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New Talax

Posted on Sun Apr 18th, 2021 @ 4:49am by Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Kotaba system, 2 days travel from 'Delta Base', Delta quadrant.
Timeline: 2 Days after "Onward To A New Homeworld"


Pioneer Bridge

Alpha shift was due to start in 5 minutes, usually around 0900 hours, as Cronin walked off the turbolift first having been the last to enter it, he did his best to be right on time. They were due to exit warp directly next to the new world within the next 10 to 15 minutes. He smiled at Ailig and the rest of the Night shift as they finished whatever tasks they had and were leaving the bridge.

"Anything to report?" Cronin asked his husband as the two stood in the center of the bridge.

"Nope, smooth sailing," Ailig replied with a smile. "I wonder why no further communications had been received from Neelix though." He added his expression changing to concern.

Cronin nodded. "Another reason why we are escorting them," he smiled. "Let's find out. Have a good nap."

"I really hate that we have to be on different shifts, can I be on Beta?" Ailig asked his voice pleading.

"You'll have to take that up with Commander Peel, sorry Imzadi." Cronin said, though had lowered his voice for the Betazoid term for soulmate. Though most of the crew knew of their marriage, if not all, the couple wanted to keep it private while on duty apart from the occasion display of affection.

Ailig glared playfully at his husband and sighed. "I knew you'd say that but yeah. Remember I want to meet him." He said then planted a quick kiss on Cronin's cheek as he walked passed on his way to the turbolift.

"Yes, yes," Cronin muttered back and went to sit in his chair as he waited for his senior officers to join him and the convoy to arrive. There was some chatter and thoughts roaming about the bridge about them as well as what they might be once they arrived, Cronin let it all continue. Until it interfered with duty, he'd let his crew be as they be.

Emma, the ship's acting first officer, was seated in the first officers chair on the bridge. Alpha shift was starting in a few minutes, so before the Alpha shift crew arrived, she reviewed the ship's log of the previous shift.

LtCdr Nova, walked off the turbo lift, looked at the captain and Peel, "Captain, commander", and walked to the Ops console and relieved the officer sitting there. When he sat, he checked the readings on the console and verified that everything was as it should be.
When everything was done, he sat and waited for orders.

Tamsin Wyrick wasn't far behind Lt. Cmdr. Nova, though she entered the bridge through the lift on the opposite side, having come up from the Security Center. She had a PADD tucked under one arm and a steaming cup of coffee in her left hand. Leaning in, she spoke briefly with the pervious shifts watch officer and the Junior Lieutenant that had been manning Security, before glancing out at the rest of the bridge. "Did I miss the morning affection, Captain?" She asked in a sing song voice.

"Commanders," Cronin greeted with a smile. "Yes," he replied as he glanced over at his Security Chief. "Though if you want a hug later, we can." He knew it was kind of inappropriate though hardly wrong.

Before anyone could speak up the convoy dropped out of warp and surrounding them were many clouds of Theta radiation. One cloud was very close to the convoy.

"Registering vast clouds of Theta radiation. Sensors say that we are in the middle of the radiation, captain." Nova checked his sensors. "One of the clouds is very close to the convoy, sir."

"Red alert, shields up Commander Wyrick, Commander Nova please find Ambassador Neelix's ship the Braxial. Bridge to Sickbay, we have Theta radiation clouds around the new Talaxian world, please advise." Cronin announced as he stood and walked to the center of the bridge. "Helm, find a safe place for the convoy to go to."

"Aye sir," the helmsman replied as he worked his console and he contacted the Talaxians with a course plan.

Cronin planned to ask Commander Cain to guard the convoy while the Pioneer investigates as per Voyager's logs, Theta radiation was dumped anywhere by the Malon. Were they still around or had they finished? Cronin wondered as he waited for Nova and Keer to respond.

Nova scanned for the Braxial, but it wasn't appearing on his scanners. "Captain, I am unable to locate the Braxial. I do have debris on the scans though."

"Shields are keeping most of the radiation at bay Captain," Wyrick fired off, hunched over the tactical arch. "We're going to need some fine tuning however, if we're going to be in this soup for long." That was something she'd have to get the engineers on. Or medical was going to have to start prepping radiation treatments. "Taking a closer look at those debris now for signs of weapon fire."

"Captain. I was able to pierce the radiation cloud, and detected a faint warp signature, but it's on the other side of the planet." Nova reported.

"Can you tell what direction the trail leads, commander?" Peel asked.

Nova checked his console, "It appears the warp trail leads outside the radiation cloud, approaching the planet, but the sensors can't detect anything outside the radiation cloud, commander."

"Well we have a few options, conference lounge." Cronin ordered as he turned to face his officers.

Loath though she was to leave her console at the moment, Tamsin snapped her fingers and summoned up a few reserve officers, before falling into step behind the Captain.

Nova handed off Ops to a junior officer.

Peel stood up and followed the captain.

Pioneer Conference Lounge

Once everyone was seated Cronin looked at each of them. "Oh," he muttered as he recalled they weren't the only Starfleet ship involved here. "Hail the Eureka Commander Nova and put them on the display in here please."

Nova hailed the Eureka and put it on the display screen. Commander Macklin Cain and his first officer appeared on the display, "Captain," Cain greeted.

