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Taking Out The Gar'bage Part 1/3

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 3:43pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & Lieutenant JG R'naya Riss & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova] & Petty Officer 2nd Class Corvus Hannah [Rogers]
Edited on on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 5:12pm

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "The Malon"



"Fire!" Cronin called as the Pioneer reached weapons range, "try not to hit their cargo sections, we don't need a Theta radiation bomb." He added a second later.

"Aye, Captain," Rogers answered as he configured targeting systems. "Targeting shield generators and engines."

Commander Emma Peel had returned and sat down in her chair. "Civilians are all in their quarters or safe zones Captain," she reported.

"Thank you Commander," Cronin replied with a smile as he glanced over his shoulder at her before returning his attention back to the battle. "Helm keep changing our speed and direction while keeping them in front of us as best you can."


He wondered about the best way they could force the Malon to retreat, was there a way they could make it that the freighters couldn't dump their load? He decided to open it up to the bridge crew. "Suggestions on how we could make them leave?" Cronin asked as the ship got hit by several spatial charges and spatial charged beams from both freighters, though one did give the Baxial more attention after the Talaxian ship made several direct hits.

Rogers had several ideas, but they didn't involve the Malon leaving as so much having the Malon's souls leaving their bodies. Because of that he kept his thoughts to himself, understanding it would seem unnecessarily violent. He concentrated instead on keeping the ships in view and reach of the ship's weapons.

Nova spoke up. "Captain. Suggest we target the Malon bridge....and when their shields go down, beam over a tactical detachment to neutralize them, sir."

Rogers looked at the pilot as he heard the suggestion. Was it possible that he was wrong and his particular form of "problem solving" would be better received and considered on this ship? He targeted the Malon ship's bridge while he waited for the answer.

Cronin couldn't help but remember his training back in Command school in the way of Starfleet, we shouldn't be aggressive unless necessary. Though the Malon are hostile so maybe they should go on the stronger offensive.

He made the choice. "Helm bring us around to front of either freighter," he turned to Nova. "Ops coordinate with tactical, I don't want them destroyed." Cronin made clear with his serious tone and turned to Rogers, "I'm deploying MACO Lieutenant, do not kill anyone unless they give you no choice. Do not destroy any of their ship's interior unless they give you no choice. If you can find out any other dumping grounds see if you can download that information."

"Understood Captain," Rogers said as he stepped away from the console, motioning for Corus to resume the station. After giving the Fleeter a quick rundown of the status of the ship and weapons, as well as the tactical considerations of the ship, he grabbed his bag and with practiced ease finished donning his combat armor. He noticed Hannah giving him a strange look. Whatever the young medic had to say could wait until later. He was already forming up the boarding teams and motioned Hannah to join him in the transporter room.

"Yes captain." Nova coordinated with Rogers on the best possible scenarios.

Cronin tapped his combadge. =/\= Keys to Medbay, how is Wyrick? =/\= He hoped she was okay.

=/\= Medbay here Captain, Wyrick is still out cold but stable. We will let you know if her condition changes.=/\=

=/\= Understood, Bridge out. =/\=

He turned to Commander Peel, "would you like to fly them over in a shuttle?" Cronin asked as he himself would like to. "As I doubt we will be able to keep shields down long enough to activate transporters."

Peel responded, "Yes captain. I'll try to get as close as I can."

"Be careful Commander," Cronin said and nodded to dismiss her from the Bridge.

Peel rose from her chair, walked to the turbolift and proceeded to take the turbolift to the main shuttle bay.

Moments passed into minutes, many minutes and then soon they were in range. Cronin sighed. "Okay everyone, stay sharp. Fire! Lets make them regret dumping here."

An assortment of weapons fire flew at everyone and in a few missed directions, thankfully none hit the Theta radiation clouds nearby or the tanks on the freighters for if those explode: Problems for all. That thought crossed Cronin's mind followed by the next one that he doubted the Malon were that afraid of exposure, as long as they lived they'd be okay with it.

"We sustained 4 hits to the shields. Shields at 97%, emergency on standby, captain." reported Nova.

Nova checked his console. "The runabout received a glancing damage detected."

The Malon's spatial charged beams shot out towards both the Baxial and Pioneer from different gun ports along their hull from both freighters as they moved sluggishly to head away from the Galaxy class explorer. It was a far greater threat then the Talaxian's ship, and they seemed to have just realised that.

Though that didn't stop them from firing back nor venting as they went.

"Port shield down to 68%. Minor damage to primary hull. Damage control teams enroute." Nova reported.

"Helm, protect our port side." Cronin called and as several more hits occurred, the crew enjoyed some shaking at each impact, after he turned to Lieutenant Sprint. "Tactical, is it possible to sever the tanks from their ships?"

