Lieutenant Kyan Mackenzie

Name Kyan Mackenzie

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Character Information

Gender (Contact Us if incorrect or missing) Male
Species (Species/Species if Hybrid) Onlie (Earth II, Miri's Planet
Age 435

Physical Appearance

Height 4'4"
Weight 55 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description (Body type, Tattoos, Facial features, Hair styles, Outfit habits and if your character has different species physical features to the norm please note them.) For a boy his biological age, Kyan is a bit undersized. At 53” tall and roughly 55 lbs. This likely owes to centuries spent scrounging for food but genetics could also have held a proverbial thumb on the ancient boy’s head. He has a mop of unruly red hair and green eyes that leave no doubt as to place of origin on Earth II… or Miri’s Planet as the Federation Grups called it. Kyan is built like a typical Human boy of ten, and his demeanor gives him a perpetually restless appearance.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Father: (adopted) Sam Aylward Mackenzie (dec.)
Mother Mother: (adopted) Juniper Mackenzie (dec.)
Brother(s) None known
Sister(s) None known
Others (May include: Trill symbiont's previous Hosts, In-laws and Extended Family, if important to your character's development in Project Delta) As his planet is a "duplicate" of Earth, there is likely a family line someplace that he might share DNA with, but he doesn't know of them, nor has he run across them in almost 200 years of being in and around the Federation. Finding them has never been high on his list of priorities, but that could change.

Personality & Traits

General Overview (Current states of mind, mannerisms, likes and dislikes, personality quirks and traits. Include learned languages if you wish) Kyan is about as far removed from the typical Starfleet Officer as one can be. He is unabashedly critical of the Federation and their “do gooder” façade. He prefers the company of pirates and smugglers over that of more civilized folk. He has a sharp tongue and a short temper and revels in combat. That isn’t to say that he’s amoral. He shares many of the same basic values as his colleagues. However, his experiences, both on Earth II and after having created a deep distrust of “grups” as he calls adults, especially Humans which has a habit of coloring his opinions even now after almost thirty years in Starfleet. Having lived outside the gilded gates of paradise for most of his life, his worldview is colored by the struggles that most Federation citizens will never know.

Kyan is a study in contrast. He is to the uninitiated, a child. But to those who know him, he is a fierce combat officer who would be better suited working amongst Klingons. While he is usually jovial and carefree, he is also possessed of a volatile temper than has seen many an adversary keeping the medical staff busy with new and inventive injuries to treat. Over the years though, Kyan has gone from perennial headache, to serviceable officer, to valuable asset. Like everyone else, he has his flaws, but can generally be counted on to accomplish whatever mission he is assigned.
Strengths & Weaknesses (Please have at least 3 of each, these can be both personality and physical. Some can be both a Strength and a Weakness depending on situation.) Kyan’s biggest strength and possibly his biggest weakness is that he is essentially fearless. The Life Prolongation virus that effects his entire race (What remains of it) has given him virtual immortality, and his adopted religious beliefs has relegated the specter of death to just a doorway to the next life. Even the Federation played a part. Their medical technology rendered the threat of injury and illness basically moot. These factors have combined to create an officer quick to take risks that would make his “grup” counterparts think twice, or avoid entirely.
Kyan is also quite resourceful & works well independently. He is adept at using his surroundings to help achieve his goals. His weaknesses center around the fact that aside from his experience and the knowledge his long life has given him, he has the same basic needs and shortcomings that other children have. He needs a bit more sleep, and is physically weaker than his peers. Interactions with adults, and those in authority are hit or miss. In recent years though, Kyan has worked harder to overcome his nature and have a better working relationship with the other officers with whom he works.
Ambitions (What does your character wants to achieve at the time of joining the crew of the Pioneer.) Ambitions: Kyan's one driving ambition is to have adventures worthy of stories. He also wants to make it into a Klingon Opera at some point, having heard several from his days working on a freighter with Klingons. As for ambitions relating to Starfleet, he wants to command a ship. He is especially fond of the smaller, more combat oriented classed.  
Hobbies & Interests (What activities does your character like doing while off-duty? What does your character have a passion for that may led to an activity?) Kyan is also a part time musician. He plays the trumpet and the bagpipes. The two might seem an odd pair to learn, but coming from a coven that held the old Celtic ways in high esteem, it makes sense. The trumpet was a whim. But when you're ageless, whims can take a great deal of time to play themselves out. Since is “adoption” in the 2260s by Humans, Kyan has also become quite a student of history, especially military history. His life on Earth II centered on the struggle for survival, which honed his strategic thinking.  He is an avid collector of weaponry from across the quadrant.

