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What A Waste

Posted on Sat Sep 4th, 2021 @ 4:34pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer & Lieutenant JG R'naya Riss & 2nd Lieutenant Christian Rogers & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: 2 Hours After "Cleaning Up A Mess"



Cronin had returned to the Bridge after consulting with Engineering about the collection, purification of and storage of the Theta radiation. He sat in the command chair and simply watched the bridge crew working. The collection was supposed to be near completion real soon but it seemed that fate had other ideas as sensors beeped like crazy.

Nova turned in this chair. "Captain. We have completed the radiation process."
"Any further orders, captain?"

It seemed rather dramatic for the sensors to go crazy just to let them know that the radiation clouds throughout the immediate area was now collected. Cronin eyed the viewscreen for a few moments with a slight frown before he smiled. "Thank you Commander, let's return to the convoy and escort them to the planet." He said, standing.

There's still the issue of the missing Braxial and Ambassador Neelix. Cronin wondered where he was.

"Setting course back to the convoy, captain." Nova set the course and the ship changed course.

On the upper half deck of the bridge, Tamsin was moving between the primary tactical arc and some of the secondary security stations. While there was plenty that needed to be done, none of it required her complete focus, so she had been letting some of her junior officers handle the tasks, and was 'observing', mostly making a nusance of herself, and thus applying a little pressure to her poor 'minions.'

So of course one of them jumped when a new notification came in. Tamsin had been lurking directly behind the Ensign, and had to repress a smile. She leaned over, placing a hand on his shoulder to keep him in his seat, and read the notification. "Hail coming in from the Eureka, Captain. Shall we pull it up?"

"Yes please, on the main viewscreen thank you." Cronin replied.

"You heard the man, Ensign. On the main screen," she patted him and stepped back, crossing her arms under her bust and glancing between the other officer, and the main screen, as the image before them shifted to reveal the bridge of the other ship.

The male Human/Rigellian Vulcanoid hybrid face of Captain Macklin Cain appeared, he half smiled as their eyes locked onto each other. =/\= "Captain," =/\= Cain greeted.

"Captain," Cronin replied and raised an eyebrow.

=/\= "We have completed our designated clean up area, though I am getting readings of radiation on the other side of the planet as well." =/\= Cain reported.

"Thank you, we'll handle that while you can escort the convoy to the surface." Cronin said, half order half suggestion.

=/\= "Indeed, you can transport to us any additional radiation that you get so we can purify it for the colony." =/\= Cain offered.

"Yes we shall do that, though we will need a relay..."

=/\= "I'll leave that to your engineering crew to deal with Captain, I'll have the colony set up taking all my engineers time. =/\= Cain grinned.

Cronin glared but smiled. "Yes, oh and don't forget to keep an eye out for trouble. Pioneer out," the screen blinked off. Cronin saw Macklin's expression fall a little as the words settled in. It was worth it even though that trouble was probably going to find them considering that the Theta radiation was here already.

"Alright, helm take us to the other side of the planet half impulse. Nova, since Theta is troublesome for sensors do your best to keep an eye out. Tamsin, yellow alert and radiation status for areas of the ship closest to the hull as well as shields up. =/\= Bridge to Engineering, I'm sorry but we have found more radiation, let me know when you are ready for more collection, Medbay, radiation protocols again, we have more to collect. =/\=" Cronin announced and hoped it wasn't too much longer.

As Cronin issued orders, Tamsin moved to implement them. Mostly this involved directing the junior officers still assembled to take care of the tasks, such as raising the shields and sending out the radiation alerts, though the Izarian Security Chief did double check that the Ensign handling the notification cast a wide enough net. Satisfied, she issued the yellow alert herself, and configured a macro to replicate the responses for the radiation levels to her station for cross tracking.

He walked over to Tamsin. "Can you analyze the sensor logs from Voyager's encounter with the Malon freighters and see about what defenses we can muster? The best you can do before we get around the planet." Cronin instructed, though most of the Corps of Engineers had gone over all of the technical logs and expanded on most of what Voyager's crew did to help better defend against the types of weapons the species in the Delta used. Though there was always room for improvement, depending on what class of starship had the upgrades.

Nova programmed Ops sensors to detect any unusual readings.

The blonde woman nodded slowly, crossing her arms over her chest again, a look of deep thought passing over her face. "Checking the logs won't be all that hard. I'll get on it. I'm sure there's some gem that might crop up." A pause, "I may borrow some of the folks from Sciences as well. We have a little time anyways, someone might see something."

Cronin nodded. "Please do, the more eyes the better. Begin charging weapons but we will have to be careful considering the Theta radiation clouds will ignite if phasers pass through them." His expression serious and neutral as he spoke. "If you have any ideas as to how we could attack any hostiles, please do come to me or Commander Peel."

