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Let's Get To Know Each Other, Part 1

Posted on Wed Oct 13th, 2021 @ 4:43pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: Conference Room/Observation Lounge, Deck 1
Timeline: Pre-Mission 1


All his senior staff should be on the ship or arriving within the hour so Cronin left instructions for the chiefs to be informed to come to the Observation Lounge once they had checked in with Medical. Of course after they had left their bags in their quarters too. It wouldn't look good to have bags everywhere. He smirked at that thought.

One great thing about Project Delta was that each ship could recruit a few chefs, Cronin had immediately contacted a few he knew that weren't fully working yet and they all had agreed to come along. The chance to experience what the Delta quadrant had to offer in terms of ingredients and therefore what they could make from, seemed to have them all excited.

Cronin was glad to have them, this allowed for the crew to have fresh foods and save on replicator resources.

One of the chefs had accepted Cronin's request to prepare a welcome buffet for his senior officers and most of it was still being delivered to the Observation Lounge and hospitality attendants coming and going as well as arranging things while Cronin waited.

That's when Ailig Keys arrived and he was excited to have all the senior officers meet each other, though he wasn't one, Cronin had asked him to come anyway since they are married. Might as well have them all aware of it before they start their journey. "Well everything looks nice so far," Ailig said as he embraced Cronin.

"So far," Cronin agreed. "Imzadi, how goes the preparations for launch?"

Ailig smiled. "You worry too much, all is on schedule even though most departments don't have a chief onboard yet. I'm grateful that the McKinley Station chiefs are helping us out and I told them as much on your behalf."

"Thank you," Cronin said with a smile. "I wonder how they well they will interact with each other."

A laugh escaped Ailig. "Well they really have no choice now that they accepted your offer," he laughed some more.

"Oh," Cronin chuckled a little but sobered up. "Let's not scare them away regardless okay Imzadi?" Cronin gave a pleading look.

"Oh alright but later is another story." Ailig conceded with a smirk.

"Thank you." Cronin hugged Ailig and they separated, they quickly made an inspection of the lounge and chatted with the attendants while they waited as everything seemed to be in order.


The notification arrived while Rogers and the rest of MACO were gathered and in line waiting to be processed for onboarding. A few groups of Fleeters from various departments were ahead of them. Some where already serving together, like Rogers and his team, others meeting for the first time and some waiting individually. Ops were doing their best to process the new arrivals quickly and efficiently but it was still slow going. For MACO, however, it was time to try to get to know their sudden and unexpected replacement in the form of Lance Corporal Bradley Warren, a communications and technology specialist who specifically requested the assignment. Since his uncle was Captain Sarkasian, Rogers wasn’t too surprised to discover he got the assignment. Not that, Rogers imagined, too many others were clamoring to join a seven year assignment away from their home quadrant.

“Problems, Lieutenant?” Brownie asked as he shifted a few steps forward. He, like the others on the team, were taking just two bags each. One of necessary combat and duty equipment and the other of clothing and personal effects. His large hands had also grabbed Rogers’s bags as they moved forward.

“Invitation to a Senior Staff luncheon, taking place now,” Rogers said, not realizing his face and body language said more about how he felt about the ‘invitation’ than he meant to send out. “Take over here and get the team settled. I’ll catch up with you after.” With that, he left his place in line and went to the head for processing so he could make his way to the Observation Lounge. At the very least, it would give him a chance to meet the SecChief and XO early rather than put it off.

Observation Room, Deck 1

Rogers arrived only to find out that his haste wasn’t as necessary as he’d first believed.

“Captain,” he said, looking around the room. The empty room.

Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova walked into the Observation Room, and looked around. He saw the Marine standing there. "This is the correct time for the luncheon, lieutenant?"

Rogers shrugged, "I believe so, Commander." He looked around the room and the staff still setting up what appeared to be a buffet table. "But, if the Marines have arrived, it must be time for chow."

Cronin and Ailig were talking near the corner next to the windows. The buffet tables covered in foods and drinks lined the windows wall, an attendant at each end ready to start serving or fetching replacement foods and drinks when needed. Cronin noticed Rogers and Nova enter, they began talking to each other, so he waited for a little bit though it would be easier to wait for the rest of the senior staff.

If they approached him he'd welcome them.

Commander Emma Peel entered a moment later. Peel saw Nova and walked over to him. "Long time no see."
"It has been awhile. You're looking the same since the last time...still beautiful." Nova responded.
"And your still full of it." Peel said.
Nova smiled, "But it is still nice to see you, again."
Peel didn't respond. "We should go and meet the captain."

Quarters of Lt. Cmder Tamsin Wyrick, CSO/CTO, Deck (TBD)

Tamsin Wyrick, in the mean time, had been down in her quarters, seeing to the stowing of more of her gear. She had left her homeworld in something of a hurry, having spent barely two hours putting together a kit to last her a few days aboard ship, planning to handle everything else once they'd made it to Earth Station McKinley. To her surprise, given the haste in which she had left Izar, and the state of relations with her family, a shipment had arrived earmarked for her. A few small cargo transport containers, mostly of clothing a few personal affects, with a note from her brother, informing her that larger objects had been placed into storage. Apparently her ex had decided to liquidate the house and its contents within two days of Tamsin leaving the planet, and her brother had bothered to salvage what he could.

While that went quite a ways to mending some of the bad blood with between her and her brother, the lack of response from her parents, and the actions of her ex, only reinforced her desire to put a quadrant between them and herself. With that anger simmering beneath the surface, Tamsin had hauled the containers up to her quarters (rather plush, all things considered, certainly nicer than anything she'd had prior to this on shipboard assignment), and had left the containers there until she'd managed to find a break in her schedule.

