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Let's Get To Know Each Other, Part 2

Posted on Sun Feb 27th, 2022 @ 5:19am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories


Nova looked at the captain. "One Borg ship almost wiped out the entire fleet, sir."

"Yes, and now we are far better prepared for the Borg." Cronin replied with a smirk. "There are far more dangerous species and there may be more that weren't encountered by Voyager." He added though the smirk had dampened into a smile. "The Talaxian colony is far from Borg space so we will be safe."

"They do have the transwarp corridors, sir.....that makes them a threat anywhere." Nova responded.

This guy must be extremely scared of the Collective, Cronin thought, well who isn't but still they haven't launched an attack on the Federation in 20 years and thanks to the Voyager crew; Starfleet is quite prepared for an attack with the transphasic torpedoes and ablative hull armour generators, although both has been classified as well as the replication patterns distribution tightly regulated in order to keep any of it out of enemies hands. Though Janeway's report about her double from the future leaving stealth technology in Borg hands is unsettling but then Collective tactics hasn't really used stealth. Not to mention they probably already have assimilated both Romulan and Klingon, as well as any other species that had developed, cloaking technology, so if they were to use it the Federation would already have been assimilated by now. Cronin immediately stopped himself from thinking any further on this and gestured at Nova. "Commander, what would you have me do? Advise we launch an assault against the Collective?” He asked in a stressed tone, “until they actually attack I suggest you focus on your duties and try to enjoy yourself. If you wish to work on tactics and plans regarding the Borg Collective I will review them in private with you. I will point out that there is a Cooperative of former Borg that likely occupies former Collective space, I hope you will accept them as allies when we meet them?" He asked with a pointed look at the Operations Chief.

"I will accept any species as allies, if they earn it, sir. I'm not afraid of the Borg, sir." He nodded to the captain. "I would appreciate reviewing those plans, sir." Nova responded.

Cronin nodded. "Trust is earned indeed, don't worry. I heard that the command team of the project will be assessing those that Voyager's crew befriended and putting in place more security precautions for both our safety and theirs. I'm not privy to those yet but I will be probably when we get to establish our base of operations." He wished some of the former Voyager crew were coming back with the task force, who knows they might at the last minute.

"Well sir....I will, of course, follow any orders you the best of my abilities." Nova replied.

"Oh Devan, I didn't get a chance to thank you properly for recommending Emma, thank you." Cronin said with a smile then narrowed one eye at him. "Did you perhaps have ulterior motive for getting me to bring her along hey?" He asked playfully, though Emma was there.

Rogers was loathe to interrupt the conversation the captain was having with the two others, two he hadn't yet met. In truth, of course, he just didn't want to engage socially with those he didn't know unless he had to do so. But, as this was supposed to be a 'mixer' he figured it was an implied order for those in attendance to engage with others.

"If I may, sirs," he said, indicating the captain, "ma'am," the commander. "The problem with conflicts with the Borg have been our complete reliance on energy based weaponry which allows the Borg to quickly adapt then overcome. I've long held that Starfleet needs to begin looking at kinetic based weaponry." Rogers took a sip of his tea. "Even though I recognize how insanely impractical that is on a starship level. However, on a personal weapon viewpoint, the new Gauss-Phaser rifles we've been able to appropriate for this mission is going to prove very beneficial I believe."

"Lieutenant," Cronin greeted. "There's also the TR-116s as well, actual projectiles, adapt to that." He smirked, he had to look into these new Gauss-Phaser rifles, he wasn't in the know on all experimental weapons nor tactics but then he knew the fleet leaders would inform him when they got there or maybe before they reached Borg space. Cronin certainly hoped so.

"Aye, Captain," Rogers said. "I'm not a hundred percent familiar with the 116s, but we already have a training schedule set up that includes training on the weapons. It uses a chemical basis to propel a metal slug if I remember correctly. I understand the Gauss helps to correct some of the perceived flaws of the 116s in that regard. Though both are better to have in hand for Borg attacks. At least until the Borg decide to make personal deflection shields standard drone issue."

Cronin frowned. "All Borg drones have personal shields, though it may take a while for them to adapt to the 116s if we keep on top of projectile design." He said with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, Commanders," Rogers said just then realizing that he'd interrupted their conversation and failed to introduce himself. That was, he knew, indicative of his personality - something Glenn and Katherine tried to train out of him - that he automatically ignored the small talk and pleasantries of social interaction in order to get to a valid point. "I'm Second Lieutenant Christian Rogers, MACO Team Lead and assistant SecChief. I'll further apologize in that I've not yet memorized all officers aboard the ship yet - it's pretty large - and so, though I've a feeling I should be familiar with you both, I am not."

Nova responded. "Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova, Ops. And this is Commander Emma Peel, first officer." Peel nodded.

Pretty hungry all of a suddenly Cronin made his way over to the buffet tables leaving his officers to their introductions. He grabbed a few things and ate quietly. Ailig came to his side and got some food himself, "everything going to plan?" He asked.

Cronin groaned then hummed in some sort of answer. Ailig laughed and they continued to eat.

"Commanders," Rogers said as he watched the captain leave their group and head to the food table. It would be his luck that he would run into the first officer and captain all in one go...and him here in his utilities. Well, as he thought previously, they needed to get used to the idea of having Marines aboard. "Interesting expedition we've signed up for, isn't it?"

Nova looked at the lieutenant. "Yes it is, Lieutenant. I wonder what we'll come across on our travels."

"Shock, surprise, amazement and things that maybe no other Federation person has seen. As well as much of what the Voyager saw and discovered," Rogers said with a shrug. "Probably some hard times and danger as well."

"I hope this will be a smooth journey...but in all likelihood, it won't be." Peel sipped her drink.

"If you'll excuse me, Commanders," he said shaking his empty glass to signify he was going to go get a refill. He did go to the table and refill his glass, but then pulled out his PaDD to check for any new messages or anything that might require his attention. Or he could use as an excuse to leave this gathering.

Cronin excused himself from his husband and made his way back to Peel and Nova. Before he could speak however came an announcement, =/\="Captain and First Officer please report to the bridge."=/\=

He sighed as he glanced over at Emma. "Well I guess we are needed," Cronin said, though he kept his plate of foods as he gestured for his First Officer to led the way before he turned back to the crowd. "Carry on and unless you are actually called for, I highly suggest you all continue to mix and mingle here." It wasn't an order but it sure sounded like one. He smirked as he turned to the exit with Emma.

Peel followed the captain out of the room.

Rogers checked his PaDD and, it was a stretch but he could consider a message from Sergeant Brownell regarding a minor problem that he could easily handle as an "emergency" which gave him the chance to leave the gathering. He took it.



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