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Keeping Operations Running

Posted on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 3:47pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: A Starbase Near Earth
Timeline: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission Stories


Nova, who was already stationed on the station, approached Captain Keys office, and rang the chime, and waited.

It was great that an operations officer was available by the name of Devon Nova, Cronin mused as he was waiting for Nova at the office loaned to him by station personnel. He also had to pick a second officer, that was a more difficult decision.

He heard a chime and smiled. “Come,” Cronin announced.

Nova walked into the room, and stopped at the captain's desk. "Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova, sir."

“You seem like a straight to the point type so I shall get to the point.” He smiled. “My ship is in need of an Operations Chief, though we part of a classified task force known as Project Delta. Our mission is to return to the Delta quadrant and explore. Other objectives that will be revealed when we are actually there.” Cronin began and he gestured to the chair opposite him. “Sit if you wish,” he added.

"Thank you, sir." Nova sat in the chair he indicated. "A return to the Delta quadrant...sounds interesting, sir."

"And dangerous, which is why we are going back with a task force. The Federation Council and Starfleet Command are interested in getting some form of presence there." Cronin continued. "We will be there a lot longer then Voyager was however, so this is completely up to you if you wish to accept or not. If you have any family that wish to join you they may and can contribute, I can give you a day or so to think about it."

"Don't need to think about it, sir...I'm in." Nova responded. "And if you're looking for a first officer, I know of someone who's qualified."

Some had immediately jumped at his offer, Cronin wasn't sure if they would soon come to regret it. It is a dangerous mission to explore the Delta. It was only a matter of time, though it could only be his fears running away with him. He smiled at Devon. "Very well, although I already have an XO who was serving the previous CO. I'd like to meet this someone," he said.

"I'll let her know that you would like to speak with her, sir. I think you will find her very capable for the position." Nova responded.

Cronin nodded then gestured at Devon. "What made you accept straight away?"

"The thrill of the unknown, sir. Voyager covered some territory, but there was still so much left to discover." responded Nova.

"Exactly. Would you like to any specifics of the Project?" Cronin offered with a smile.

"What's our main objective, sir?" Nova responded.

"I shall repeat myself: Our mission is to return to the Delta quadrant and explore. Other objectives that will be revealed when we are actually there. Though there are other obvious things we have to do considering where we are going but the distance to travel is large so many of those things won't be of immediate concern unless they come to us." Cronin explained and sighed. "If you have anything you wish to collect from somewhere I suggest you go do so, unless you have any other questions?"

"No other questions, captain. Will that be all, sir?"

"I has yet to assign Second Officer role, if you are interested, I'd like for a questionnaire to be filled out and sent to me in the next few days. It can be found in the computer after your security clearance and this phrase has been given." Cronin offered an actual folded piece of physical old style paper from a draw in the desk.

Devon took the paper, and looked at it. "I am happy being the Second officer sir, but I do have someone in mind that you will find would do a very good job. We've served together, and I highly recommend her, captain. In fact, she's here on the station."

"Is this the same person you mentioned earlier?" Cronin asked a little confused.

"Yes sir, she is." responded Nova.

"While you consider that questionnaire, I would like to meet this person, would you like to call her or may I?" Cronin asked with a half smile.

"I'll contact her, sir. And I'm sure she'll be in touch very quickly. And sir," he looked at the captain, "I will look at that questionnaire."

Cronin nodded, "dismissed and I'll see you aboard," he said then smiled.



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