"Roger that, Captain. Soon as we have something," She frowned again, idly bringing the initial chargers up into the massive ships phaser array, switching them to the standby firing settings. "Almost like trying to see through one of the old windstorms back home."

"At least those didn't have radiation," Cronin added then glanced over at her. "Right?"

Nova turned in his seat. "The ship's shields are blocking most of the radiation, but if we encounter heavier amounts, we will all need injections to combat the effects of the radiation."

"Please do make an announcement if we hit greater concentrations of radiation Commander Nova," Cronin said as he watched their progress to the other side of the planet on the viewer.

She'd waited for the Ops Chief to make his report, before shooting Cronin a grin. "Most days they don't," Tamsin noted cryptically.

Nova nodded to the captain. "Aye sir."

Medbay, Deck 12 Saucer Section

"What did you do?" the corpsman asked the other corpsman. The two were huddled in a 'corner' of the department, away from the biobeds and the other Medical staff for the moment.

"I don't know, it just stopped working," PO2 Hannah said, looking at the scanner glove on his left hand. The glasses he wore were still blank, indicating the diagnostic glove wasn't sending information as they should. Nor did any information show up on the secondary wrist display.

"Mine too," PO2 Ericksen whispered back, looking at the display on his folding medical tricorder. "It stopped working the same time yours did."

The two corpsman looked at each other, a dawning horror coming across their faces. "If yours isn't working, and mine isn't working," Hannah whispered as he glanced around Medical. So far no one was saying anything but...

Hannah moved quickly to a counter by a biobed and picked up another tricorder. Its display was blank. As was the second and third he picked up. Ericksen went through three more before the rack was depleted, the tricorders sitting on the counter before them. None of them seemed to be working properly at the moment. "Oh, no," Hannah moaned as he saw one of the senior medical staff walking in their direction.

"So," Keer asked spotting them immediately, "who broke what and what are we doing to fix it? Hard to operate a Medbay if all my equipment is malfunctioning." She wasn't angry at all, just a bit bemused. "I assume it'll be fixed before I actually need a working biobed." She gave them both a long look, her red and white hair bobbing gently as she moved to get a closer look at the readout. Honestly, the last thing they needed was a medical emergency right in the middle of her Medbay not operational. For now, she'd take it easy with the crewmen but she did want her stations operational.

She ran a hand through her loose hair and let out a soft sigh.

"Let's see if we can get repairs done on the double. Is there any way I can assist or is it strictly a technician's job?"

Hannah's heart sank as he recognized the person coming toward them as the chief medical officer by the photo in her personnel records. At least what he was able to access of it with his low clearance. He hadn't yet officially met her but he looked forward to that meeting. What he was able to see of her accomplishments, she was someone worthy of learning from. And yet, here he was, meeting her for the first time after he was involved in creating a problem with the equipment. What would she ever think of him after this? Would she even let him back into Medical ever again?

"No, ma'am, Doctor, ma'am," he said, tripping over his own words as he tried to sound confident and reassuring. Shaking his head, he decided he might as well put in a transfer request to some assignment he could get. Perhaps as a mate on a refuse freighter. "I mean, no. I'm sure we can work this out and quickly. I'm sure it's just a..." he looked at Ericksen but saw he wouldn't get any help from that quarter. "Just a glitch that we can get fixed. The biobeds aren't affected though, you could still use them." He took a breath as he revised his workplace eligibility once it got out he told this doctor what to do and how to do it.

"At least the biobeds are up, then," she said with a slight nod. "Carry on. Do let me know when it's fixed. I can run reports on other terminals if I need to, even if it is a bit of a hassle. Let me know if there's anything you need in the meantime."

"Yes, Doctor," Hannah muttered, not trusting himself to say much more.

"Maybe you should have asked for a 'foot from mouth removal surgery'," Ericksen whispered as the CMO walked away from them.

Hannah shrugged with a grin, "I'm sure she'll see the need for it eventually. Let's take a look at these tricorders again."

Security Office, Deck 26

Rogers returned to the security office balancing a boxed lunch in his left hand – consisting of a double cheeseburger with bacon, tomato, lettuce and special sauce, extra crispy fries and a pack of caramel popcorn with roasted peanuts included – and a carafe of ice tea in his other hand. He’d been in the office going over the shift reports as well as continuing to pore over personnel records. His goal was to get to know the regular security personnel as well as he knew his MACO team. When it came down to his position as assistant chief of security he didn’t want there to be even the appearance of favoritism discussed behind his back.

In so doing, he realized he missed his normal meal break and, instead of taking the PaDD to the Mess, he decided to get one of his favorite replicated meals and bring it back to the office to continue his work there.

