Thy Who Heals Us

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Mission: Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories
Location: McKinley Station, USS Pioneer, Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Pre-Launch


All Project Delta's Starfleet Expeditionary Task Force starships were still spread out amongst the various drydocks in the Federation, one or two were still on missions. Since the project was classified Starfleet Command had to be careful not to alert any of the other powers to unusual deployments.

The Pioneer was lucky to be moored at McKinley Station, since it is a Galaxy-class Venture refit, as not many other drydock types could house the saucer section.

Captain Cronin Keys sat at behind his desk in the Ready Room, this was only his first week in command of the Pioneer as the previous commanding officer had transferred to another assignment. He was now in Catch-up mode reading reports, sorting out crew applications and keeping an eye on the time as he was soon to meet his husband for a meal.

They hadn't had much time lately with the project's preparations for the fleet's departure real soon.

All the personnel already assigned to the project had been working long hours on a variety of tasks. The hard part was keeping everything secret until they actually leave.

He wondered who of his senior staff would report in first.

Thyrza Keer, Lieutenant, Doctor, Surgeon, with all six lives of experience behind her, tugged at the edges of her uniform top as if it needed straightening, touched the neatly braided coil of her red and white hair which was secured by a clip, pursed her lips, and finally knocked on the Ready Room door. It seemed like a very long time of travel from her mini-vacation on Trill to this rather tight-lipped assignment but it in no way diminished the effusive glow absolute eagerness that would take a long time ease its way out of her system.

Meeting her new Captain was the first step of many that had begun so many years ago.

"Sir," she said crisply, "Lieutenant Thyrza Keer reporting for duty." She might have been crisp but her warm smile was anything but. She radiated joy like a miniature sun, Vulcan ears or not.

"Come in Lieutenant," Cronin called slightly distracted, though when he realised that she had knocked instead of using the door chime that made the Betazoid male look up at the door. He could now sense the joy coming from the other side, it made him smile.

With the invitation, she strode in as if she'd measured the steps to his desk and clasped her hands behind her back at an easy parade rest. This was it, the place she wanted to be, the place she always knew she was going but didn't exactly know. It was thrilling to have been chosen for this, even if she'd had to turn down full directorship of a new program, this was worth every second.

"It's wonderful to meet you," she said with an incline of her head. "I'm really looking forward to all of this. Just--" She waved a hand and laughed. "I suppose it's really the exploration part that's gotten me all worked up right along with the medicine and science aspects. If half the crew is as excited as me, well, it'll one interesting trip, that's for sure."

Cronin's smile widened as he watched his new Chief Medical Officer be excited. He did though wonder why she turned down a medical program directorship to join Project Delta as it was in her personnel file, it really isn't any of his business so he stood and offered his hand to her. "I have been obsessed with Voyager's journey and mission reports since the Pathfinder Project made contact with the lost crew." He said, "I look forward to sharing further exploration of the Delta with you and my crew along with the rest of Project Delta."

He continued to smile as he couldn't wait to drop his surprise on Thyrza.

"Oh I know, that was some crazy journey for them. I was definitely following that story." Her pale green eyes shone at the mention of Voyager as she clasped his hand in greeting. "The amazing things they saw and did...and now we'll have a chance at our own? Yeah, I wasn't going to pass that up. I figured it was about time I got down to some exploring, myself. After all, you can't just be one thing all your life when you could be many. But being Trill, I guess I have that down to a science."

She winked and laughed.

Ah yes that was interesting that this Vulcan and Trill hybrid could be joined, Cronin was fascinated by the various notes others had put in it after serving with her. About both her personality and the fact that she was joined but a hybrid. He did grin at her before a chuckle then back to the meeting.

He did recall his set of questions. "Yes, though it will not be easy. We have no idea as to the current state of affairs along Voyager's path are and how their actions have shaped it. Thankfully we will not be alone for 9 other Starfleet starships are part of the project's task force and a Merchant Marine and Colonial convoy will be accompanying us." Cronin realised he was still shaking her hand and slowly pulled his back then put it on the surface of the desk as he sat, he gestured with the other hand for Thyrza to sit in one of the opposite chairs to him.

"Information about our departure remain classified but all crews will have a chance to dispatch farewell messages to loved ones, classified and secure of course. Starfleet will give them the decryption codes after we leave." Cronin said and recalled where he put that box but didn't reach for it yet. "I saw in your personnel file that you require specific medication, are you able to manufacture it aboard the Pioneer?" He asked.

"If it were easy, it would be boring and we'd be going elsewhere. Glad to see we are going with a fleet. It'll make things much easier," she said with a grin as she sat. Her eyebrow arched slightly. "The medication is easily manufactured with the fleet medicines available to us. No problem on that front. I guess that's the tricky thing about being a joined hybrid. Keer's compatibility with mine is almost strong enough to not need it, not that I'm about to test the theory, so a dollop a day so the Terrans say. Or is that apple..."

Her tilted eyebrows furrowed a little.

"I know my parents will be proud knowing I'm out here, the rest of my family, too. They know this is something I've wanted to do all my life. My Joining has just reinforced that wish to actually get to explore the same Quadrant Voyager did? Yeah, I'd be a fool to pass that up. I met plenty of fascinating new aliens at my last posting but this is where my heart is really at."

