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Personal Time - Solo Mission Challenge. GM: Rated R Violence/Sexual Imagery: Read At Your Own Risk

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova
Edited on on Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 1:59pm

Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: Ship's Holodeck
Timeline: Pre-Mission 1: In Transit To Delta Quadrant

Rated R for violence and sexual imagery.

Devon enjoyed his free time. When he couldn't be with Emma, he would train in the holodeck, or run some historical programs from the computer.

The program that he was going to run, was a representation of life as a Viking warrior. This particular program had Nova playing the leader of a group of Vikings on a raiding party to England.

He was dressed in period appropriate clothing. In the harsh Scandinavian weather, full length trousers were common for all Viking warriors, simply tied at the waist with a drawstring, the trousers would keep the Vikings legs warm for their long marches into new lands. The trousers would be paired with a long sleeved tunic, which would be worn over the top of an under shirt that would commonly be made of linen. He had a sword and scabbard on his belt, and a battle axe that he carried in his left hand.

The program started with Devon, or Lars as he was called, boarding the ship, a Viking longship. 4 other ships made up the raiding party. Supplies were kept under the seats of the rowers. Their weapons near them, and their shields, slung over the side of the boat. Lars ship was large enough to carry 7 horses, and some other live stock, to feed the men. 3 women, shields maiden's, also made the trip.

Leaving their village, the men rowed the boat to the center of the fjord, where they could unravel the sail. The seas were calm, until they reached the open water, then the seas turned against them. The ship rolled on the waves....water came over the side of the bailed the water, using their hands or jugs.

It took 2 days to reach the coast of England. The lookouts were looking for churches...or small churches you could find gold and silver...villages, food and slaves.

Lars ordered the ship to head north. The ship hugged the coast. They could see people on the beach, staring at them. Some times, a rider wearing armor would spot them, then ride off, probably to warn his king of Norsemen raiders.

Two days later, Lars ordered the ship towards shore. The men left the boat and setup a camp. The men cut down trees to make shelters. Guards were posted. Scouting parties were ordered to searched the land.

A scouting party returned, saying that they found a church two days travel. Just as dawn was coming, Lars and some of his men rode off towards the monstary, and other men walked along side, leaving 10 men behind.

The party found the church and dismounted, and they moved closer to the target. There were several other buildings surrounding the main building. Animals were kept in pens. Fires were going....but there were no people.

Lars looked at his men, "They must have heard of our arrival and fled or are hiding." The party left cover and started walking towards the building, spread out along a line.

They reached the edge of the village, and searched the buildings.

They walked towards the church. As they approached the church, they could hear the cries of the village. They tried the door, but it was locked. Lars ordered his people to surround the church. 4 men started using their axes on the door. The door wasn't very strong, so it broke quickly and they entered. People tried to flee. The women screamed. Some men tried to fight them, but they feel quickly to sword and axe.

The Norsemen killed almost everyone they found. One man found a priest. He was brought before Lars. "Where is your gold and silver, priest?" The priest refused to answer, chanting a pray. One of Lars's people, came back carrying some candlesticks and crosses...all silver. "Where is the rest?" The priest still refused to answer. Lars nodded and one of his men thrust his sword into the priests back. The priest fell over, dying.

The Norseman ransacked the church, until they finally found the gold and silver. While men loaded the gold and silver into sacks, some men took women and raped them, then killed them.

"Computer, pause and save simulation." Nova said.

There was no response from the computer.

"Computer. Arch." Nothing. "Computer, delete program." Nothing.

"Nova to bridge." Nothing. "Nova to security." Nothing.

He looked around at his people.

He was screwed.


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