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Onward To A New Homeworld

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 4:08pm by Rear Admiral Leon Ryan [GM] & Captain Cronin Keys [GM] & Sindari [Cronin] & Ruko Kelleg [Cronin] & Lieutenant Commander Tamsin Wyrick & Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova & Lieutenant Commander Thyrza Keer & Commander Emma Peel [Nova]

Mission: M1: A New World
Location: Talaxian Asteroid Colony. Entaba System. Delta Quadrant.
Timeline: Hour After "Finally, We Have Arrived"


Meeting Hall, Talaxian Asteroid Colony.

It seemed like only Rear Admiral Leon Ryan, Ambassador Ruko Kelleg and Colonial Director Sindari were the lucky ones that conferenced with Regent Oxilon in a private office. While the commanding officers and most of their senior staff across the task force waited in the hall adjacent to the office.

Cronin shared most of the disappointment that his fellows had at being left out but clearly the Admiral had his reasons for excluding them. The task force had spread out, as the leaders discussed the situation, around the colony and both colonial and merchant marine vessels crowded the space inside the Starfleet perimeter.

Though it wasn't all bad, the Talaxians put on a welcome party for them all and most of those that had not boarded the transports were mingling and chatting with their Federation guests. Sadly Ambassador Neelix had not yet returned, though Oxilon had indicated to them all that a world had been selected and that the transports were waiting for Neelix's shuttle to arrive.

Holding a beverage in one hand and a plate of finger food, Cronin was standing with his senior officers. With the exception of Lieutenant Ailig Keys who was in command of the Pioneer while Cronin, Emma and Devon was off the ship. Similar arrangements were in place while the other commanding officers were here on the other ships as well.

"What do you think of the food?" Cronin asked his senior officers excluding Ailig as he wasn't one of them, it was part of the deal for their assignment to the Pioneer. Though he was happy that his husband was aboard, Cronin probably would have refused the offer if it meant leaving Ailig behind.

"Tasty," Keer murmured. "Though definitely interesting as food goes." She scanned the room with a careful sweep of her eyes, noting interactions between Federation and Talaxians along with the mood of the room, which seemed hopeful and pleasant. They were interesting people, very self-reliant. The need for transport ships aside, moving to a new world was always an adventure.

Tamsin sipped heavily from a drink that had been provided, one she had readily accepted once she confirmed it was not in fact alcoholic. Her cheeks were slightly red nevertheless and she covered a cough with the back of her hand. "I'd read the logs from Voyager, about how Ambassador Neelix always upped the spice level on the food. I see thats a cultural thing."

Commander Emma Peel, the ship's executive officer, walked into the meeting hall where all the other guests were gathered. She walked to the buffet table and got herself something to eat and drink, then moved to a table to eat.

Lieutenant Devon Nova, ship's operations officer, walked in, and started to walk around. He nodded at a few people and stopped to chat with a few. His eyes keep looking around the room until he saw the Exec. He walked over, stopping for a drink, then headed over to her table. "Mind if I join you?"

Peel looked up at the handsome man. "Not at all." As he sat, she looked at him. "So, how many years has it been?"

Nova took a sip of his drink. "Haven't been keeping track." He looked at her over the rim of his glass.

"Senior year at the Academy, to refresh your fading memory." She smiled at him. "You look as good as ever."

"And you haven't aged a day." He responded.

She looked at him and smiled. "Still a good liar, as always." she responded.

Cronin approached Devon and Emma, he had a sip of his drink. "I couldn't help but overhear, what did you two do during our long Slipstream flight?" He asked with a smirk.

Nova nodded to the captain. "The commander and I are old friends from our Academy days, captain. We had a few meals together during the flight, mostly catching up."

"Ah, I look forward to the drama." Cronin joked as he kept his smirk.

Shamelessly eavesdropping, Tamsin shuddered. "I joined this fleet to avoid drama," she noted dryly, taking another sip of the soothing drink. In fairness she joined the fleet to skip out on her own personal drama. Someone else's could - and during the Slipstream flight, had - provide entertainment.

Emma looked at the two of them. "We're adults, so no need for drama here."

"You say that now Commander," Cronin said then turned to Tamsin, "drama is everywhere, Lieutenant Commander, excuse me," he joked with a smile. He sipped his drink again as he walked away hoping to find out if the flag meeting was over.

Devon watched Cronin walk away, then looked back at Emma. "If it was gossip he wanted, you could have told him that we ravish each other every night while the ship was in slip-stream." He laughed.

Emma laughed with him. "You are so bad." When she regained her composure, she brought her glass to her lips, and looking over the rim at Nova, "but the thought isn't without so discussion." Then she took a sip.

Devon was taken back slightly. "When we were at the academy, didn't you once say that once you made command, sleeping with a fellow officer...a junior officer....was out of bounds and you wouldn't do it?" He looked at her.

She put the glass down. "A person is entitled to change their mind, aren't they?" She smiled coyly at him.

Nova put his glass down. "Then why are we still sitting here?" He stood up.

And she stood up, and they started walking towards the door.

In hardly a moment Tamsin found herself standing at the table where the others had managed to congregate, plate in hand, mouth half open, eyes wide, watching as the first and second officer peeled off. Doing a slow blink and shaking her head, she muttered, "You would think that would have actually happened before we got here."

Rear Admiral Ryan, Director Sindari, Ambassador Kelleg and Regent Oxilon entered the hall as Peel and Nova were on their way out. Ryan nodded to them that they probably should return but kept walking with the other V.I.Ps. Once the four had reached the center of the hall, Ryan clapped three times. "May I have your attention please," he called and smiled while he waited a few moments. "We have come to an arrangement. Since the Talaxians are heading to a new homeworld, we have agreed to assist them with colony construction resources." Leon announced.

Nova and Peel reentered the room after the vip's and took a place with the others.

"In return," Oxilon spoke up. "We have agreed to loaning the Federation our asteroid base, of course some of our people will volunteer to remain and oversee the base's operations. Some may wish to join you on your missions and we know the area."

"I will begin preparations for scouting for our own planetary colony with the Merchant Marines," Sindari chimed in.

Leon smiled. "Indeed, let me know if you need any Starfleet assistance Director," he told her.

"I will." The Vulcan replied, though it didn't sound genuine.

"I would like Pioneer and Eureka to go with the Talaxian convoy to assist and safeguard their new home until they get defenses operational." Leon said as he gestured to Captain Keys and Commander Cain. Both males nodded back, Commander Macklin Cain a human/Rigellian Vulcanoid happened to be the Fleet Engineering Officer. It was an obvious choice to help out with colony construction. "Excellent," Leon said and turned around slowly in a circle to look at the other Starfleet commanding officers. "I will have orders for the rest of you shortly, enjoy the party and we will get back to work tomorrow at 1200. Thank you."

Ryan headed over to where the food was as did Ambassador Kelleg. Sindari, however began to talk to Oxilon quietly.

Nova leaned over to Peel and whispered, "I'll go get more drinks, be right back."

Cronin walked over to Macklin and began discussing their orders.

Lt. Commander Wyrick pursed her lips, rolling her drink back and forth in her hands. She found herself suddenly responsible for the security of a burgeoning new Talaxian colony. Yes, she was going to have to coordinate with the locals, and with the security chief on the Eureka, but all the same, that was a lot of people to be responsible for without the backing of the whole fleet. She could only imagine how much more that was going to weigh on Keys and Cain.



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