Personal History (How did your character grow up? Did your character do any civilian jobs or travel before applying to Starfleet Academy? Is your character's species a Federation member? Where did your character attend Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schooling? Did your character live on their world or live amongst the stars? At what age did they start Starfleet Academy if they did?) History: Earth II
Kyan was born about ten years before his planet was ravaged by a manufactured virus that killed the adult denizens of that ill-fated world and cast its children into something straight out of a horror movie. Nigh immortal, these children were forced to survive on their own. Their lives after the virus consisted of scraping together enough food to live, telling stories, playing foolies (games), and avoiding those unfortunate enough to enter puberty and succumb to the effects of the virus. 
   Kyan was born in what was Scotland, and lived in the town of Hillswich in the Shetland Islands. Other than that fact, the boy remembers virtually nothing of his life before the virus, or that of his world; both long forgotten in the more than four hundred years since the LPV virus swept across Earth II. What he does remember are the other Onlies, foolies, the big kids' stories, and of course, escaping from the grups (adults) with the blue spots. He also remembers the freedom that he and his friends had.
After the virus, Kyan and his friends favorite pastime was sailing their boat from the St. Magnus Bay down to mainland and playing at pirates, which was their favorite foolie. And given that the banks no longer had grups to defend them, the treasures were easy to take. Of course they would also use the boat to catch fish, although they barely caught enough to feed themselves.
And Kyan clearly remembers the day that the grups in the colored shirts came. In some ways, to hear Kyan tell it, the grups were worse than the zombies. Unlike the disease ridden, home grown grups, these brought something more sinister than the urge to bite him and eat him. These grups brought school, rules, bed times, and other evil inventions that hadn't been seen since before the dying times. When they came they brought an end to his way of life, and conquered his world without firing a shot.
Things changed after Kirk, Spock, and McCoy came on their starship. After that there were teachers. There were doctors who poked at you. There were other grups who asked questions. LOTS of questions. They wanted to know about everything. They asked about foolies, the old stories, and even they wanted to know about the Onlies' secrets. One of them was rather nice though, and interesting. She claimed that she was a witch. Having heard about witches from some of the big kids' stories, Kyan was disappointed to learn that she didn't have a hat, or a broom to ride on, but remained interested in her nonetheless, and she him. She interested him so much in fact, that Kyan allowed her to "adopt" him and move away from what the Federation had dubbed “Miri's Planet”. He hasn’t been back since.