"I'm glad we have much in common, however, one of the 9 starships has been set up to be the task force's medical resource. If you can have them keep some of the medication in storage, you will never be without and if this ship's medical facilities are out of order for whatever reason." Cronin was worried as the Symbiosis Commission wouldn't just develop a medicine with no other purpose but keeping their Joined hybrid people alive then to inconvenience them because of prejudice. He became a bit concerned Thyrza was not taking it more seriously but that was her choice until it affected her duties to his crew.

Cronin smiled again for he got to more pleasant topics. "As you are my Chief Medical Officer, I'm afraid you are currently not correctly dressed, Lieutenant Commander." He pulled out the small box from out of Thyrza's sight and slide it across the desk surface to sit in front of her. Cronin decided to let her open it.

"Excellent. I always take my dose when I wake," she assured him, "so, it's good to know it's an easy synthesis. My levels aren't actually as bad as some hybrids, believe me, it was a surprise to everyone including myself but the Keer symbiont and I are really amazingly quite well matched." Thyrza shook her head a little. "I guess my Trill half is pretty dominant."

Oh ancestors, that was brilliant. A promotion ontop of it? Her grin and a fresh wave of exhilarated joy surged forward. Pips! If she had less control, she might have danced in her chair right then and there.

"Thank you so much, sir," she murmured, popping the box open. "This is perfect and such an honor." It ticked her promotion checklist for sure and she'd definitely put in the time and effort. Her fingers touched the pips as if to make sure she wasn't having some sort of dream and she let out a soft, happy sigh. "Guess you're right, there. I do believe I am a touch underdressed."

She offered the box to him with a smile.

"If you would?"

Cronin smiled again and stood, walked around his desk and stood in front of Thyrza. He accepted the box and pulled the black 'hollow' pip and grinned. "Lieutenant Thyrza Keer, by the power granted to me as Captain, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations." Cronin said as he worked his fingertips around her collar to connect the pip to it, it took him a moment to see if they were aligned with each other. He stared at them for a moment then nodded once.

"It will be hectic for a time while personnel and supplies are sorted out for the project, Commander, so I would like a report about Medical's readiness but you have at least 4 days to sort it all out. You will have the rest of the crew reporting to you for their medical evaluation and check if their profiles have been transferred to our ship. I'm sure you are aware of your duties, but our crew check-ins are top priority please." Cronin said as he returned to stand behind his desk.

"Thank you, sir," she said. That hollow pip said an awful lot about her, especially her willingness to work harder than many other people. Ah. Hectic was a ship before launch, that was always a given. But she was up to the challenge.

"You'll never see a Medbay as neat, shiny, organised and ready for use as mine will be," she said dryly but she meant it. She would have been there right now doing just that and making sure everything was stocked and full, ready for their travel. "And I'll chase the rest of the crew down until they do report in - even if I have to bodily drag them in." At 148cm and 7 stone, she might not have looked like she could drag anyone anywhere but that steel glint in her eye said otherwise.

The door chime sounded and Cronin immediately sensed it was his husband. "Just use the transporter." He joked. "Come," he said and Ailig walked in, stopped, looked apologetic. "Come here, Imzadi," Cronin said and wrapped his arm around the younger Betazoid. "This is Lieutenant Ailig Keys, he is nightwatch helmsman and a shuttle pilot."

"Hello," Ailig said offering his hand to Thyrza.

For a hot second, all she could do was laugh at Cronin's transporter joke because, honestly, she'd contemplated using it more than once on occasions like this. With the entrance of Aillig, she got a hold of her giggles, though there was enough mirth in the air to say she was still heavily amused.

"Wonderful to meet you, Lieutenant," she said warmly, shaking the Ailig's hand. "Both are very useful jobs to be sure." Her laughter was softly melodic and she shook her head slightly. "Shall I work on Medbay?" Thyrza said with a cheeky wink. "Or haul this one in for eval?"

Cronin watched Ailig's face pale and chuckled, "he doesn't like-"

"I can speak for myself you know Imzadi." Ailig said with a glare before turning to the woman. "Well, first off you are?" Ailig didn't know her name but could see the rank and quickly added, "ma'am."

Cronin smiled, he liked when Ailig didn't let him get away with being the center of attention.

"Doctor Thyrza Keer," she said with a bright laugh. "We were just having a conversation about making sure everyone had their medical evaluations in. I'll probably have to chase down more than a few. With today's medical technology, you'd think less people would be recalcitrant about coming in."

Ailig nodded. "Nice to meet you as well Doctor. You'd think, but a fear is irrational and illogical." He said with a smirk.

"If they continue to resist medical evaluation protocol, you can refer them to me Commander." Cronin said in a serious firm tone. "We won't keep you any longer as everyone has much to do and only a week or so to do it in. You are dismissed Commander." The Captain offered his hand to Thyrza again.

She clasped his hand warmly and nodded.

"Sir," Thyrza said smartly. "I'm looking forward to all of this. Hopefully, logic and order will win."

"Same." Cronin said with a smile.

Her smile was broad as she turned, leaving her new captain and his husband behind, her mind focused on Medbay and making it into the shining glory it would need to be for their voyage to the Delta Quadrant. Their destination was as exciting as the voyage there and she knew she could barely stand the wait and would be ticking down the days until their departure.