Lieutenant Commander Devon Nova

Name Devon Nova

Position Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender (Contact Us if incorrect or missing) Male
Species (Species/Species if Hybrid) Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 197 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description (Body type, Tattoos, Facial features, Hair styles, Outfit habits and if your character has different species physical features to the norm please note them.) Devon Nova is tall and muscular. His dark brown hair is kept clean and neat, and is always combed properly. He had no moustache or a beard.
On duty, he always wears a clean, crisp uniform. Off duty he dresses more casual.


Father Jacob Nova
Mother Gail Nova
Brother(s) Marcus Nova; Lyle Nova; Peter Nova.
Sister(s) Leslie Nova; Angelia Nova.

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Current states of mind, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, personality quirks and traits. Include learned languages if you wish) Serious minded, but still very friendly, despite his appearance.
Likes to go to parties, where he can meet new people.
Likes honesty and dislikes deceit.
Strengths & Weaknesses (Please have at least 3 of each, these can be both personality and physical. Some can be both a Strength and a Weakness depending on situation.) S; Intelligent
S; Strong and agile.
S; Handy with a weapon.
W; Can be overly trusting at times.
W; He can sometimes be a bit short-tempered on certain subjects and enjoys a debate or two, but also understands the fine line between disagreement and coming to blows.
W; Beautiful women.
Ambitions (What does your character wants to achieve at the time of joining the crew of the Pioneer.) Main ambition is to make captain and command his own starship.
Hobbies & Interests (What activities does your character like doing while off-duty? What does your character have a passion for that may led to an activity?) Devon enjoys reading, mostly historical novels or mysteries. He does have a few actual books, but uses the computer data base.
Enjoys classical music.
Plays the piano.
Enjoys exercising, either in the gym or in a holosuite. Weight training and mixed martial arts.
Enjoys going to the holodeck and going through weapons practice and battle simulations.

Personal History (How did your character grow up? Did your character do any civilian jobs or travel before applying to Starfleet Academy? Is your character's species a Federation member? Where did your character attend Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling? Did your character live on their world or live amongst the stars? At what age did they start Starfleet Academy if they did?) Devon was the eldest of six children. born in 2367, His parents were theoretical engines specialists for Starfleet. They had a hand in the design of several of the latest starships.

The Nova family lived in San Francisco, California, and they lived the in Starfleet Compound, near Starfleet Headquarters and the Academy. Living in the compound, he, and his younger brothers and sisters, all attended the Compounds schools.
Part of the schools curricutum involved trips to various parts of Starfleet Headquarters and the Academy. Students got to see, close up. what the general public usually never see.

It was here that Devon decided, at an early age, that he was going to attend the Academy.

His grades from the Compound schools, counted towards his application to the Academy.

When Devon turned 17, he first applied to the Academy.
With his grades being among the top 5% of his classes, he was accepted.
Service Record (From Starfleet Academy to Joining Pioneer's Crew)(Please include the why for promotions, years, what the assignments are (Ship, station, planet base) and ages.) 2384 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Majoring in Starship Operations, with minors in Engineering, Science and Security. 18
2388- Graduated from Starfleet Academy. 22
2388- Assigned to USS York as Operations Officer, rank ensign. 22
2389- Based on evaluations review, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and promoted to Assistant Operations Officer. 23
2391- Reassigned to USS Portsmouth, as Assistant Operations officer. 25
2392- Promoted to Lieutenant, awarded service medal for Duty Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty, promoted to Chief Operations Officer. 26
2395- Reassigned USS Potemkin to replace Operations Officer killed in the line of duty. 27
2397- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander for excellence in duty. 29
2398- Transferred to USS Pioneer. 30