Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories

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If you wish to have some prior to joining the project background character development, you are more than welcome to post that stuff in "Pre-Launch + Pre-Mission 1 Stories".

What did your character do before joining Project Delta?
How was your character encounter with the Project Delta representative?
Did your character say yes or no? Did your character change their mind just in time?
How did your character's loved ones take the news that your character was going to the Delta quadrant?
Has your character's loved ones joined you in Project Delta?
Do they contribute or are they colonists?
How will your character cope with being in a different quadrant with no immediate return option?
What did your character do during our Slipstream journey? About 6-8 to 12 months.

Years go from 2378 (Voyager's Return) to 2398 (Launch of Project Delta's task force)

Remember: We do NOT follow Star Trek: Picard Season 1.

Mission 1: A New World

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Project Delta arrives at the Talaxian Asteroid colony. The colony population is in the process of evacuation.
What is going on?
We have now escorted the Talaxians to their new world but Theta radiation clouds surround the planet they picked.
Oh no, Red Alert! Malon freighters have arrived.
BATTLE--- One down, one remains.
We did it, now to deal with the captured Malon, and the new arrivals: the Benthans.
How will the Talaxians want to proceed?

OOC Discussions

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Our OUT OF CHARACTER (OOC) discussions will be slotted into this mission. lol It can be an archive of discussions should we need to go back and look.

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