History: Life in the Federation
   Juniper and her husband, a grup named Commander Sam Aylward introduced Kyan to schooling, and to what they said was a "normal" life, which was centered around their religion, Georgian Wicca. This was why Juniper, called herself a witch. Apparently, there were all sorts of different gods, and she knew all their secrets. She had lots of books about them too, some with pictures. Since there were no zombie creatures to escape from, and since this Juniper lady and Commander Sam had an endless supply of food, Kyan had time to learn about these gods. Mostly he was impressed, especially by their raven god, Morrigan. The Morrigan, in Wiccan lore, is the god of battle and lends protection to warriors. Since he pictured himself a warrior too, Kyan read all the books that he could find about this god and decided that he'd be a Wiccan too, like his adopted family. 
   He was also very interested in space ships and space battles. Before Kirk, back on Earth II Kyan had played at sea battles with his mates, but now there were entirely new possibilities of real battles among the stars. Since Commander Sam was a tactical officer, He often took Kyan aboard his ship when it made port, which was named after someone else's god. The Hermes was a destroyer, and being on board Kyan learned quite a lot about Commander Sam's job as it's gunner.  During the ten years that Commander Sam was the Hermes' tactical officer, Kyan went to school and got an education. Because of his childish nature and impatience for anything that didn't have to do with battles and war, Kyan took a while to acclimate to human life in the Federation. The Federation, who never seemed to want to get into a proper war with anyone or conquer anything (Except of course, for his home world). While Kyan enjoyed living with the Mackenzies, he never developed familial bonds with them. He knew that one day when they got old, they’d simply shuffle off to their afterlife, and he wouldn’t see them until he did the same, which considering his situation wouldn’t happen for many millennia.  
After fifty years of living with the Mackenzies, Commander Sam died. That left Juniper and Kyan. Of course, Juniper was old too and not too long after Commander Sam shuffled off the mortal coil, his wife followed.  Once again, Kyan was alone. But this time not only were the grups gone, but there weren't any Onlies either. Having graduated from the school, and not being a "real" child, the authorities decided that the ageless boy could chart his own course. So, he did. Deciding to honor his adopted family, Kyan applied for Starfleet. Despite his obvious talent and unbridled enthusiasm for all things tactical, the brass grups at Starfleet turned him down. 
History: Life as a Pirate!
   It was then, in Kyan's oft repeated estimation, their fault when he turned to a life of interstellar piracy and conquest! His honorable aspirations being nixed by the Fleet brass, Kyan decided to sign onto a merchant freighter that ran less than legal cargo. The freighter, owned by an old Ferengi named Dahg was a perfect fit for the boy. Finding himself suddenly released from the shackles of Federation rules and regulations, Kyan was free to be himself. 

Life on the freighter was refreshing to him. It wasn’t clean and orderly like in the Federation. There was struggle and danger. In a way, it reminded him of his life on Earth II. Kyan loved it immediately. And even though there were no other Onlies, or even children, on the ship, he was surrounded by people like him. Dahg, being a typical Ferengi, was obsessed with profits and Latinum of course, but many in his crew were people from other worlds who had no home there. Those misfits and outcasts became Kyan’s family. A Ferengi, a couple of Klingons, and several other characters made life aboard the freighter fun. Kyan even taught the Klingons some foolies, and they in turn taught him how to fight properly.
Generally, Dahg shied away from runs where the Latinum Lady might run afoul of Starfleet but this wasn’t always the case. On several occasions, the crew was forced to fight border patrol ships. But they always managed to escape, thanks in no small part to Kyan’s knowledge of Starfleet tactics and ships. And though they didn’t know him by sight, Kyan learned that he and the rest of the crew had bounties on them from several Federation member worlds. The ageless boy was a real pirate, like in the stories! He relished his role as the Latinum Lady's gunner and often attempted to convince Dahg, with the help of the Klingon twins, to take more direct routes on illegal runs so that they might get to meet up with Starfleet. Most of the time the Ferengi refused. He wasn’t in it for the glory. He just wanted money so that he could buy a ticket into Ferengi heaven.
Time and the boy's unbridled love for the pirate life saw him rise to the position of Second Mate and the Latinum Lady to the most wanted list. (Kyan and the Klingons threw a party. Dagh counted his money and lamented the fact that it would be harder for them to escape the watchful eye of Starfleet. Dagh eventually decided that he had enough money to settle down into a safer business venture with his cousin and sold the old freighter to an Orion trader in 2358. The Orion brought his own crew, but Kyan stayed on as the gunner. For the next two decades, new adventures waited around every asteroid, and Kyan was happy to have them.
A pair of young Klingon twins signed on to the freighter soon after Dagh left and Kyan struck up an instant friendship with them. He taught them about space combat and tactical systems, and they trained the ageless youth in the arts of personal combat, and of Klingon stories and lore. Being of Celtic origins himself, the art of storytelling has always been important for him. As of 2260, the Feddie grups were still looking for the Latinum Lady, and Kyan was still having adventures.  
Service Record (From Starfleet Academy to Joining Pioneer's Crew)(Please include the why for promotions, years, what the assignments are (Ship, station, planet base) and ages.) [ work in progress ]

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