As it stood, she had just hung her prized cooking wok up on a over head rack she had installed earlier during her break, when the comm chimed, summoning her to the observation lounge for the luncheon.

"Probably didn't have time for this right now anyways," she muttered to herself, stepping around to grab the mustard yellow uniform jacket and sling it back over her shoulders. She'd been fully reinstated by the time she'd arrived aboard ship, and had been issued a new uniform by the quartermaster. It was of a newer style than she was used to, as the Quartermaster Generals officer of Starfleet Command had seen fit to update the design (again) while she was on reserve status, teaching at the Tactical School back on Izar. Assuring herself that it would look 'normal' to her right about the time they made it to the Delta Quadrant, she hurried off.

Observation Lounge, Deck 01

Ducking into the room, Tamsin saw that she wasn't the last one to arrive, but she certainly wasn't the first. She recognized the Captain, and his husband, of course, and the man in the marine green's was at least somewhat familiar, as she'd read his service record. The other faces were new to her. Giving a small tug on the bottom of her jacket, she pasted a smile on her face and headed toward her CO. "Glad to see I'm not the last one to the party. I barely feel like I've had the time to get my feet under me here. Be a shame to start this off on the wrong one." She wiggled a foot for emphasis.

"Nothing wrong with being last Commander," Cronin replied, "this isn't a race." He smirked at the wrong foot gesture. "Even if anyone did, we have a long journey to get to know each other better." He smiled at Tamsin and then looked around the room.

It seemed that nearly all of them were here, Cronin smiled as they all gravitated to him on their own. "Welcome to our little get together. The launch is soon and I'm glad you all accepted my offer, as with many I had contacted. Some were reassigned by order of Starfleet Command but that's all part of the job." He said and took a quick breather. "Next to me is food and drinks so for the next couple of hours we will mix and mingle, get to know one another as we will be together for a long-ish time. I will have a full crew gathering maybe a day or so before we launch so keep that in mind as you meet those in your departments. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do speak up, let's get this started." Cronin announced, though he hadn't seen the Caitian yet so he hoped she'd join them soon.

Several hours? Rogers thought in sheer exasperation as realized the 'horror' of spending several hours stuck in a 'luncheon' with people he really didn't know and, so far as he knew at the moment, had very little in common. That time could be better spent on getting his teams set up and getting to know the security department better. He brought out his PaDD and sent a message to Sergeant Brownell, updating Brownie on his continued absence as well as further orders. Having done that, he pocketed the PaDD and meandered over to the buffet tables to peruse the food selections while also surreptitiously studying those around the room, trying to get a feel for them. The biggest 'surprise' so far was the obvious closeness between the captain and the man standing next to him, also in a Fleeter uniform. Some sort of intimate relationship there? That was something he wanted to discover sooner rather than later as it would alter dynamics when it came to department meetings/resource allocation and other interactions where the unfamiliar man was concerned.

Other than that, everyone else seemed to only know the captain and no one else at the moment. So they were on the same footing. While checking out the room, and trying to decide what to start with on the food selection, he stopped one of the passing wait staff. "Is there plain, unsweetened ice tea?"

"Certainly, sir," the server stated as he indicated the proper beverage container. Rogers thanked him and filled a cup. He wasn't overly hungry, but one thing combat missions taught him was to eat when he could, it could always become necessary to fast due to emerging conditions. Still, protocol demanded the Captain be served first.

Peel and Nova walked over to the captain. "Allow me to introduce myself, sir, Commander Emma Peel." then she pointed to Nova, "and this is Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova, Operations Chief."

"It seems you two know each other?" Cronin asked with a half smirk. "I'm glad to have you both, as before when I offered you your positions I am Captain Cronin Keys and this is my husband Lieutenant Ailig Keys. He is nightshift supervisor and helmsman." He introduced.

"Nice to meet you both," Ailig added with a smile and offered his hand to Emma first then to Devon.

Peel took the captain's hand then his husbands. "We served together before."

Nova then shook both their hands. "Nice to meet you, captain...lieutenant."

"How long did you two serve together?" Ailig asked with a smile.

"About 5 years, over various starships or bases." Peel responded.

Cronin nodded. "Interesting, if either of you don't mind sharing some of your adventures with me and Ailig sometime, would love to hear."

Nova smiled. "We'd be happy to, captain, but you both find the stories...a little boring."

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Commander,” Cronin said then smiled. “So have you read Voyager’s logs?”

Nova nodded. "We reviewed them last night, sir. Hopefully we can do with the Borg coming after us."

Cronin blinked, “you read 7 years of logs in one night?”

Nova nodded. "I read most of Voyager's logs when they returned home. So I was able to assist Commander Peel with the logs, sir."

Peel smiled. "He was very helpful, captain."

"Ah." Cronin said with a smirk. He went serious. "Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas as to deal with the threats Voyager had? Though we will have plenty of time to discuss this at length but it will be good to have some plans in development. Thankfully we will meet up with Ambassador Neelix and he can fill us in on what has happened, well what he has seen or heard about." He smiled again at the bright side of things.

"My main concern would be running into the Borg while we're there. I know there hasn't been a sighting for years, but they could just be rearming themselves, captain." Peel responded.

Cronin nodded slowly. "It is a concern of Starfleet Command and the Federation Council as well." He said, "though considering what Admiral Janeway did to them; killed their queen, destroyed one of their transwarp hubs and the primary unacomplex, oh and lets not forget about a good portion of the Collective regaining their individuality aka those from Unimatrix Zero. I have serious doubts the Borg are what they once were, the Cooperative could have replaced the old regime."

He smiled. "I am looking forward to meeting the Cooperative, and all the other friendly species. What are you all looking forward to?"

Nova nodded. "Certainly not the Borg or the Kazon."

"Don't worry we won't be alone like Voyager was." Cronin attempted at a pep talk.


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