A New World Mission Ends

Posted on Wed Oct 25th, 2023 @ 12:58pm by Captain Cronin Keys [GM]

While we finish off some posts and I'm sure there are some interim content to do in connection to A New World so I won't be closing the mission right away.

Awesome news and we all know already. Welcome to our new Science Officer, Ensign Jessica Richards. Thanks for joining us! Sorry about the belated announcement.

As for the interim, storywise:
Message from the Benthan Cruiser Ngaio
Commander Danil reports that Vrelk's freighter escaped and is currently being shadowed by the Ngaio at a distance, observing. Danil will keep us informed until the Starfleet team is deployed.

I named the Malon freighter "Kant" just so you know. I made it up, lol

Our new mission will begin like a week later and back at Delta Base.



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