Corus made a 'huh' sound. "Maybe the lower tanks but not the tanks above Captain. We'd have to be very precis in our fire to break the frame for those tanks."

"See what you can do Lieutenant as well as targeting their weapons emplacements." Cronin said, as the Pioneer received another pummel from Malon fire, shaking the crew a bit. He turned to the viewscreen again. "Ops get me an update from the runabout and away team please?"

"Bringing emergency power online to firm up the shields." Nova checked his console. "The runabout is proceeding to the Malon ship. They have been hit by weapons fire, but their shields are holding."

"Taking some fire but still proceeding to target," Rogers answered over the comms channel. "Sprint, concentrate your fire on the forward shields, we'll be doing the same. We need to bring those down for insertion."

He hated it when channels get closed before an acknowledgement can be said but it was a battle situation so Corus focused on directing the Pioneer's main phaser arrays, as well as the ones on the Nacelles and struts as the ship allowed using them safely, at the Malon freighter that his superior labelled as lead at which their runabout was also firing on.

It took several strikes and at the same sections of the enemy shields to make them weaken as it seemed that the Malon weren't as advanced as the Federation was for their shielding buckled. The entire forward shield was gone and so was the port side a moment or two later before starboard collapsed several moments after that.

"They are repairing their generators," Corus reported as he could now scan inside their freighter's hull, well except for the tanks due to radiation. "The Baxial is taking advantage of the situation as well," he added with a smile as the Talaxian ship fired.

Cronin frowned. "Tell the Ambassador that we are sending a team over."

It was just a few moments too late as the Baxial‘s projectiles sped towards the Malon freighter. The projectiles were almost seconds to impact and it looked like at several key structural locations as Cronin watched in horror for his away team.

Hopefully the away team would see this and 'bug out' as it were before the freighter will explode, Cronin heard Sprint report that he'd sent the message to the Talaxian a moment later.

=/\="Pi----er,"=/\= Rogers's voice came across communications directed at both the ship and the shuttle. =/\="S---- -- ---m --t, n--!"=/\=

As the crew of the Pioneer were distracted by the small explosions on the lead freighter, the other snagged the Baxial in a tractor beam as the Talaxian ship flew away. They had sent an apology and a welcome message but it got disrupted suddenly. Sadly any other transmissions got swallowed by the radiation as it was dumped directly into the Pioneer’s path with no time to avoid it.

"Captain, the other freighter just caught the Baxial in a tractor and is running. They just expelled a burst of radiation to cover their ass." Corus reported with haste. The radiation cloud already surrounding the Pioneer and disrupting the communications receivers so it barely picked up the away team transport call.

Could this get any worse? It looks like one freighter was going to blow and now the other has Ambassador Neelix and fleeing. "Helm follow them full impulse, Ops open the Bussard Collectors, =/\=Bridge to Engineering, get ready for more Theta radiation cloud to purify I've ordered the collectors to pull it in,=/\=" Cronin called as he quickly widened his stance as several more spatial charged energy beams made impacts to the Pioneer's shielding, they did make the ship rock about but since Nova buffed them up they held.

=/\= "Aye, captain. Give me a minute to do a little energy juggling,” =/\= Riss said with an annoyed, low growl over the comm system, a console beeping with some urgent annoyance in the background. =/\=“Efficiency in the conversion chambers dropped pretty significantly when we switched from main to emergency power to bolster shields.” =/\= A moment later the insistent chirp of whatever console stopped, blessedly granting some measure of peace to the open line.

"I can't fire sir, I'll hit the cloud!" Corus announced with frustration in his tone.


The ship shuddered, releasing a groan of protest at the strain. Tail lashing to help her keep her upright, the Caitian strode to the central console, fingers dancing over the panels in an effort to restore the delicate energy balance that was being so rudely disrupted. How, in the name of all things good and happy in this universe, were they supposed to maintain their ship’s best efficiency as well as that of collection and conversion in this mess? The thought was borne more out of irritation than any kind of desperation, though, as a quick, albeit temporary, solution presented itself.

With a huff of frustration, lip pulled up in a small snarl, Lieutenant Riss pulled up some information on secondary systems that were not in use: the Holodeck grids, a couple of specialized scanners that had only ever been on standby in the past week, even a set or two of crews quarters that were not assigned to anyone and hadn’t been accessed since they’d started their journey… Well, those few things could do without power for a short while. Clearly, it was needed elsewhere.

A few taps and power was easily diverted, giving a welcomed boost to the resources she currently had at her disposal. Artfully rerouted, the energy from those systems was put toward the conversion chambers, and the appropriate pieces of the power grid isolated so they wouldn’t be affected by whatever else might be going on. “There.” With a defiant punch of finger to console, conversion was fully back online as they entered the cloud. She tapped her combadge. =/\= “Engineering to Bridge, we’re good to go down here, captain.”=/\=



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