voice.

=/\= "A we're a little shake up over here, sir, but ready for duty."

While waiting for Commander Peel's response, Cronin quickly changed the channel. =/\= "Keys to Nova and Riss, great work both of you." =/\= He tapped his badge to switch back to the external channel.

=/\= "We do have some prisoners, captain. What shall we do with them?" She said it loud enough for the prisoners to hear to get them a little concerned what may be in store for them.

"A few hours of 'incentivized interrogation' should be in order," Rogers muttered as he glared over his shoulder at the prisoners. He ignored the whimper from one of them who caught the gist of the euphemism.

=/\= "Understood Darling, we are unfortunately in the wake of the second freighter's dumped radiation and unable to receive you at the moment. If you can pursue the freighter and send the MACOs to rescue Ambassador Neelix and his crew, his ship as well time allowing." =/\= Cronin said.

=/\= "Orders received, captain." Peel looked at Rogers. "We're going after the ambassador. Ready your men, and make sure the prisoners are secured." =/\= "Anything further sir?"

=/\= "We can deal with the prisoners after the MACOs shut down the freighter. Good luck." =/\= Cronin said.

"Roger that, sir," Rogers said as he stood and moved toward the back with the rest of the MACO team aboard the shuttle. He drew his knife to inspect the blade, while giving a glare to the prisoners, making sure light caught the edge of the blade.

"Team's ready, Lieutenant," Baldwin said as the four of them stood and donned the helmets.

Runabout Darling Bridge

Peel called back. "Approaching the Malon freighter. Stand by for transport."

"Yes, sir," Rogers said. The captured Malon were still hiding their cowering from the team with glares, but Rogers ignored them for the moment. They would be dealt with later, after Rogers and his team captured the rest of the compatriots. He did, however, give Baldwin a look.

"Fields are secured, double checked," Baldwin answered the look. Rogers nodded and the team formed up, weapons up and ready. They would be ready for action just as soon as the transport was finished. Rogers took and held a breath as the familiar transport sensation overtook him. A slight tingle as his quantum signature was scanned and prepared to be recreated at the beam in site. Within moments Rogers and his team were gone, off the shuttle and reformed on the bridge of the second Malon ship.

Peel remained on the runabout, monitoring the MACOs.

=/\="Pioneer to Runabout Darling, do you read? Pioneer to Eureka, please respond."=/\= Cronin's voice came over the speakers.

=/\= Darling Pioneer. This is Commander Peel reporting in."

=/\="Good to hear you Commander, what is your current status? And the MACOs?"=/\= Cronin asked

=/\= "Ship status is nominal. MACO's are on site, captain." Peel reported.

To be continued


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