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The Malon

Posted on Thu Dec 2nd, 2021 @ 6:26am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "What A Mess"


Elsewhere -> Security Office

"Are you getting these same readings?" Rogers asked Heinschmidt as he stared at the display on the tricorder. Though the sensors in the area were reading levels well within safe limits, the tricorder was not.

"Yes, Lieutenant," Heinschmidt answered as he glanced around. A beep indicated the information on the ill security officer's movements arrived. According to the tracking data, he'd remained within his posted area. But he had the same concerns as the security second - sensors read nominal radiation levels while the tricorder registered much higher levels. He turned his scanning device onto the sensor itself. Then breathed a heavy sigh. "The sensor has to be malfunctioning."

Rogers nodded, thinking the same as the petty officer. Which was a relief. He'd much rather a ship sensor was at fault than his security officers. "Contact Ops and have them get a replacement on the pronto. Make sure they're aware it's a high radiation area. You and I are headed for Medical - Medbay -" he corrected himself regarding the terminology the CMO wanted used, "for a booster on radiation protocols."

He tapped his commbadge. "Rogers to Wyrick."

Tamsin was about to answer though began to sway on her feet, the relief Security officer who was manning one of the back wall stations turned around having not heard his superior reply. He quickly jumped over to catch Tamsin before she collapsed. "Chief!" Lieutenant JG Corus Sprint called worried.

The commotion attracted the nearby bridge crew, Cronin included and he glanced back. "Quick, get her to the Medbay," he ordered, a medical officer at the wall consoles was already doing just that, Corus got Tamsin's arm onto the medical officer's shoulder and they were in the turbolift in seconds.

Unfortunately just before battle Corus couldn't leave the Bridge so he manned Tactical, though his concern for his superior still on his face as he checked the ship's tactical status. He recalled Roger's voice and tapped at his combadge. =/\= Sprint to Rogers, sorry Lieutenant but Chief Wyrick has been taken to Medbay, she fainted. Don't worry Medical has her. What can I do for you sir? =/\=

"Shit," Rogers muttered as he heard the news that the SecChief was being transported to Medbay. And if she were unable to answer for herself, that put her out of commission. "On my way to the Bridge," he answered Sprint then started running.


Indeed, the radiation clouds were scattered and many of them, well as far as the viewscreen showed the bridge crew. An alert sounded indicating weapons fire from beyond the first series of clouds.

Nova's console started beeping. "Captain. Registering weapons fire near the planet."

"Is it Malon?" Cronin asked as he got to his feet and took a few steps towards Ops and Helm.

"Confirmed, it is Malon weapons signatures. 1, no 2 Malon freighters have appeared from behind the planet, sir." Nova checked his console. "There is a third ship behind's the Braxial, sir!"

Well they were going to encounter Malon eventually. It was too late to call for assistance from Delta base or the Eureka as they had the colony to defend. Cronin growled. “Battle stations! Shields up, charge weapons, helm switch to combat speeds, Commander Peel could you see to civilian affairs? Let’s help Ambassador Neelix.”

Peel nodded. "Aye sir."

Nova started assigning power to the various defensive systems and weapons. Emergency power was on standby.

Elsewhere -> Security Office

"What the hell?" Rogers exclaimed as the alert sounded. Instinctively he broke into a run while activating his commbadge. "Rogers to Brownell," he said and then waited for the microsecond for the channel to open to the other man. "Activate MACO and stations."

"Already alerted the team, Lieuteanant," Brownie said over the line, "your equipment is waiting on your arrival."

Rogers nodded as he picked up speed, wanting to run faster but as the alert sounded the halls were suddenly full of personnel moving to their battle stations. He was aware of Heinschmidt keeping pace with him and wondered if he was slowed that much or if Heinschmidt was up to PT standards. "Good job, Brownie," he said. Then calling over his shoulder, "Heinschmidt, in the higher tactical areas MACO will take point and security will fall under them. Make sure other areas are guarded and pull regular security from the tactical areas as necessary."

"Aye, Lieutenant," Heinschmidt answered. Rogers and he burst into a turbolift just as the doors were closing. Rogers ordered a security override to get the two of them to the security complex first. Wyrick was on the Bridge and would have most likely stayed there to direct security operations during the battle and oversee use of the ship's weaponry and tactics. His normal duty station now would be the Bridge. He didn't believe the Malon had the capability of penetrating their shields and boarding the ship but he wouldn't take that chance and wanted the ship and crew protected as best they could. But now he had to step up into the Chief's role and direct security operations. Unless some other emergency happened that required them to deploy off-ship. A small part of him hoped that would be the case. He wanted the honor of first combat boarding of the expedition.