"Commander," Cronin greeted in return after nodding his thanks to Devon. "So," Cronin began as he looked around the lounge as well as back at Cain. "It seems we have several things to do. We must clear the radiation. Check out the warp signature on the other side of the planet, get the convoy to the surface and find the Braxial."

=/\= Indeed, =/\= Cain said.

"If I may Commander, could you look after the convoy and maybe get their colony construction started while we sort out the rest?" Cronin asked, gesturing at Macklin.

The Rigellian Vulcanoid Human hybrid sighed since Captain Keys outranked and out positioned him on this mission, Cain had to concede to Keys' authority even if it is worded like a suggestion. =/\= Very well Captain, but the moment you need help you call us. =/\= Cain glared at Keys for a moment before a half smile turned knowing smirk appeared on his face. =/\= The moment. =/\= He repeated and pointed at them.

"Yes, yes, the moment." Cronin replied with a smile of his own. "You may need to deploy a communications relay to get through the radiation."

=/\= Yes my crew are already on it, now what are you going to do? =/\= Cain asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

Cronin faced his senior staff. "Good question, opinions, suggestions, comments?" He asked them.

Nova spoke up. "If finding the Braxial is the priority, sir, we should leave the cloud and start a search for any indication which way the ship left."

"I suppose it behooves me to point out that we have the ability to leave part of the ship in the general area to work on clearing the cloud while sending the stardrive section off after the Braxial. Especially given that many of the science labs are in the saucer section." Tamsin leaned back in the chair and shrugged her shoulders a bit.

"Of course, commander, but having the ship intact would be better tactically. Plus given that there are other ships available to work on clearing the cloud....finding the Braxial should be the priority." Nova responded.

Tamsin held her peace, having mostly voiced it as an option, though she decided she would be amused, rather than miffed, at the ships Operations officer lecturing her on what was tactically sound. The smallest of smiles curled on her lips as her gaze shifted to the viewscreen, and Commander Cain

=/\= Yes, I could send runabouts and shuttles with engineering teams with the convoy to the planet surface while the Eureka starts clearing the radiation clouds immediately threatening the planet as it requires the use of deflectors and nacelles. I won't get into the process right now but I agree that finding Ambassador Neelix and his crew is important Captain. =/\= Cain said obviously wanting his crew more to do.

Cronin smiled at Macklin, "very well, Commander, we'll take care of the rest as we search for the Braxial." He turned back to his staff, He hadn't considered separation at all, it's usually an extreme course of action. "I'd prefer not to separate the ship as the Saucer would be unable to warp away if in trouble. What about the signature on the other side of the planet? That may be the Braxial. Though something tells me it may be bigger than the small Drexia-class ship Ambassador Neelix commands."

"We can't get a confirmable reading through the radiation cloud, captain. We'll need to leave the cloud then we should be able to pick up the trail, sir." Nova responded.

A call from the Bridge came in, =/\= Captain, it is impossible for the convoy to reach the planet if we do not clear them a path. The Talaxian pilots aren't as confident that they can make it. =/\=

"Very well, looks like we have our first course of action," he turned to Cain. "Commander, please come up beside us and we both clear a path for the convoy." Cronin returned his gaze back to his senior officers. "The Braxial and the power signature will have to wait. As I understand it Theta radiation is merely a byproduct of a warp drive or power generation?" He asked them.

"That is correct, sir." Commander Peel answered.

"Any suggestions on how we can clear the radiation?" Cronin asked.

The blonde from Izar turned to the Ops officer and raised an eyebrow in his direction. "Thoughts on adjusting our Bussard collectors to process the radiation, Lt. Commander? It's not exactly my area of expertise, but since we use them for gathering and processing all various and sundry forms of exotic particles...."

Nova turned in his chair. "Actually, captain, that's not a bad idea to use the Bussard collectors."

"And with both ships' Bussard collectors working on this, we can clear this area quickly." Cronin said with a smile. "We better get started, Commander Peel please confer with Medical as to keep the crew safe, and unless there is anything else? Let's get to work." He stood indicating the meeting was at an end.

"Everyone is getting radiation shots," Keer added with a nod. "Swing by before you do anything. I want a full accounting of those who cannot handle radiation. I know that some species are better about it than others but I also want to make sure we've got everyone protected to the best of our ability. You know where to find me."

Peel nodded. "Yes sir." She tapped her commbadge. "Sickbay, bridge. Initiate radiation protocol level 2. Repeat, radiation protocol level two. Out."

Looking around at the others, Tamsin nodded toward the CMO. "You heard the lady, everybody get your shots." Saddling up next to Keer, the blonde added, "We get a bit more radiation exposure on Izar, but I think a booster shot's probably still wise. Your call, Doc."

"Small radiation dose kits and a monitor badge," Thyrza said thoughtfully, glancing at Tamsin, "might not be a bad idea when people come by for their shots. Just in case. I believe we can always stand to be a little extra cautious."

"I leave organising the crew to get shots to you Commander Peel, you may have to go around and chase up people," Cronin said as he walked a few steps away from the table, though he faced his first officer again. "Give me an hour to sort out our course with helm and compare with Eureka before you put me on the schedule though I'd like senior officers first so we can get started." He explained to Emma. "Don't forget yourself," he smirked.

Peel nodded. "Aye sir." and smiled at the captain.

He turned to the others. "Okay, dismissed, you all know what to do." Cronin said and waited for them all to leave.


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