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Cleaning Up A Mess

Posted on Fri Jun 25th, 2021 @ 2:46pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Ailig Keys [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: After "New Talax"



Cronin stood with his hands behind his back observing as the Pioneer navigated carefully around and through the Theta Radiation Cloud minefield that was surrounding the new Talaxian homeworld. The collection, by the Bussard collectors, and purification of the Theta radiation was currently in progress done by Engineering then stored as energy.

The Executive Officer was busy monitoring and coordinating crew and civilians in the areas of the ship closest to the hull to keep radiation exposure to a minimum with Medical. Shields and deflectors had to be constantly monitored and adjusted as the collection went on, thankfully both Tactical and Operations shared that job.

Operations had the pleasure of dealing with the logistics of storing the energy in what and where. Cronin was pleased with how his crew carried out their jobs and sometimes wanted to jump in to help but refrained. He knew his crew were capable so he just supervised, he was extremely thankful that Admiral Ryan assigned a second ship to this mission.

Luckily the Eureka was doing the other half of the Theta Radiation Cloud minefield, shortening the time greatly. The convoy had to reverse course a bit and wait. Cronin wondered about the Malon, since he knew they were responsible according to Janeway's logs. Suddenly he recalled that he forgot to go to Sickbay to get his shot and sighed. Unfortunately Commander Peel was not on the Bridge, so he picked someone to take temporary command.

Nova had already setup the computer to charge the bussard collectors. The computer had indicated that given the amount of detectable radiation, it would take 4.7 hours. He turned to report the same to the captain.

"4.7, very well, carry on," Cronin said, he nodded his thanks.

An hour later, they were progressing on schedule well Cronin hoped they were. He left his ready room and approached Operations. "Commander, have you had a break?" He asked.

"No, sir, but I'm fine, no need for me to take a break at this moment, sir." Nova responded.

"Very well," Cronin said, "maybe the Braxial might show up as we clear the radiation, in any case it is better for everyone that the radiation is cleaned up first." He commented and smiled. "Make sure you do have a break though." He pointed at Devon.

"Aye aye sir." Nova responded to the captain.

"You have the Bridge Nova." Cronin said with a smile as he walked to the aft turbolift.

Watching as the Captain departed, Lt. Cmdr. Wyrick returned to the rather tedious work that the ship was undertaking. For the moment she was letting two junior officers spread head the effort from Tactical's stand point, allowing them to handle the shield modifications and coordination with the Operations and Engineering departments. They were running constant sensor sweeps - good practice for the younger pair - and Tamsin had even appropriated an earpiece tied into the ships comm channels reserved for security operations, listening in as her teams patrolled key check points along the outer layers of the ship, keeping folks away. So far at least two civilians had tried to get into their quarters for some trinket or another.

Sighing, the blonde debated simply abandoning the bridge to the other officers in her department and doing a walk about herself. After all, the poor junior sod's had enough pressure without her looming

"Aye captain." As the captain left the bridge, LtCdr Nova stood up and headed to the "Big Chair" and sat down. He checked the display on the arm of the captain's chair for updates.

"Helm, maintain present course. Ops, continue scans for any radiation fields." Nova Ordered. "There might be more radiation fields then we thought."
Both officers replied with a "Aye sir."


Cronin walked in and found Doctor Keer. "Apologies for not coming down sooner, I got distracted by admin work." He said to Keer and waited for her or for one of her staff to tend him his inoculation for Theta radiation.

"I was wondering if I was going to have to chase you down hypospray in hand," Keer murmured, her voice quiet as she picked up a ready hypospray and injected him with the loaded radiation shot. "Pleased to see that's not the case, Captain." She had let her hair down by now and it twisted in red and white, swaying slightly down her back as she moved, her blue eyes on him.

It would have been a poor example if she'd had to actually go find him, she thought. At least it was only admin work and not something more serious keeping him from coming down here.

"You would of had to if I hadn't recalled the shots." Cronin said, "thank you." He said after the shot and looked around. "How goes the inoculation of the crew?"

"Well, I've gotten to about ninety-five percent of the crew so far," she said with a slight nod. "Just waiting on stragglers. Some I'll have to hunt down myself, I'm sure. Not everyone's on good terms with hyposprays or doctors, for that matter." She ejected the used vial and put in another one after making sure the hypospray had been sterilized properly. "How are things on your end?"

"We are lucky to have the Eureka assisting us otherwise we'd need more time to process the Radiation. We've barely begun as it is a slow procedure. I'll see about how we could reduce that time but until you hear from me about it, just keep up the regular injections." Cronin said, though an idea struck him but he'd have to talk to his Chief Engineer about it first. "You're doing well Doctor, don't forget to have a break every so often okay?"

"Yes sir," she said quietly. "It sounds like you all have your hands full dealing with that cloud. I'll pop up now and again to remind our people to come in for their shots but we should have it well in hand. And thank you, sir. I'm just about to break for a raktajino, myself." She rose to go to the replicator. "Anything I can get for you?"

Cronin half smiled. "Technically it's not my hands but the Engineering department. Umm. Yeah a raktajino with caramel sounds great if its no trouble?" He asked and followed her to the replicator.

She tapped in the proper commends and handed him his drink.

"Ah," she murmured. "Engineering has many smart minds, I'm sure they'll figure things out with time to spare. They're best and brightest, all of our officers are. The caramel is a good option to add to the raktajino," Keer noted. "I'll have to give it a try myself."

Cronin laughed. "Be careful Doctor, you may become addicted to it. My husband made me try it and now I am unable to fully enjoy other beverages, not for lack of trying though. I will pass on your praise to the engineers and thank you, though I'd advise holding off on judgement as we have just started our journey in the Delta." He gave a wink as he accepted his mug of caramel Klingon coffee and sipped at it for a long moment. A soft moan may have escaped, though he'll deny it.

"Mm," she sipped her drink and then smiled. "Indeed we have just begun and I believe we will do wonderful things, at least I hope so. One can only hope that good things will follow where we go, sir. Optimism is always helpful in our situation, especially when we're here to explore and help others."

"I agree," Cronin replied with a smile as he took another sip. He decided not to mention the fallout that may be waiting for them thanks to Voyager's passage and maybe won't do so until they reach the appropriate regions of space. "I better let you enjoy your break, if you need anything let me know," he waved as he made his way out. "Thanks for the drink," he called over his shoulder with a smile.

"Sir," she murmured and nodded as the door whooshed open and then closed behind him. "Optimism," she said to herself, "better that than pessimism, I suppose." Keer raised her mug to the stars. "Let's hope for the best."


Commander Peel entered the bridge. Nova stood up from the command chair and moved to the first officers chair. "Commander."

Peel looked at him, then sat. "Status report, commander."

Nova filled her in on everything that had been going on.



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