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Collection Update

Posted on Mon Jul 26th, 2021 @ 3:50pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant JG R'naya Riss
Edited on on Mon Jul 26th, 2021 @ 3:53pm

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Engineering
Timeline: After "Clean Up Crew" Before "What A Mess"


Cronin entered via the turbolift and looked around as he took another sip of his caramel raktajino, he could smell the caramel on the bottom of the mug and grumbled. He headed for the Chief Engineer's Office as the wall just before it had probably the only replicator in the whole room.

Many of the engineers greeted him and Cronin smiled at them all with a nod at each one, he noticed they did relax once he had past them. He was the Captain afterall. "Computer, standard teaspoon please," he ordered as he approached the replicator.

A spoon appeared after the chirp and he picked it up, put it into his Klingon coffee and stirred it, the caramel smell now reaching his nose mixing with the raktajino's original scent itself. "That's better, now to find Lieutenant Riss." He muttered and looked around for her.

More status reports. Joy. The Caitian engineer shook her head roughly, one ear flicking as she picked up on the sound of tools clanking about outside. She felt as if she might go cross-eyed staring at her PADD so much. With a sigh, she tapped in a command and pulled up the most recent report on collection and conversion, finding that the small alterations made had increased efficiency by…point zero-seven percent. Well, it was something. If even a minute ahead of schedule, it was one less minute to be out on this monotonous task.

A request came through asking to redistribute energy for those continued sensor sweeps, and, with a spark of joy at having more to do herself, she sprung from her desk, tail twitching in anticipation. It was a quick and simple enough task, no sense bothering anyone else for it when she’d be able to complete it within a few minutes. She’d just have to juggle the request among the other pulls on reserves, and that brand of balancing act was one she knew well. Having been babysitting progress reports for the past several hours, getting her hands on the machinery would be a welcomed break.

With a happy purr, she ducked out of her office and to the required station and sliding the access panel out of the way. Making quick work of the power redistribution through the sensor array, she found she’d finished the task much quicker than she’d anticipated. Well, so much for a small diversion. With a sigh, she stood from where she’d knelt at the console, slid the panel back in place, and started in on her standard rounds of the department when the almost sickeningly sweet smell of caramel wafted to her.

One lip curled, revealing a sharp-toothed smile, and she padded toward where she knew the someone with a liking for a particular Klingon coffee must be waiting. Turning the corner, the smile turned into a toothy grin as she found the captain stirring a raktajino outside her office.

She purred, glad for further diversion. “Good day, Captain. What brings you down to my little hunk of the ship? Surely not just coffee…”

"Lieutenant," Cronin greeted, he gestured back the way he had come. "How goes the Theta radiation conversion to energy?" He asked.

With a helpless gesture somewhere between a wave and a shrug, Riss sighed. “Well, it goes. It goes right on schedule, at best, a minute or two faster.” She nodded back toward her office and the reports waiting for review on the console within. “Energy is only going to convert as fast as it wants to convert. If I could make it go any faster, we’d have been out of here an hour ago.”

Absently picking up a PADD, she gestured for the captain to sit, and she pulled up a visual of the data on the screen, passing it off to him as she sat. Everything had been plugging along as expected. Collection had kept up at a steady pace, conversion, too. To her satisfaction, the energy demands of the various scans science had been running had been met without sacrificing efficiency, meaning they at least wouldn’t be out here longer than expected.

"Don't forget to put as much as possible into portable generators that we are going to be giving to the Talaxians, please, I already asked the Eureka to do the same so three-quarters of the converted radiation about the area will go to the Talaxians. We will keep the last quarter for our troubles." Cronin said with a smile. "Though I suspect you may have to be prepared to stop collection and conversion at a moment's notice should the Malon, which is who I believe are responsible according to Admiral Janeway's logs, return to dump more." A sigh escaped him as he couldn't wait to deal with them.

“Oh, trust me, I remember.” Riss said with a small growl at the whole situation. While the energy was welcome, and needed, the tedious process was beginning to wear on the Caitian. “Honestly, I’ll just be glad when this whole mess is taken care of.”

Lips pursed at the mention of the Malon. The last thing this mission needed was to be caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. From what she could easily recall based on the logs and files she had checked, the potential reactions to finding a starfleet vessel out here freely taking their discarded waste for energy conversion could only result in trouble. With a grim twitch of her nose, Riss responded with a curt nod. “Aye captain.”

Having to stop the conversion process with little to no knowledge ahead of time would be unpleasant at best. Though she’d already been over many of the potential scenarios that could result from doing so, she didn’t want to dwell on that possibility any more than was necessary. Collection, conversion, and storage…if any of those major parts of the process were interrupted, it would result in not only loss of time and resources, especially if they had to dump anything unconverted that they’d already picked up, but it could leave the crew even more exposed to harmful radiation than they already were. “We should be good to go, though let’s hope we don’t have to do that.”

"Excellent, thank you Lieutenant. I'll do my best to give you as much warning as possible," Cronin said, he did a casual salute as he excused himself. "Keep up the great work," he added then left. He made his way towards the turbolift elsewhere on the deck, there wasn't a hurry to return to the bridge, yet.


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