“Lieutenant,” he heard one of the senior NCOs say as he entered back into the security area. There was a tone of definite relief in the man’s voice. The tone of voice didn’t bode well for Rogers. He knew it well from both sides – as an enlisted and NCO it meant that someone was there to make decisions that he didn’t want to be responsible for and as an officer it meant that he would have to deal with issues that no one else wanted to have responsibility for taking. Of course, last he knew, Lt. Wyrick was on the Bridge. Which left Rogers in charge down here so he would have to be left holding the bag.

“It’s Amberlin,” Petty Officer Heinschmidt said, stepping along with Rogers as he continued toward his desk.

“Amberlin?” Rogers asked, working to recall information attached to that word. It took a few moments, but he finally recalled it as one of the regular security crew. “Wasn’t he stationed at the torpedo bays during the last yellow alert?”

“Yes, sir – Lieutenant,” Heinschmidt corrected himself quickly. It was still a period of adjustment for everyone getting used to the way Rogers wanted things done. “He was. Only, he’s sick, Lieutenant.”

Rogers stopped and looked at Heinschmidt. “Sick?”

“Yes,” the petty office said with a sigh, “Only there’s no reason for it. He was fine this morning, perky even.” The last was said with a note of irritation. Understandable irritation. “He say’s he’s fine but, he’s throwing up, sweating like a stuck pig and keeps nodding off.”

Rogers set the items he was holding on the nearest surface. “Was he innoculated prior to reporting for his duty station?” He indicated that Heinschmidt should lead the way.

“He says he’s had a previous reaction to arithrazine and he had very little danger of exposure where he was. He still says he’s fine and that he doesn’t need to go to Medbay. I’ve considered ordering him to go, but...” Heinschmidt trailed off.

“It does sound like it,” Rogers said as they came up to where the young security crewman was slumped over a desk. Rogers checked his sigh as he hit his combadge. “Rogers to Medbay, incoming emergency transport, possible theta radiation poisoning.” He noted Heinschmidt was already working controls at a panel to initiate the transport.

Keer sighed and prepped a hypospray with the antidote. This was why they'd gotten injections in the first place — to ward off poisoning in the first place. Once her patient had been beamed over, she pressed the hypospray against the crewman's neck and let him rest. There was nothing else she could do but that.

"Try to rest," she said quietly.

Within moments alarms on the biobed registered as Amberlin's breathing became troubled and shallow, his heartbeat racing much too quickly.

Keer checked the readouts at the alarm and compensated, loading a hypospray with a counteragent and injecting it to slow his heart rate and restore his breathing to normal levels. Looks like 'rest' was going to be more difficult than she thought for this one. As he was still unstable, she kept a close eye on him for a while.

“Rogers to Bridge,” he continued changing the channel and destination.

Hearing the voice of the ships lead marine (who happened to also be her assistant chief), Tamsin tilted her head to one side. Glancing to the Captain briefly, she tapped a button on the tactical arc and responded. "Bridge here. What's troubling you, Lieutenant?"

"Commander," Rogers said, speaking quickly while on the move, beckoning Heinschmidt to follow along. "I've had to send Amberlin to Medbay with suspected theta radiation sickness. I'm unsure at this moment how he could have succumbed to the illness since his post was supposed to be well within shielding and safety protocols."

A flicker of concern manifested itself upon the Izarian's face as the blonde turned to pull up the duty logs for the Security and Tactical departments. She pursed her lips and did a second check, nodding. Amberlin should not have been exposed yet.

"Any word on if they wandered somewhere they shouldn't while on duty?"

Rogers looked to Heinschmidt who only shrugged. "Amberlin wasn't known to break rules or disobey posting orders. But something could have happened," the petty officer answered. His tone and thoughts suggested worry for Amberlin's future career since the top two in the department were suggesting he may not have followed their orders.

"We'll check on that, as well as the environment itself," Rogers said, nodding to Heinschmidt. "We'll find out what happened and why and get back to you, Commander. But my review of Amberlin's record doesn't suggest he would have done anything improper."

"Do a check of the logs to be sure. Internal sensors should have a record of his movements over the past few hours. Initiate contract tracing protocols in the mean time. We may need to pull personnel further back to be safe."

"Aye, Commander," Rogers answered. "I'll have Security and the personnel there checked out for secondary exposure and then treated if necessary. Will update you when I know more, Commander." Rogers continued on the move as he spoke, tricorder at the ready for when they came to the area. His main concern was that internal sensors should have detected any rising levels of theta radiation before they became harmful to living organisms. If Amberlin had stayed at his post, how could he have become irradiated and if he didn't remain at his post - knowing he was susceptible to radiation poisoning due to an inability to be inoculated - why did he leave?

Meanwhile Cronin, seated in his command chair, glanced back up at Tamsin wondering what was going on. Since Wyrick answered, the conversation was only heard by her and whoever was on the other end.



PO1 Jazon Heinschmidt, Security NCO

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