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Fleet Deployment and Delta Base

Posted on Tue Jul 27th, 2021 @ 1:41pm by Rear Admiral Leon Ryan

Mission: Mission 1: A New World
Location: Entaba System. Delta Quadrant.
Timeline: After "Onward To A New Homeworld". Parallel with "New Talax"


The Talaxian convoy escorted by the Pioneer and Fleet Engineering Frigate Eureka departed an hour ago for their new homeworld in the Kotaba system, 2 days travel from the asteroid colony.

Twenty Talaxians remained behind to help their new allies get settled as well as they showed interest in receiving training in a variety of jobs.

The Fleet Support Cruiser Wenjia's crew took lead on the refitting of the asteroid base and upgrading the triad of satellites currently orbiting the asteroid.

Meanwhile the Righteous and Fleet Science Vessel Aurora on their way to deploy a sensor network of bouys around the asteroid belt, considering the size of it. They went opposite directions.

Some sensors were launched onto the asteroids themselves to hide them from hostiles.

Vigilant, Voyager and Fleet Medical Vessel Ganymede were charged with patrol duty and deployed to survey the Entaba system. Though the Talaxians had sensor data, Admiral Ryan wanted further investigation and confirmation of what the Talaxians had.

Merchant Marine ships Second Chance and Red Dwarf joined in the survey of the Entaba system along with the Excelsior. All of them went to different planets to the other ships involved in the survey, there were 7 according to long range scans and the Talaxians.

There was at least one that was so close to M-class but not capable of supporting life without artificial assistance.

The Dauntless and the Valkyries squadrons remained at the base to protect the Wenjia and the Colonial and Merchant Marine civilian convoy. The squadrons did conduct deep scans of the asteroids and were on the lookout for sensor contacts.

Delta Base

Rear Admiral Leon Ryan stood in the still under refit Operations Center and simply observed everyone working, there wasn't much for him to do. Though the fleet's collective sensor data was a live feed on the displays that had been set up at the beginning.

A flag appeared and an operations officer announced it. "Admiral, an alert from the Aurora, they detected several cloaked signatures leaving the system in different directions but they weren't able to identify them."

This was not good, is it possible that both the Klingons and Romulans knew of their mission? Ryan considered. That also presented the possibility that there were spies among Starfleet Command and most likely in the fleet. Maybe in the Civilian contingent? Ryan had a lot of work to do to find out those answers and he'd had to check his own fleet officers before attempting to do anything about the spies.

"Log the courses of the signatures and record the signatures to keep an eye out for." Ryan ordered, "since they are gone there's not much we can do until we are secure here."

"Aye sir," the operations officer replied.



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