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Posted on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 1:22am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Captain Kathryn Flower & Captain Bonnie Kin & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin]
Edited on on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 11:57am

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: USS Wenjia and USS Aurora
Timeline: 5 Weeks Prior to Launch


USS Aurora, Bridge

Commander Cronin Keys stood by the Ops station staring out into the starfield as the Vesta-class starship was on its way back from a mission to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for final Slipstream drive evaluation and review of all systems.

It was good as the USS Wenjia was scheduled to be there as well for Fleet Support Modules reconfiguration. Of course only the senior staff and engineering crews of both ships knew what was going on, the rest of the crew were in the dark as utmost secrecy was needed.

Though Captain Kin had been kind enough to say that they would be soon on a brand new adventure together, to those who didn't know about Project Delta, and since all the conflict the Federation had seen so far, pretty much everyone wanted to get back to exploration.

Cronin wondered how the Wenjia's latest test of the Slipstream drive went, the last test the Aurora did was last week and most of the crew had been granted shore leave so they wouldn't be involved. Same thing happened for the Wenjia as most of the crew are on Earth and would pick them up at Mars this coming week. He was planning on requesting his husband be transferred over before this adventure started.

At that moment Captain Bonnie Kin came to stand next to her executive officer. "Commander, I understand the Wenjia will be at the yards as well?" She asked teasing as she knew her friend was just dying to see his husband.

"Yes Captain, looking forward to getting all this preparation done." Cronin said though they both knew that was part of it, well for him at least. He wasn't sure if the Captain was dating anyone, he didn't really want to bring it up as she didn't either.

"As am I Commander, I believe Rear Admiral Ryan and Voyager is docked at the yards. The rest of them are spread out, either on missions or receiving upgrades and refits." Bonnie said, "he wants to have another briefing with all the command teams when the Wenjia has docked." She gave a sigh of annoyance.

Cronin mimicked her and smiled. "I'll grab my book."

They laughed and resumed their chairs at the center of the bridge.

USS Wenjia, Bridge, Nightwatch shift

Lieutenant Ailig Keys was utterly bored as the Insignia-class starship was already underway back to Mars for the Fleet Support Modules to be installed. The Multi-Mission Modules set up apparently was not what the 'brass' wanted for the Wenjia in Project Delta, so Ailig hoped they knew what they were doing.

It was night shift and he was at the helm just staring at the passing starscape. He was excited to be reunited with his husband Cronin who was aboard the Aurora and Starfleet should be giving the Vesta-class starship the final evaluation and systems review to say that the starship was ready for the journey.

Ailig couldn't wait for the Wenjia to be given the same and they could get Project Delta started. He began daydreaming about having been part of Voyager's original crew and participating in their journey.

"Lieutenant." A female voice came from behind him.

Ailig jerked a bit then turned to see Captain Kathryn Flower smiling at him. "Captain what are you doing up?"

"Can't sleep, how are we doing?" Kathryn asked, she slowly walked over to her chair.

"Still 2 weeks away from Mars. That last test took us far and the drive is still recharging, only 40%." Ailig had quickly turned to his console then checked the details before facing Kathryn again, that was what he had seen when he last checked. "I can increase speed to max if you like?"

Kathryn nodded. "Please, that refit is going to take at least 2 weeks."

"Aye," Ailig swiveled his chair around to face the console and tapped at the controls. The ship vibrations seemed to speed up and the shift was noticeable, well to him anyway, and the display read Warp 9.85. The standard maximum cruising speed for the Insignia-class starship. They'd have to drop out after 96 hours to let the drive settle.

Though while out of Warp the Slipstream would charge faster which was good to know. Ailig hoped that the Delta quadrant wouldn't be in a state of warfare that the fleet would be hard pressed to use Slipstream to stay out of harm's way. Especially since only 2 ships would have the drive, the Wenjia and the Aurora.

Kathryn knew soon that Ailig's husband would request for him to join him on the Aurora, the Commander had tried already but it was during the early tests and Rear Admiral Ryan had denied all transfers. He needed both ships stable and focused. "Carry on." She ordered with a smile and began reading a padd.

Ailig went back to staring at the warpscape on the viewer.



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