"Tactical analysis," Cronin called as the helmsman's hands flew across the station's display. The Pioneer was still out of range but closing the distance, so there was time to strategize and all hands to get to their battlestations.

Corus had seen the scan results on his station, Tamsin had been ready for the question and clearly waiting. "They seem to still only have spatial charges but there are emitters along their hull that suggest they may have developed sustained spatial charged beams." He reported, more concerned then before and not just about Commander Wyrick.

"I see, do what you can to keep shields up Lieutenant," Cronin said as he offered Corus a smile before turning back to the viewer. "Status of the Braxial Commander Nova?" Cronin asked Ops.

"Engines are stable, but life support, shields and weapons are on reserves, sir." Nova reported.

"Can we transfer power to them?" Cronin asked as he watched the battle.

"Yes sir, but we would have to modify the tractor beams, sir." Nova answered, his eyes on his console.

"Please do so," Cronin instructed and continued to watch the battle.

The freighters' controllers, as Voyager's logs labelled the Malon commanders as, seemed focused on dealing with Neelix but the Braxial is small and quick. It avoided direct hits some of the time but it seemed to have sustained damage.

Braxial was moving like a buzzing insect around the freighters, firing a range of weaponry as they passed certain sections of the freighter. The Bridge crew watched the battle as Pioneer got closer. Cronin had a thought. Maybe I should have the runabouts launch as well and join in? He kept that idea on standby.


Hannah grinned as the Medbay tricorders all showed they were back online. It was Ericksen that noticed a minor change in protocols that were initiated by the CMO. It wasn't much and overall shouldn't have affected the ship's systems allowing the tricorders to connect. However, Hannah's equipment wasn't connected to the system when the changes were made so they weren't subject to the protocol change. When he tried to connect his diagnostic glove it then 'froze'. Because it's considered the same as a tricorder, that protocol irregularity then closed down the entirety of the tricorder systems. Once he shut down his systems the others came back online. All that was required then, was to do a soft reboot of Hannah's systems and have them update with the new protocol.

Which just finished when the red alert system sounded.

"Just in time," Hannah muttered to Ericksen as he grabbed his pack and shouldered it quickly. His HUD came online and showed connections with his diagnostic equipment and wrist mounted PaDD. "Watch yourself down here," he said, as he tightened the straps on his pack and ensured that his rifle was still holstered to the pack. "I'll be back once red alert has ended to help out where I can."

"Yeah, when all the real work is already over," Ericksen said with a laugh as Hannah gave him a quick salute as he headed out. Hannah only barely noticed the blonde security chief being brought into Medbay as he made his way out. He considered, briefly, returning to Medbay as the security chief was a high value asset but he had his emergency response orders and he needed to follow those unless changed by a higher authority. "Take good care of her!" he yelled to Erickson over his shoulder.


Hannah rushed into the turbolift and found himself alone with Lieutenant Rogers. He made a quick acknowledgement of his MACO commanding officer and then faced the door and tried to suddenly become cloaked - completely invisible to Rogers. Though the lieutenant didn't bring up their 'argument' except for a single brief meeting two days later, Hannah still felt as if he'd made a complete ass of himself and hadn't yet got over the shame and embarrassment. He'd been doing his best to avoid the lieutenant since then but red alerts always screwed up careful planning.

"Get this latch would you, Petty Officer?" Rogers asked, fighting over one of the side closures on the chest armor he was wearing. Hannah quickly gave his assistance. "Where should you be stationed?" Rogers asked as he felt the armor seal, finally, then checked the telemetry feed onto the clear glasses.

"Bridge, Lieutenant, unless I'm called to a higher priority area with the team."

Rogers only nodded as the turbolift doors opened. He set his bag against the panels next to the turbolift. It contained the remainder of his armor and other equipment that might be needed. He pulled his rifle to a forward ready position while he headed to the tactical station. He noted Hannah taking up the mirror spot on the other side. As a combat medic, Rogers fully trusted in the young corpsman's combat abilities and was comfortable with the young man as his partner at this duty station. Once again, he doubted that there would be a successful incursion of the Pioneer by the Malon, but the point wasn't this battle but setting the standard operating conditions for when it would become a greater certainty. It would also help the crew to feel a sense of calm and security so that they could concentrate on their various functions and not become distracted for their own personal safety.

He went straight to the security officer. "Report," he said, his voice low and quiet but there could be no mistaking the authority he exuded.

Corus Sprint stepped aside and gestured to the tactical station. "We are about to engage the Malon freighters, everything is there for you sir." He replied and headed over to the back of the Bridge where the secondary stations were.


Security and Tactical NPC Lieutenant JG Corus Sprint played by GM


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